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That guy with the hair.


Plays TF2.

Enjoys Pyro.

Best as Engineer.

My backpack, with all items sorted by primary-secondary-melee misc/hats, class, time released, and order obtained, in that order. Cause it's tidy =D


Current list of contributions:

Orignal shoddy work here: 4NewIcon.png

  • Submitted list of bugs with Mann Co. Store previews. Only up in discussion for now. -Edit: These were all fixed not too long afterwards.


  • The 'Ol Snaggletooth (Sniper) is missing it's preview image.
  • The 'Garish and Overbearing' setting for the Scotsmans Stovepipe (Demoman) hat is missing its texture, and shows up purple and black.
  • The default Red texture for the Chieftans Challenge (Soldier) hat is missing.
  • Dr Dappers Topper (Soldier) is missing both its preview image, and does not appear on the Soldier at all when prievewing for the Red team. It does appear for Blu though.
  • The Grenadier's Softcap (Soldier) does not have a preview image, and is textured white when previewing for both Red and Blu teams.
  • The Heavy Duty Rag (Heavy) is missing it's preview texture (it is currently using a bumpmap/lightmap image), and does not display when viewing the Heavy on Red team.
  • The Industrial Festivizer (Engineer) hat is colored white when viewing the Red team.
  • When first viewing the Gloves of Running Urgently (Heavy), they do not have the flame texture on them. Switching from Red to Blu and back to Red again will fix it.
  • The Half-Zatoichi will show blood on the blade for Blu Team (Demoman and Soldier) but not the Red Team.
  • All characters, except for the Demoman (and possibly the Sniper, I can't tell) have no eyes in prieview mode, and their character models are able to be seen through.
  • All instances of a Blu Demoman preview have him holding a Scottish Resistance instead of a Stickybomb Launcher (where applicable).


  • Submitted bugs with Hoodoo Stages 1 and 2 when playing an offline/bot match. Specifically, Blu bots don't use teleporters when attacking the final point (Stage1), and Blu bots will purposely get stuck behind a door that does not open for them after capping the first point (Stage2). Update: Bots now use all three pathways to the final point on Hoodoo Stage2, and the shutter door no longer remains stuck closed. Bots also use teleporters as much as possible during Stage1 final cap.
  • Submitted bug under bots section about bots all switching to Demoman at once to fight enemy Sentry Guns, and almost never switching back. Update: Still all switch to Demoman, but now switch back once the Sentries they were specifically targetting are destroyed.

  • Black Rose Spy Knife is currently un-giftwrappable. Submitted as bug. 17/02/2012.