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Health is an important pickup in the Classic Team Fortress games. They restore a certain amount of health when picked up which gives the user an advantage, especially if the user is wounded. In some cases, they can give the player a second chance of fighting.

Individual Health pickup items are called Medkits. They are floating gray boxes that have lights on them. Medkits are common in early Team Fortress and Team Fortress Classic custom and official maps, but are completely replaced by Backpacks in later maps. Each Medkit restores a certain amount of health, shown in the section below. Medkits can be picked up by any team, so be sure to get it before your enemy does. Medkits can also be dropped by Medics, but cannot be picked up by the other team. Almost all maps have Medkits, so a knowledge of their locations can be very beneficial.


  • Small (Team Fortress only) – Restores 15 health points when picked up.
  • Medium – Restores 25 health points when picked up.
  • Megahealth – (Team Fortress only) overheals the user by 200% of the total health, but the health with tick away over time until it reaches 100%.

Other Health Pickups

  • Backpack – Amount of health restored depends on what the mapmaker has it set to.
  • Bioweapon – Restores targets health to 100% if the target has less than 100% health; adds 5 points per use if target is over 100% (up to an additional 50 health points).
  • Custom maps can use the soda machines from Half Life, which dispense cans that heal 1 hp each, meaning a player can heal to full after a significant amount of time at the vending machine. (Team Fortress Classic only)