January 27, 2010 Patch

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Patch notes

Team Fortress 2

  • Added 3 new hats that can be worn by any class
  • Added Propaganda contest winners' hats for First Place, First Runner-up, and Second Runner-up.[1]
  • Added "Edit Loadout" button to the class menu
  • Changed the main menu background to randomly use the Red, Blue, and Soldier/Demoman background images
  • Fixed Snipers being able to shoot enemies through gates
  • Fixed Linux servers not properly reconnecting to Steam when they lose their connection
  • Fixed stickies being destructible before they're stuck to something
  • Fixed the return progress bar above a dropped flag not animating if the return time on the flag is less than 30 seconds
  • Fixed the CTF HUD not properly handling flags being disabled/enabled during the round
  • Fixed player health panels sometimes using the wrong animations for buffed or low health values
  • Updated the net_showevents convar to be marked as a cheat
  • Updated the main menu news buttons to direct players to the most recent TF2 update and the TF2 blog
  • Updated Italian localization strings
  • Updated the custom TF2 fonts with Polish characters
  • Updated CP_Gorge
    • Added more cover outside of the initial BLU spawn area
    • Added a forward spawn for the BLU team after Cap1 is captured
    • Added another access point to the upper level from the front of the RED base
    • Added more cover in the room just before Cap2
    • Decreased RED team's respawn time while they own Cap1
    • Fixed a few areas where players would sometimes become stuck
  • Community requests
    • Added new options for the Invade CTF game mode flag. Default is 1
      • 0 : No neutral time
      • 1 : Flag goes neutral in 30 seconds (current behavior)
      • 2 : Flag goes neutral in 1/2 the return time
    • Added scoring choice for the Invade CTF game mode. Default is 0
      • 0 : Increment score (current behavior)
      • 1 : Increment capture count
    • Added new inputs to item_teamflag
      • ForceDrop : Force the flag to be dropped if it's being carried by a player
      • ForceReset : Force the flag to be dropped if it's being carried by a player, then reset the flag to its original location
      • SetReturnTime : Set the length of time (in seconds) before a dropped flag returns to base
    • Added new output to item_teamflag
      • OnTouchSameTeam : Sent when the flag is touched by a player on the same team