April 29, 2010 Patch

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This article is specific to the patch released. For information on the update, see 119th Update.
Official update page: 119th Update

Patch notes

Update 119.png

Team Fortress 2

  • Fixed several issues with the Source SDK.
  • Added new items to commemorate our 119th (or so) update.
  • Scout's "Retire the Runner" achievement updated to be
    • "Kill a Scout while they are under the effect of Crit-a-Cola."
  • Added a 20% damage bonus to the Backburner.
  • Fixed the Flare Gun's afterburn duration being lowered by the Flamethrower's duration reduction.
  • Fixed the teleporter exit using the wrong particle effect.
  • Fixed HUD damage indicators not appearing.
  • Fixed Teleporters not reverting to level 1 when their other side is destroyed.
  • Fixed receiving damage not causing view-kicks on players.
  • Fixed Engineers & Spies being able to circumvent build restrictions.
  • Fixed Server Browser not saving filter settings properly.
  • Fixed a client crash in the targetID on clients running custom HUDs.

Undocumented changes

  • Crit-a-Cola now has its own texture.
  • Further reduction of the explosive damage resistance on the Chargin' Targe to 40%.
  • Changed the Chargin' Targe colors from team-colored to yellow.