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Pages in Progress

Weapon function times Advanced Weaponiser (French) Upgrade Template upgradeIsAvailable Meet the Pyro Revision (and Melee Weapon Animations and Red Tape Recorder fix)

To Do List

  • Double check Knight_pain01.wav, NEW MERASMUS VOICE LINES!, left off at Sf12_hide_idles_demo01.wav
  • Fix Halloween mode article. Do pumpkin bombs drop when enabled? Include various hazards.
  • Update all the French articles!
  • Razorback broken gibs
  • French military source?
  • Need to put these in correct places. Inquire about killicon template.

Cross BLU.png Cross RED.png Cursor BLU.png Cursor RED.png Testing... Hmm too dark...


Love and War Update Lines

  • Look into Scout_taunt_nun_81.wav. Cannot upload due to Files of the MIME type "application/x-php" are not allowed to be uploaded. x
  • Spy_taunt_dosi_end_11.wav x
  • Announcer PLR lines x
  • Reworked Pyro spell lines

Halloween 2014

  • effect_bighead_rare x
  • effect_noguns_rare x
  • effect_swimming_rare
  • minigame_all_start 10-20
  • duckhunt_start 4 5 6
  • fp_start_07 10
  • soccer_hhh 07 10 12
  • soccer_start 08
  • round return
  • round second return
  • round start
  • round start rare
  • round_start_short_13
  • strongman_end (most)
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Quis custodiet ipsos custodes?

Community Medieval Mode strategy

Halloween Costumes

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Upgrade Station