Quad Damage (QTF)

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Quad Damage (QTF)
Quad Damage (QTF) image
Pickup Type: Increased weapon damage

The Quad Damage is an item in the classic Team Fortress series of games. When picked up, it amplifies a weapon's damage by a multiple of four.

The Quad Damage is rarely found in Quake Team Fortress maps. In Team Fortress Classic, it is found only in custom maps where the player must use it in conjunction with the Pentagram of Protection to pass obstacle courses via rocket jumping.


  • On offense, the Quad Damage is very useful as it gives the usually underpowered offense a major power boost, allowing them to kill enemy defense with ease.
  • On defense, the Quad Damage makes it very easy to take out enemy offense.
  • Generally, it is a good idea for a team to devote at least one person to occasionally guard the Quad Damage because of how powerful it is. This will let friendly players grab the Quad Damage without having to worry about enemies trying to grab it before them.