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Flag Russia.png This user is Russian. Beware of bears!
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Backpack Haunted Metal Scrap.png This user owns the Haunted Metal Scrap.
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Welcome, ladies! I'm watching you!
Unknown secret agent
Unknown secret agent
Basic information
Gender: Male
Birth place: Top secret
Native language: English
Age: Lost count
Team Fortress 2
Favourite classes: Scout
Favourite maps: dr_office
Favourite weapons: I don't know
Favourite hats: Cross-Comm Express
Contact information
Steam page: Click
Skype: art_chesko

I am

Hi, guys. It is my own page. I'm 16-year-old male from Russia. I mostly play Team Fortress 2 and Guns Of Icarus Online. Predominantly i translate articles to Russian language. My backpack, outpost profile,, TF2R, Steamrep profiles. That's all today, good luck.


Milestones List
500 Edits Pictogram tick.png Done!
1000 Edits Pictogram wait.png In progress
Recieve a Wikichievement Pictogram wait.png In progress


Some stuff from my backpack

User Chesko BrokenHoly.png
Unusual Holy Mackerel 
Level 69 Fish
Effect: Broken Fish
It does not exist.
User Chesko OmfgHol.png
Unusual Festive Holy Mackerel 
Level 69 Fish
Effect: Broken Fish with Garlands
Festive drivel
User Chesko Skull.png
Unusual Bat Outta Hell 
Level 46 Skull
Effect: Combat wound