Backpack (Classic)

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Backpack (Classic)
Backpack (Classic) image
Pickup Type: Health, Armor, & Ammunition

The Backpack is a pickup item in Team Fortress Classic. The contents of the Backpack are: Ammo, Armor, and Health. The amount in each Backpack varies with each map. Some Backpacks may also have grenades or Detpacks, but this is entirely dependent on the map.

Backpacks can be dropped by the player manually through a command, and they will automatically be dropped when the player dies. Backpacks dropped by the player while alive contain all of the ammo, not including grenades or Detpacks, that the player's current class cannot use (such as nails for the Soldier), while Backpacks dropped by dead players contain all of the ammo the player had when they died, minus grenades/Detpacks.

Team Fortress 2

The backpack is not present in Team Fortress 2, and was replaced by Ammo and Health pickups, while a similar item for the Scout was eventually scrapped. Killed players drop Medium Ammo Boxes instead, which can be used to restore ammo.