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Main menu soldier.png  General info

Hi, i am a Fellow TF2 Player. I will post annoying stuff on talk pages from time to time and nearly get myself banned. A few things:

My most played Class is Engineer, followed by Demoman with a difference of 39 seconds. I started playing TF2 in December 2022 and my contributions are mostly talk pages and small, minor edits on Trivia sections of class pages and whatnot

The items I have gotten are:

20px  items I have found

Scout- Crit-a-Cola

Soldier: Nothing, so far.

Pyro: Manmelter, Lollichop

Demoman: Ullapool Caber, Scotsman’s Skullcutter

Heavy: Huo Long Heater

Engineer: Nothing, so far.

Medic: Kritzkrieg, Vita-Saw

Sniper: Nothing, so far

Spy: Nothing, so far.
20px  Items i often use in my slots

Scout: Scattergun, Crit-a-Cola, Bat

Soldier: Classic loadout

Pyro: Flamethrower, Manmelter, Lollichop

Demoman: Stickybomb Launcher, Grenade Launcher, Ullapool Caber

Engineer: Classic Loadout

Heavy: Minigun, Shotgun, Fists

Sniper: Sniper Rifle, Kukri, SMG

Medic: Kritzkrieg, Syringe Gun Vita-Saw

Spy: Classic loadout

(I have found a lot of items, but I’m not gonna sugarcoat it and list all of them.)

Callforhelp.png  Favorite quote
The burning you feel? It is shame.
— Heavy

If you have any problems concerning my edits, I would deeply prefer my talk page.