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Seçkin madde — Backstab
A Backstab is a context-sensitive attack that a Spy can perform with any of his melee weapons. A Spy may backstab an enemy as long as the enemy is close enough to be hit with a melee attack, and the Spy is within a 180° range of the enemy's back.

Backstabs deal damage equal to 200% of the target's current health and are also always critical hits, resulting in a total damage of six times the victim's current health; while the critical damage can be negated, this does not stop the stab from being lethal unless the target has significant additional protection. Due to the mechanics of the Spy's melees, unlike most melee weapons, backstabs connect instantly upon activation. To indicate that a Spy is within the required range to perform a backstab, he will turn his Knife downward, primed for a kill. The Knife will remain in this position until the target is no longer in reach, or the Spy attempts a backstab by attacking.


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  • ...that the RED Demoman's father lost both eyes before he was 30, yet maintained 26 jobs until he died?
  • ...that in Meet The Sandvich, it says "COPYRIGHT OMNOMNOM" on the bottom right corner instead of the usual "COPYRIGHT LOLOLOL"?
  • ...that the one of the Pyro's hats appears to be the Engineer's absent left glove?
  • ...that in the Razorback update, the Dead Ringer could be seen in the "dead" Spy's hand before it was officially announced?[1]
  • ...that one of the initial ideas was to have a "claymation" look, with players that gibbed into chunks of clay?[2]
  • ...that the Heavy and Sniper are the only classes to have a scripted death animation?
  • ...that in the PC version of Sonic & All Star Racing Transformed, where the RED Pyro, Heavy, and Spy are an exclusive character, the Spy's cigarette was removed in fear of raising the ratings system up to T or +13 because of content showing the use of tobacco, but one of the Spy's idle animations implied that he once had a cigarette by removing it from his mouth and back in again with his hand?
  • ...that a Heavy with any melee weapon as his active weapon can continue to attack while stunned?

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