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Mikado282 (talkcontribs)

... just the duplicate content.

Strategy that is the same/unchanged between a map and it reskin needs to appear only in the Strategy page for the original.

While we appreciate the contribution of the differences introduced in this Invasion version, it is not a good contribution to the wiki to bulk copy Strategy from one map to its reskin version (or vice versa) and the duplicate information needs to be removed from here. The only Strategy that may appear for a reskin is the Strategy unique to that reskin.

If nothing else, bulk copying introduces a maintenance issue; but if the differences are small or limited, the bulk of >unoriginal< material camouflages the unique material.

See the following for how to handle this: Harvest Event, Gorge Event, Helltower, and Mann Manor.

Please remove the duplicate material from this page so we can better see your unique contribution.

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