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You'll never hit me! You'll never hit my tiny head! It's so tiny! I got a frickin'... such a tiny li'l head!
The Scout on accuracy


Mild-mannered citizen by day, hat-wearing map denizen by night, Chronohawk came to the Team Fortess 2 Wiki with the hope of improving his ever-expanding knowledge of the Team Fortress 2 Universe. Previously an admin on another game Wiki, Chronohawk is happiest when correcting grammar and other spelling mistakes. Therapy has not fixed this.

Mains Scout, but with little success. Performs best as Medic and Soldier, and will always try to prep an uber at setup before persisting in his for-the-team seemingly suicidal tactics. Relies more on points as a measure of a good player as opposed to the kill to death ratio, which is unreliable. Frequently jumps in front of Crit Rockets in slow-mo to save Medics.

Likes to make others happy by giving them free stuff. Completely sucks at trading, and thus abandoned all efforts at acquisition of hats.

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“Zat, vas doctah assisted homicide!”
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it is funny to me!
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