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Sometimes you just need a little less spine.
Dr. Ocsid
Dr. Ocsid
Basic information
Gender: Male
Birth place: America
Native language: English
Team Fortress 2
Favourite classes: Leaderboard class scout.png Leaderboard class soldier.png Leaderboard class demoman.png
Favourite weapons: Backpack Sticky Jumper.png Backpack Original.png Backpack Big Kill.png
Favourite hats: Backpack Lo-Fi Longwave.png Backpack Ebenezer.png Backpack Team Captain.png
Contact information
E-mail: tech2alex@gmail.com

I'm a person, I think

I'd ask you to word things correctly on the wiki, but then again that would really diminish my usefulness.

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Backpack Ullapool Caber.png
"Bootleg Fireworks"
Level 10 Stick Bomb
High-yield Scottish face removal. A sober person would throw it...
Backpack Lo-Fi Longwave.png
 Lo-Fi Longwave 
Level 10 Hat
Can't stop the signal.

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“Oh, they’re goin' ta have ta glue you back together... IN HELL!”
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