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User Class Cosmetics/Weapons Team Color
Andrew360 Soldier Boxcar Bomber (Painted: The Bitter Taste of Defeat and Lime)
Kringle Collection
Private Maggot Muncher
Yossef Engineer Hotrod + Max's Severed Head + Earbuds
Australium Frontier Justice
GrampaSwood Spy Wiki Cap
Cap that Charity staff medal (purple ribbon one)
Bird's Eye Viewer
If a weapon is going to be added, preferably an Aussie Ambassador or Knife
Gabrielwoj Scout Wiki Cap (Unpainted)
Jungle Jersey (Paint: Operator's Overalls)
Manndatory Attire (Generalist style)
Naleksuh Heavy Crown of the Old Kingdom, Airborne Attire, Abominable Snow Pants, Plaid Potshotter Mk.II Brass Beast RED
Decimate Engineer Brotherhood of arms (Paint:A Distinctive Lack of Hue)
Bruisers bandana (style:clean)
Macho Mann (paint:A Deep Commitment to Purple)
Luno Medic Any of equipped (secondary or melee, not primary) or no weapon
Ruffled Ruprecht (Team Spirit)
Fizzy Pharmacist (Style: Bubbly)
Merc's Mohawk
Ashe Soldier Wiki Cap (Paint: Aged Moustache Grey), Lord Cockswain's Novelty Mutton Chops and Pipe No Helmet, Eye-Catcher RED
ThatHatGuy Heavy Wiki Cap, Cuban Bristle Crisis, Commissar's Coat & either Top Shelf Minigun (Factory New) or Golden Frying Pan Either
Jh34ghu43gu Demoman Proof of Purchase, Marxman (Style: Yes, Cigar), Duck Journal (Style: None), Scottish Handshake RED
ClockworkSpirit2343 Spy Wiki Cap (Paint: Mann Co. Orange)
Lurker's Leathers (Style: Wasteland)
H20verdrive Medic Medic's Mountain Cap (Paint: The Value of Teamwork), Tomb Readers, Heat of Winter (Paint: The Value of Teamwork) BLU
AlexT Pyro Lunatic's Leathers (paint: Peculiarly Drab Tincture)
Brim of Fire (paint: Australium Gold)
Winter Wonderland Wrap (paint: Australium Gold, style: Without Stripes)
Scorch Shot (paint: Igloo, wear: Factory New, note: optional if you can not make a good pose with this)
back gas tank: removed
ShadowMan44 Pyro Burning Question, Hot Case, D-eye-monds RED
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Pictogram info.png Note If you see your image as pending, you can edit this table to either change it to done or ask for changes.

User Image Status
Andrew360 User Andrew360 200k.png Pictogram plus.png Done
Yossef User Andrew360 Yossef 200k.png Pictogram plus.png Done
GrampaSwood User Andrew360 GrampaSwood 200k.png Pictogram plus.png Done
Gabrielwoj User Gabrielwoj 200k.png Pictogram plus.png Done
Naleksuh User Andrew360 Naleksuh 200k.png Pictogram info.png Pending
Decimate User Andrew360 Decimate 200k.png Pictogram plus.png Done
Luno User Gabrielwoj Luno 200k.png Pictogram plus.png Done
Ashe User Andrew360 Ashe 200k.png Pictogram plus.png Done
ThatHatGuy User Luno ThatHatGuy 200k.png Pictogram plus.png Done
Jh34ghu43gu User Luno Jh34ghu43gu 200k.png Pictogram plus.png Done
ClockworkSpirit2343 User Gabrielwoj ClockworkSpirit2343 200k.png Pictogram plus.png Done
H20verdrive User Gabrielwoj H20verdrive 200k.png Pictogram plus.png Done
AlexT User Andrew360 AlexT 200k.png Pictogram info.png Pending
ShadowMan44 User ShadowMan44 200k.png Pictogram plus.png Done