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Not to be confused with the Aperture Labs Hard Hat
Basic information
Map type Arena
File name: arena_hardhat_b2a
Release date: July 5, 2010
Last updated: January 22, 2011
Developer(s): Decker "weapon_penguin" Licks
Link(s): TF2Maps.net
Map Info
Environment: Construction
Setting: Daylight, sunny
Map Items
Healthico.png Health Kits: Smallhealth.png ×5
Ammoico.png Ammo Boxes: Smallammo.png ×6   •   Mediumammo.png ×4   •   Largeammo.png ×2
Map Overview
Hardhat overview.png

Rebuilding Arena from the ground up!
Hardhat publicity blurb

Hardhat is a community-created Arena map. It was featured in TF2Maps.net's Construction Theme as the first map to feature the theme pack, and was subsequently mentioned on the TF2 Official Website.

In Hardhat, the goal is to eliminate the entire enemy team or capture the central control point.


The map is set in an old coal outpost situated in the center of Hardhat Hills, just outside Dustbowl. Hardhat features a construction theme with multiple levels for players to traverse, ambush, and attack from.

  • Spawns: As with all arena maps, the spawns are symmetrical, unprotected rooms where players start the round. In Hardhat, these rooms are decorated with spytech elements, featuring a large sliding door that is initially open. When the chamber is emptied, the door closes, sealing these rooms off for the remainder of the round.
  • Scaffolds: A set of scaffolding found to the left as the player exits spawn. These assemblies connect the roof to the lower levels of the map.
  • Central Building: A small room containing the control point. The room features two parallel ramps that lead to outside scaffolding, as well as two parallel doors that lead outside. These, coupled with the ceiling shaft, provide five possible ways to enter the room from various levels. A beam above the point also houses a small health kit.
  • Roof: The highest level in the map. From here, players have the largest vantage point and the advantage of the round. Access can be gained from the scaffolding or from explosive jumps.



Midget & ZPQ: Gifted me an old design of theirs. The construction team - an array of gorgeous assets! Snacks and Littleedge: Optimization and Clipping!


  • A variety of clip fixes and optimization work


  • Full redetailing of the map
  • Features brand new theme
  • Major credits to the construction team


  • Beta jump
  • Map is detailed
  • Clip fixes


  • Removed flat overhang on the mid
  • Rearranged ammo and health distribution
  • Added small cover


  • Added additional deck for Snipers
  • Added custom posters by Seba
  • Added some hidden blue hardhats! Find them all!


  • Added sideroute to the left.
  • Gave Snipers some usefulness.
  • Added beam above the cap with additional healthkit.


  • Added stairwell on the sides
  • Added route to access the roof by all classes
  • Shortened cap wait
  • Added nobuild inside spawns to avoid teleporter exploit
  • Added slight team coloration to indicate sides


  • Map released!


Official images



  • Unlike traditional arena maps, the control point in Hardhat opens after only 30 seconds.

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