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Aktif katkı sağlayıcılar
İnaktif katkı sağlayıcılar

Çeviri İstatistikleri

Turkish (tr – Türkçe)

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Çeviri Notları

Öncelikle hoş geldiniz. Çeviri konusunda herhangi bir talebiniz olması halinde lütfen buraya bir ileti bırakın. Yama notları ve yan makalelerden ziyade daha temel maddelerin çevirisine özen gösterin. Kesinlikle Google Translate kullanmayın ve çeviremediğiniz kısım olursa orayı atlayıp maddenin üst kısmına {{trans}} yazıp buraya da not düşün. Ayrıca buraların tenha olduğunun farkındayım ancak daha yapacak çok iş var. Haydi iş başına!

Not: Buraya sadece Wiki Kepi için geldiyseniz daha yapacak çok işiniz var, öyle 2 güncelleme notu çevirince o iş bitmiyor.)

-Cagrimanoka (talk) 04:06, 22 Mart 2016 (PDT)


Use this section to discuss wiki translation efforts. You can add noun lists, discuss wording or delegate certain pages and categories to others.
Note: remember to use the 4 tildes ("~~~~") after your message (this adds the date & time).

Please read: Wikifier

Herkese merhaba! For more than 1 month, the wikifier script has helped the Russian Team to write articles. It a button that appears on the edit page, that calls a script when clicked. When you click the button, the Wikifier script fixes common mistakes in the article (the button only shows in the wiki editor, and you can preview what it does). For example, it puts the correct russian quotes («...» and “...” inside them), the right spaces after and before punctuation symbols (It will replace “Здравствуй , сударь ! ” by “Здравствуй, сударь!”), fix wiki and HTML marking and etc. It is like WindBOT working in your browser. Wind and I want to make this script global. To do this, I need to know what do you, Turkish team, want it to do? Can you tell me some your language-specific punctuation and typographic rules? Common mistakes that editors in your language do? --Login Soldier.pngDaniil 12:58, 17 August 2011 (PDT)

Well, the most basic ones I should inform you of are: 1)After a proper noun such as class names, company names, people's names and such, the additional letters should be seperated by " ' ". Example: Instead of "Pyronun" it should be "Pyro'nun". 2)(Hopefully this is not too specific)Some very common mistakes: instead of "bir şey", "her şey" or "yada", it should be "birşey", "herşey", "ya da". 3)I don't really remember anything else, if I do, I'll be sure to inform you here.

I've made a couple mistakes during my edits and it would be amazing if those simple corrections could be made with a single click of a mouse. Cheers!! Mr. Temper 02:57, 3 December 2011 (PST)