El señor Caja

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El señor Caja's Steam Profile TF Wiki: Traductores Hispanos
El señor Caja
El señor Caja
Basic information
Icon: Leaderboard class pyro.png
(Type ): Offensive, Defensive and Support
Health: Over 9000! / Medic emblem RED.png A lot of health
Speed: 0%
500% with the power of gravity

But the important thing is you're back. With me. And now I'm onto all your little tricks. So there's nothing to stop us from testing for the rest of your life. After that...who knows? I might take up a hobby. Reanimating the dead, maybe.



lol TL;DR hehe

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Amazingly huge articles by El señor Caja.

Already translated

Being translated & Future articles


  • It is made of cardboard.
  • Its composition has at least 80% epicness, 10% Luigi, 5% feminity, 3% beard, and <2% Natascha.
  • It is not made of cardboard at all.
  • It is biodegradable.


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