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Basic information
Gender: Male
Native language: English
Team Fortress 2
Favorite classes: Pyro, Demoman
Favorite maps: Bagel
Favorite weapons: Flame Thrower
Quickiebomb Launcher
Favorite hats: Burning Question
Hazard Headgear
Bombard Brigadier
Berlin Brain Bowl
Favorite miscellaneous items: D-eye-monds
Hot Case
Blast Blocker
Ornament Armament
Favorite Decorated/War Paints: Barn Burner
Saccharine Striped
Sky Stallion
Team Serviced
Contact information

Hi, I'm ShadowMan. I'm here to mostly do the work no one else does like dig through the "unused images" page to mark outdated ones for deletion (or possibly find a way to reuse them). The pages I mostly make are pages for Custom maps such as Maple Ridge and Undergrove. Check out my sandboxes, they're neat little fake yearly updates based on items I personally want in the game.

Summer update prediction
Scream Fortress update prediction
Smissmas update prediction
Engineer Vs. Pyro update
Frosted Brimstone update
Hammer & Stars update

Future custom map pages

Haunt (Competitive map)
Ice Tower (Custom KoTH map)

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Hire Date: May 15, 2020 (15:17:22)

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“Mhmmh... mmmmm-hmm!”
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“Oh, they’re goin' ta have ta glue you back together... IN HELL!”
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“Zat, vas doctah assisted homicide!”
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It has been 0 days since the next update was announced.

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