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Armor (Classic)
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Pickup Type: Armor

Armor is a pickup in the Classic Team Fortress series of games. Armor absorbs a certain amount of damage from an attack; the amount absorbed depends on the class. Aside from the Civilian, all player classes start with armor, though it can be picked up on maps in addition to being found in Backpacks.

Armor types

  • Light – Green colored, absorbs 30% of damage. Used by the Scout and Sniper.
  • Medium – Yellow colored, absorbs 60% (50% for Engineer) of damage. Used by the Demoman, Medic, Pyro, Spy, and Engineer.
  • Heavy – Red colored, absorbs 80% of damage. Used by the Soldier and Heavy.

Note that in Team Fortress, a player's armor can actually downgrade if the player picks up armor that is weaker than the armor the player is currently wearing.

Armor classes

In addition to the Quake armor types, Team Fortress has certain classes of armor that some player classes are equipped with when they spawn. In addition, these armor classes can be added to armors in maps by map makers. This concept was officially dropped in subsequent Team Fortress games, but there is support for it in Team Fortress Classic which still allows map makers to use them in their maps.

  • Kevlar Armor - Absorbs 50% damage from bullets.
  • Blast Armor - Absorbs 50% of explosion damage. The Demoman starts with this armor class.
  • Wooden Armor - Absorbs 50% of nail damage.
  • Asbestos Armor - Absorbs 50% of fire damage. The Pyro starts with this armor class.
  • Shock Armor - Absorbs 50% of electricity damage.

The message displayed when armor is picked up will state which class of armor it was, if any. The inv console command can be used to see the class of the armor currently worn.


  • Dispenser – Amount varies on the amount of armor in it.
  • Backpack – Depends on how much the map maker has put in them.
  • Battery (TFC only) – Gives 15 armor when picked up, but will not exceed 100, even if the classes armor exceeds 100.
  • H.E.V. Charger (TFC only) – Recharges armor as long as the user holds down the use key near it, but does not exceed 100, even if the classes armor exceeds 100.
  • Engineer - Getting hit by an allied Engineer's Wrench restores armor at the cost of his Metal.


Update history

January 16, 2003 Patch (Classic)

  • Changed initial Sniper armor from 0 to 25.