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Bonus Ducks!

The Duck Journal is a community-created action item for all classes. It is a yellow, rubber duck, which attaches to the chest of the player wearing it.

This item has several features, including increasing the drop rate for ducks and displaying a counter labeled Duckstreaks during a Duck Journal event. At any time, in an event or not, a Duck Journal owner may view the Duck Journal leaderboards and equip the Duck Journal as a Noisemaker.

The Duck Journal was contributed to the Steam Workshop.


When equipped, the Duck Journal appears as a yellow rubber duck in the same model location as Badges, Medals, the Bombinomicon, and other chest-located items. Moreover, as an action item rather than a cosmetic item, a Duck Journal may be equipped at the same time as those items (however, clipping may be apparent).

A Duck Journal has several functions, whether equipped or viewed in the backpack. Some of these functions are restricted to Duck Journal events. During a Duck Journal event, killing a character results in a drop of one or more rubber ducks. These dropped ducks are pickup items that may be collected by any player on either team.

Ducks dropped by kills during Duck Journal events match the style and team coloration for the class and team they were dropped from. Sometimes, a "Bonus Duck" drops, accompanied by an announcement by Merasmus the Magician; bonus ducks have a Quackston Hale skin, are larger than normal ducks, and feature a particle effect similar to the Sunbeams unusual effect.

Duck XP

Duck XP is a form of scoring based on creating duck drops and picking up dropped ducks. Career Duck XP scoring is recorded for each account and is used for ranking players amongst their friends’ Duck XP scores and for ranking the Duck Journal's level. The scoring of Duck XP is broken down into the following categories:

  • Captured: Collecting ducks that were dropped by the opposing team killing your teammates awards 3 Duck XP each.
  • Created: Ducks created from killing members of the opposing team award 3 Duck XP each.
  • Objective: Collecting ducks that were spawned from doing objectives awards 3 Duck XP each.
  • Quackston Hales: Collecting Bonus Ducks awards 50 Duck XP each.
  • Recovered: Collecting ducks that were dropped by teammates awards 1 Duck XP each.
  • Team Captured: Teammates that collect ducks that you created award 3 Duck XP each.

Players may score Duck XP even when not in possession of a Duck Journal. Subsequent acquisition of a Duck Journal permits a player to view the recorded score.

Duck Power

The Duck Power of a Duck Journal relates to the number of ducks that drop when a player with that Duck Journal equipped kills an opponent. The greater the Duck Power, the greater the number of ducks dropped by that player's kills. Duck Power may be increased to a maximum value of 5 by using a number of Duck Tokens with a Duck Journal. Increasing Duck Power consequentially increases the Duck XP scoring for killing opponents, but also increases the number of ducks for every player to collect.


Equipping the Duck Journal allows the player to earn and display Duckstreaks, which functions similar to a Killstreak Kit but with no added visual effect. Instead of counting kills, it counts the total number of ducks created by the player from killing opposing players. All kills obtained while under the effect of a Duckstreak show a duck and the current total number of ducks created by the player in the kill feed.

Duck Journal leaderboards

Viewing the Duck Journal leaderboards, which may be done at any time by using the Duck Journal from the inventory, displays the Duck XP and Duck XP Levels in relation to the Steam Friends list. There is also a section for showing the breakdown of the owner's Duck XP into the categories listed above.

Noise Maker

Similar to a Noise Maker's action, using an equipped Duck Journal with the action item button causes one of several Duck Collectors Bumper Car game quack sounds to play. This action is available at any time, independent of events, with a cool down period between quacks.

Name Image Sounds Availability
Duck Journal Backpack Duck Journal.png Quack 1 Quack 2 Quack 3
Quack 4 Quack 5 Quack 9
Quack 11
Pictogram cross.png  Purchase


The Duck Journal possesses rankings, similar to a Strange weapon, but with duck-related rankings such as 'Unflappable' instead of 'Unstoppable'. The Duck Journal ranks up according to the Duck XP scored by the owning player.

The current rank title forms the prefix of the item name; e.g. a Duck Journal at Duck XP Level 3 appears as "Fairly Fowl Duck Journal". This process is similar to the process of Strange weapons. Ranking up a Duck Journal is done via collecting 5000 Duck XP over any period of time, at which point the rank up is announced in a manner similar to a killstreak notification. The Duck Journal's prefix changes and Duck XP is reset to zero upon a rank up. Those categories stats are increased even if the player does not own the Duck Journal; however, the only way to view them is by owning at least one.

Rank Duck XP Level Name
0 0 The
1 1 Crumb Chasing
2 2 Kinda Ducky
3 3 Fairly Fowl
4 4 Somewhat Quackworthy
5 5 Quacknowledged
6 6 Duckstinguished
7 7 Pleasantly Paddling
8 8 Perfectly Preened
9 9 Duckalicious
10 10 Quacktastic
11 11 Duckrageous
12 12 Feather-Ruffling
13 13 Down-Melting
14 14 Plumage-Clearing
15 15 Reduckulous
16 16 Quackphoric
17 17 Positively Duckulent
18 18 Legenducky
19 19 Specquackular
20 20 Quackston's Own


Main article: Styles
RED Duck Journal None.png
RED Duck Journal Scout.png
RED Duck Journal Sniper.png
RED Duck Journal Soldier.png
RED Duck Journal Demoman.png
RED Duck Journal Medic.png
RED Duck Journal Heavy.png
RED Duck Journal Pyro.png
RED Duck Journal Spy.png
RED Duck Journal Engineer.png
Duck Journal Quackston Hale.png
None Scout Sniper Soldier Demoman Medic Heavy Pyro Spy Engineer Quackston Hale

Update history

December 8, 2014 Patch (End of the Line Update)
  • Added Duck Journal for the End of the Line event.
  • [Undocumented] Duck Journal sales support the End of the Line team.

December 9, 2014 Patch

  • Fixed updating Duck Journal stats from ducks created on servers using sv_cheats

December 10, 2014 Patch

  • Fixed the Objective leaderboard not updating for Objective ducks.
  • [Undocumented] Made the Duck Journal nameable.

December 12, 2014 Patch

  • [Undocumented] Removed unused Duck Journal skin.

January 5, 2015 Patch

  • [Undocumented] Ducks no longer drop after a player is killed.

January 7, 2015 Patch

  • [Undocumented] Removed Duck Journal event from the main menu.
  • [Undocumented] Removed the Duck Journal from the Mann Co. Store.

Unused content

  • There are two unused skins for the Duck Journal.
    • The first skin is a yellow duck that is not used in any of the styles.
    • The second skin is not implemented in the model, but the texture remains for it. The texture is set up to be paintable, and includes the phrase "Lets Eat!!!"(sic), which is the trademark phrase of Chica, one of the main antagonists from Five Nights at Freddy's.
      • The texture for the second skin was removed in the December 12, 2014 Patch, however, textures for the bump map and phong exponent still exist in the game files.


  • The Duck Journal includes two backpack icons, one which is used in the Steam inventory backpack and on the Mann Co. Store (before being removed) and the other on the character Loadout screen and by inspecting someone else's equipment.


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