Ammo (Classic)

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Ammo (Classic)
Ammo (Classic)
Pickup Type: Ammo

Ammo is an important pickup in Team Fortress Classic. In Team Fortress, Ammo was scattered around the Resupply room, but by the time Team Fortress Classic was released all Ammo in the Resupply room had been placed in the Backpack.

Ammo types

TFC Ammo Cells.png


Cells are the ammunition type that is exclusively used by the Flamethrower weapon. However, the same unit is also used as the Engineer's metal. Metal is not used as a specific ammunition for any weapon and is Engineer-exclusive. Using the Wrench, the Engineer can use metal for constructing or repairing buildings or for repairing teammates' armor. Metal is also used when the Engineer creates Ammo for teammates dropping a Backpack.

TFC Ammo Shells.png


Shells are used by the Single-Barrel Shotgun, Tranquilizer Gun, Sniper Rifle, Double-Barrel Shotgun, Automatic Rifle, and Assault Cannon.

TFC Ammo Rockets.png


Rockets are used by the Grenade Launcher, Rocket Launcher, Pipebomb Launcher, and Incendiary Cannon.

TFC Ammo Nails.png


Nails are used by the Railgun, Nailgun, and Super Nailgun.


  • Grenades aren't usually found in regular ammo Backpacks; they are found in identical looking grenade Backpacks.
  • The Engineer's Dispenser will create Ammo. It can also be filled by the Engineer using his Wrench at the cost of his own cells, shells, rockets, and nails.


  • The Nailbox from Team Fortress, which is recycled from Quake, features the logo of the American industrial rock group Nine Inch Nails.