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You dare challenge Heavy Weapons Guy?
I have plan for you: more pain!
The Heavy

The Heavy, as the class name suggests, is the full frontal attack force of Team Fortress 2. His class itself is a heavy weapon — big, slow, tough, and powerful; players can wade into battles where other classes dare not. The Heavy's usefulness as a shock troop on the front lines, defense breaker, and wide-area defender should not be underestimated or ignored by either side.

Quick tips

  • Hurry through any open areas. You're the favorite target of Snipers. Consider jumping up and down or quickly crouching to throw off their aim.
  • Look out behind you! Any competent Spy will invariably attack you at some point during a game. Listen for the de-cloaking sound and check your back whenever it is safe to do so.
  • Use lunchbox items behind cover — you're completely helpless during the four seconds it takes to get their effects. Try to position your back against a wall to prevent opportunistic Spies from backstabbing you.
    • You can press your secondary-fire button (right-click by default) to throw your food items to someone else, like your Medic.
  • If you have a Medic healing you, keep them protected by staying in front of them and blocking attacks meant for them.
  • Pick up ammo often. Though 200 seems like a lot, your Minigun fires ten rounds per second, and will deplete your ammo in 20 seconds.
  • If you see enemies at medium to long range, fire a burst at them and then change position. The longer you stay still trying to chip away at their health, the more likely you are to be killed by a Sniper or Spy.
  • Keep moving! If you stay in one place for too long, enemies will remember where you are and target you.
  • Consider equipping the Gloves of Running Urgently, the Eviction Notice, or the Buffalo Steak Sandvich to reach the front lines faster.
    • Keep in mind that the Buffalo Steak Sandvich will cause you to only be able to use your melee weapons, and it will not heal any health.
    • Also keep in mind that both the Gloves of Running Urgently and the Eviction Notice will drain your max health over time to a minimum of 100 while deployed, so be sure to holster them when you are sure that you can reach the frontlines at Heavy's normal speed so you can restore all the drained health back over time and have enough to survive in combat.


  • As the class with the most health, the Heavy is capable of absorbing a lot of damage before going down. This endurance can allow him to stay on the front lines longer than other classes. Use this to distract the enemy and take pressure off wounded teammates.
    • However, remember that due to the Heavy's slow speed and large hitbox, it's also far easier for players to cause severe damage to the Heavy, so always be ready to retreat behind cover. As powerful as the Heavy is, players should keep in mind that they are still vulnerable to concentrated attacks, and that the Heavy's slow movement can increase this vulnerability.
  • Beginner Heavy players should aim to develop the mentality that they will automatically retreat no matter what when their health drops to around 125 HP (plus/minus 25 HP). As they gain experience, they will be better suited to judge a situation to see if they should retreat early or stay and fight to the death.
Snipers can take out a Heavy with one fully charged Headshot, so keep out of their sights! If forced to traverse Sniper sight-lines, jump and crouch regularly to throw off their aim. In tighter spaces, weaving left to right while crouching regularly as you turn can also throw off their aim.
  • With 300 HP, the Heavy is capable of being overhealed up to 450 HP, which can allow players to absorb even more damage. A Heavy with a Medic is easily one of the most powerful combinations in the game.
  • Being the slowest class in the game and lacking any advanced mobility options, the Heavy usually has top Teleporter priority. In the absence of Teleporters, it is important to plan your route ahead so as to not waste time by going the wrong way.
    • It's also viable to use the Gloves of Running Urgently to get to the frontline quicker if there is no Teleporter, but you will lack a reliable melee weapon.
  • Thanks to the class's size, strength, firepower, and general obviousness, Heavy players draw a lot of attention in a fight. This allows Heavies to dictate the focus and pace of a battle merely by their presence and positioning. Heavies can be used to distract enemies while more maneuverable classes such as Scouts and Pyros can ambush and flank the enemy, and their absence can be used to lull the foe into a false sense of security.
  • Remember that, in spite of the class's considerable offensive power, the Heavy is a Defensive type class. While still extremely powerful during a push, Heavies are most effectively used in defensive situations, as they can easily suppress enemy movements and help break up pushes.
  • A Heavy standing next to a Dispenser, health/ammo pickups, or pushing the Payload cart can get a constant supply of ammo and health, letting players fire their Minigun continuously without the need for additional ammo or a Medic.
  • Watch out for an enemy-colored laser dot. Though Heavies have a large health pool, one well-placed Sniper headshot can take them down instantly.
    • Firing the Minigun at Snipers may not do much damage, but will cause them to flinch unless they have the Cozy Camper and are at full charge, ruining their aim. However, a good Sniper may still be able to land a headshot, so jump and crouch regularly to throw their aim off, but be aware that crouching will cause you to stay stationary for as long as you are crouched.
  • Heavies are high-priority targets for Spies. Check your back before spinning up your Minigun.
    • Because of the Minigun's wide spread, firing occasionally out in the open can hit and reveal a cloaked Spy. This allows players to Spy-check over longer distances.
    • The Huo-Long Heater on a Payload can also help in this case, but a good Spy will jump before backstabbing to avoid the ring of fire, so Spy-checking is still important.
  • When firing any of his primary weapons, a Heavy's bullets actually originate from his head, not his gun barrel. This mechanic can be used to fire "through" solid objects that reach up to the Heavy's neck, allowing you to deal considerable damage to enemies from behind cover. As an additional bonus, this will also make your profile much lower, generally giving you a bit more survivability. Remember that Snipers can still headshot you, though.
  • Pushing the cart in Payload games can be quite effective if there are teammates to support the push. Use the cart as cover and shoot from behind it. The cart acts as a moving Dispenser, meaning both health and ammo will be replenished automatically, increasing the Heavy's already impressive endurance.
  • Take care of Medics! A Heavy/Medic pair can be a devastating force, but only if the two of them work together. Remember that a Medic usually has other teammates to worry about besides a Heavy, so be observant of when the Medic is and isn't healing you. Be sure to throw your Sandvich to your Medic if he is low on health. You can also block incoming projectiles for your Medic if necessary.
  • Communication is the key! Keep communicating with your Medic to reduce the chance of getting separated. This can also help with ÜberCharge because you can tell your Medic when to deploy it so that it is not wasted.
  • Patience is important - although it may be tempting to rush into the front lines with your team, your slow speed and large profile makes you an easy target. It may be worth waiting in an area where you can ambush the enemy team if you feel like they're pushing forward.
  • Lunchbox items such as the Sandvich cannot be eaten when the Heavy is airborne or swimming. However, they can still be thrown with secondary fire.
  • To compensate for the speed reduction during the primary weapon's spin-up time, run towards the spot you intend to fire from. Before reaching that spot, jump to keep momentum, and hold the fire button to start the spin-up. You will land on your intended spot, and begin firing; this will give some extra distance to your targets. This is also most useful when firing around corners.
    • You can also crouch jump to jump a further distance or just make yourself a smaller target in mid-air.

Weapon Specific

Primary Weapons

Minigun + reskins

Weapon Kill Icon Ammo Damage
Carried Point Blank Medium Range Long Range Critical
Killicon minigun.png 200 50-54 5-30 5-10 27
Iron Curtain
Iron Curtain
Killicon iron curtain.png
  • At close range, the Minigun can easily tear through the health of most classes, but at range, the high spread of the weapon renders it useless for distant engagement.
  • Knowing when not to fire is key to good Heavy play. Wasting ammo whittling away long-range targets or on ÜberCharged pairs will leave players without their Minigun at a crucial point.
  • Remember that holding the Alternate-Fire button (right-click by default) will keep the Minigun spun up and ready to shoot at a moment's notice; taking up station in strategic defensive positions and staying spun up is often an excellent alternative to attempting an assault as a Heavy.
    • Remember that spinning up the Minigun will greatly reduce movement speed as well as emit a distinctive sound. Attentive enemies will know that you are nearby.
    • Jump and tap the alternate fire button to move at near-full speed while still being able to spin up quickly.
  • Mouse tracking speed doesn't decrease when the Minigun is spinning. Setting the mouse to a high sensitivity can allow players to quickly lock on to moving targets.
  • One of the keys to using the Minigun effectively is learning to jump and spin up at the same time. Use this when going around corners to ambush the enemy.

Natascha + reskins

Weapon Kill Icon Ammo Damage
Carried Point Blank Medium Range Long Range Critical
Killicon natascha.png 200 32-36 5-20 3-10 20.25
  • Natascha fires the bullets that greatly slow any enemy hit for a brief period of time, but the slowdown effect decrease over distance. In addition, the user receives 20% damage resistance when spun-up, but only if the player received enough damage to go below 50% health, similar to the Brass Beast. As downsides, The Natascha has a 30% increased spin-up time and deals 25% less damage compared with the stock Minigun.
  • Natascha changes Heavy's role from the spearhead of the team to a team player, making enemies easier for teammates to hit. Adjust your strategy accordingly.
  • Natascha is particularly effective against faster classes (such as the Scout), since it counteracts their speed advantage by inhibiting their movement. Use Natascha to prevent speedy classes from reaching cover or dodging your shots, making them easier to pick off.
    • Natascha's slowing effect also affects vertical momentum, meaning that any opponent trying to jump (including rocket jumps and sticky jumps) will come up short when hit. This can be used to defend high vantage points against Soldiers and Demomen trying to take the high ground.
    • Natascha can slow down Demomen who use the Chargin' Targe, Splendid Screen, or Tide Turner to charge.
      • Slowdown negates a charge, which can stop a Demoman's assault in his tracks, allowing you to counterattack.
    • Natascha can be a better choice than the Minigun for dealing with Spies, reducing the chance of an enemy Spy escaping after a successful Spy-check.
  • When working with a teammate on defense, such as a Demoman, Soldier, or Minigun-wielding Heavy, Natascha can make Scouts, Pyros, and Medics easier targets for slow-moving projectiles and allows other Heavies time to spin up their guns.
  • You gain a 20% damage resistance when spun up and received enough damage to go below 50% health. This effectively gives you 337 health when not overhealed and revved up. However, the resistance will not come into effect until below 50% health, meaning that even if you are fully overhealed, you can still be killed instantly by a fully-charged Sniper Rifle headshot.
    • While still does not provide protection from high bursts, Dalokohs Bar can be used in junction with Natascha to heighten this 50% health trigger by a bit increasing your max health also providing overheal, giving you time to react and retreat when needed.
  • Because of Natascha's damage penalty, it's best to avoid fighting Heavies that are wielding a different primary weapon (especially the Brass Beast), or an Engineer's Sentry Gun, unless a Medic is providing support or teammates are nearby.
  • The slowing effect makes the Heavy more frustrating to fight, giving him a much larger presence in battle, and can be very effective at giving suppressive fire.

Brass Beast + reskins

Weapon Kill Icon Ammo Damage
Carried Point Blank Medium Range Long Range Critical
Brass Beast
Brass Beast
Killicon brass beast.png 200 60-65 6-36 5-12 32.4
  • The Brass Beast deals 20% more damage than the stock Minigun. In addition, the user receives 20% damage resistance when spun-up, but only if the player received enough damage to go below 50% health, similar to Natascha. However, this comes at the cost of a 50% slower spin-up time and 60% slower movement speed compared to the stock Minigun.
  • Carrying the Shotgun as a secondary weapon is recommended to compensate for the Brass Beast's long spin-up time. This allows players to quickly have a weapon ready to fire in event of an ambush.
    • While seen as nothing unusual, Panic Attack is one of the better shotguns in this situation, allowing you to exploit your perceived weakness to sneak in quick shots on unsuspecting opponents. When enemies see a Brass Beast-wielding Heavy, they will expect to have enough time to take cover while the Heavy goes through a painful spin-up time; the speed of the Panic Attack should easily catch them off-guard.
  • Due to the extremely slow walking speed while spun up, this weapon is most effective in defensive situations that do not require a significant amount of movement. For positioning, it's advised to follow Scouts or stick around established Sentry Nests to help defend an area under contention.
  • While the slower speed incurred when spun up may sound counterintuitive to a game on offense, the Brass Beast does have some usefulness when playing on the offensive.
    • The ​Brass Beast can be used very effectively at long range thanks to its 20% damage bonus. If the bearer knows how to burst fire at range by leading a small array of bullet groups, it can greatly deny any peekers and deal chip damage with tighter spread.
    • The damage resistance can give a Heavy the precious time he needs to capture a point or stay rooted in for longer, such as when pushing the Payload cart.
  • Positioning yourself with the Brass Beast takes a lot of forethought and also a lot of practice to get used to. As a rule of thumb, let the enemy come to you in relatively small spaces; although the Brass Beast will do good damage at longer ranges, you will be at very high risk if you try to take advantage of this due to you being almost immobile.
    • Take advantage of its greater damage potential by guarding bottlenecks and choke points, where the enemy has less room to maneuver and avoid fire.
  • In team defenses, try to pair up with another Heavy that is using Natascha. The Natascha-wielding Heavy can slow nearby targets down, maximizing the amount of damage that the Brass Beast can do.
  • Make good use of Dispensers with this weapon. The slower movement speed when spinning means it's difficult for players to keep the Brass Beast well-stocked with ammo, as others may take the dropped ammo from dead foes first, as well as making the Heavy an easier target for explosive splash damage.
  • With the Brass Beast equipped, enemy Heavies are often less of a threat. If you keep your gun spun up, you should nearly always win against other Heavies, assuming that they don't ambush you.
    • Though enemy Heavies do generally become less of a threat, a Heavy with the stock Minigun can spin up and kill you faster than you can spin up and kill them because of the Brass Beast's slower spin-up time. While your damage output per second quickly catches up with the stock Minigun and surpasses it, Brass Beast's initial damage is still slow due to its slower spin up time.
  • Even if you trivialize Heavy versus Heavy fights with increased damage, there's one thing you should avoid, and it's still spraying the Brass Beast at vast open areas without cover. Besides the potential threat of any ambush class having an easy time getting the drop on you (or Snipers blowing your head off), any enemy Heavy with proper Shotgun accuracy can still pelt you if they ever land on your blind spot or at least deal heavy damage before going down.
  • The 20% damage resistance while spun-up allows you to stay in combat longer. You are still not invincible, though, and with the very low mobility of this weapon, it should not be used outside of defensive situations where you have a lower chance of getting caught out of position.
    • When used with the max health buff of Dalokohs Bar, damage resistance would be more beneficial, triggering early and giving you time to react before anything that could wipe you comes your way.
    • If you are fully overhealed, a fully-charged Sniper headshot will still kill you. Do not become overconfident. Crouch regularly to dodge headshots.
  • Hiding around the corner for unaware players is a good way to make a quick ambush. However, the Brass Beast makes a distinctive sound when spun up, alerting attentive players to your location.
  • The speed penalty notably makes you even slower than the Payload cart. However, you can use the Payload cart to your advantage by hanging just in front of it, letting it push you forward with it. This can allow you to stay at a more comfortable speed and makes your speed penalty less noticeable. Be aware that since you will be at the front of the cart, this will make you the first target your opponents will fire at, drawing some generally unwanted attention. Use this technique wisely!
  • Make sure you have the Brass Beast spun up before your Medic deploys his ÜberCharge, as the spin-up time will decrease the amount of time you have to deal damage on an ÜberCharge. Use the ÜberCharge defensively.

Tomislav + reskins

Weapon Kill Icon Ammo Damage
Carried Point Blank Medium Range Long Range Critical
Killicon tomislav.png 200 50-54 5-30 5-10 27
  • The Tomislav features a 20% faster spin-up time and 20% more accuracy than the stock Minigun. It also features the "Silent Killer" effect of no maintained spin-up sound, though it still has a quiet jingling sound as the weapon is spinning-up. However, this comes at the cost of a 20% reduction in firing speed.
  • Because of its silent spin-up, the Tomislav is ideal for surprising foes as they turn corners. Ambushing a foe at point-blank range in this manner results in a very quick, nearly unavoidable kill; they cannot retreat fast enough to escape the finishing burst as you follow them, and they usually cannot outlast the Heavy's health if they choose to fight anyway.
  • If you find an area where you can efficiently execute such ambushes, make sure you do not use the same spot each time. Victims of your rampage will quickly warn their teammates, who will bring backup or keep their weapons ready as they approach the ambush zone.
  • The Tomislav's rapid spin-up generally compensates for many of the weaknesses of the Shotgun, while also filling in for the Shotgun's role. If your ammo efficiency is good and/or you expect to use mostly defensive tactics, a Sandvich or Second Banana may be a better use of your secondary slot.
  • While the 20% faster spin up time is definitely noticeable and allows you to play a more mobile style, you are still vulnerable if confronted by multiple enemies with your gun not spun up.
  • Normally, switching to a primary while boosted from the Killing Gloves of Boxing is an inefficient use of the Crit-boost period; the Tomislav is a powerful exception to this rule, as you can switch to, deploy, and fire the weapon less than a second after you connect with the gloves. This is a very effective way to clear an area while ÜberCharged.
  • When coordinating with a Medi Gun-equipped Medic, feel free to close the distance more in the early part of an offensive ÜberCharge, as you will have additional time to fire nonetheless.
  • Listen carefully for enemy Heavies and their Miniguns; should you engage, you will lose in a head-to-head fight with all but Natascha-wielding Heavies (assuming both of you are spun up and ready to fire and all else being equal). However, if you can catch them up-close and undeployed, you will most likely win — you can spin up faster than they can.
  • The increased accuracy of the Tomislav means that it is more efficient at longer ranges than the default Minigun. While not accurate enough to kill targets at long range, it can be used to deplete an enemy's health enough to force them to retreat.
  • Use the Tomislav to harass distant enemy Snipers. It can hit more shots with its increased accuracy, causing Snipers to flinch and throwing off their aim. Be careful; a competent Sniper may still land a headshot. Tap the Crouch button repeatedly to dodge any potential headshots.
    • This will be ineffective if the Sniper has both the Cozy Camper equipped and any of his Sniper Rifles have a fully charged shot ready as he won't flinch from damage until he either unscopes or fires the shot.
  • While the Tomislav's increased accuracy comes in handy for dispatching targets at longer ranges, the tighter bullet spread compared to the stock Minigun can prove a detriment when tracking mobile targets at short ranges. Consider using the Tomislav against slow, mid-range foes such as Demomen, but consider the stock Minigun against problematic Scouts or when your latency to the server makes it more difficult to track opponents.

Huo-Long Heater

Weapon Kill Icon Ammo Damage Effect
Carried Point Blank Medium Range Long Range Critical Fire Ring Afterburn
Huo-Long Heater
Huo-Long Heater
Killicon huo-long heater.png 200 50-54 5-30 5-10 27 12-18 36 damage over 6 seconds
  • The Huo-Long Heater continuously emits a ring of fire around the Heavy that ignites nearby foes while spun up. It also deals 25% damage bonus against burning players. However, the ring of fire consumes 4 ammo per second and is not generated if the Huo-Long Heater is out of ammo, and it also deals 10% less damage.
  • It is often best to carry a Shotgun for Heavy's secondary weapon, as the Huo-Long Heater will consume ammo far quicker than the other Miniguns. In the event that you run out of ammo, rely on the Shotgun, but do not try to substitute it for the Heater's firepower. The Family Business is recommended due to its larger ammo clip and faster firing speed. In maps with plenty of ammo boxes, consider using health-replenishing secondary weapons such as the Sandvich instead.
  • Focus more on long-ranged assaults with your Minigun fire than on self-defensive, close-ranged attacks. The ring of fire will protect you from close-ranged enemy assaults, though it will not finish them off completely.
    • Do not rely completely on the ring of fire or its afterburn to kill nearby enemies. Unless your opponent is low on health, the flames will most likely not be effective enough to kill even a Spy attempting to backstab, but it may still ignite them, unless they jump over the flames.
  • Rely heavily on teammates. Your ammo is more limited than usual, and you will be likely to run out of ammo directly in enemy territory. Teammates will be able to support you in this situation as well as to finish off any enemy ignited by your flames while you focus on key targets, or when you are not spun up as to not waste ammo.
  • Pay attention to any reserve of ammo nearby. Fallen players' dropped ammo packs will be able to restore your quickly-depleted ammo for a longer assault.
  • Conserve ammo as much as possible. It is best to keep your Heater spun up only when in an area vulnerable to ambush or near a source of ammo, like a Dispenser. Otherwise, you may run out of ammo quickly.
  • Attempt to get close to enemies. If you are far away from them then they will take less damage from your bullets and will be out of the range of your flames. Pairing with the Gloves of Running Urgently or Eviction Notice can allow you to close into your enemies much quicker.
  • The Heavy's own size added to the ring of fire that surrounds him can allow him to act as an even greater defensive figure, able to block off passageways and ward off enemies, while protecting himself from attacks.
    • Playing an ambush-oriented mindset can allow you to put the Huo-Long Heater's full potential out. Always try to get a drop on enemies from the high ground if they're pushing. Jump revving from corners can help you to flush them out.
  • The ring of flames you create can also serve as a deterrent for Spies. In particular, those armed with the Spy-cicle will have their Spy-cicle temporarily melted by the flames. Spies attempting to backstab you while you are revved up will be ignited, or if armed with the Spy-cicle, will start screaming as if they're on fire despite not being aflame. Keep an eye out for any friendly players who have been lit on fire — they may be an enemy Spy.
    • Just because you have a ring of fire doesn't mean a Spy won't backstab or try to shoot you. Keep Spy-checking teammates with stray fire.
    • Experienced Spies can sometimes jump into melee range and strike before landing on the ground, scoring a backstab without being ignited by the ring of flames. Continue to stay alert for Spies approaching behind you and spin it up mid-air repetitively as you hit the ground at the cost of a small bit of ammo if you're not comfortable with the environment.
    • Positioning at sloped surfaces such as ramps and stairs will allow you to deter any backstab attempt from below ground. Try to run for ramps with the Shotgun equipped so you won't be forced to spin up at a bad position.
  • The ring of flames can also set players on fire if they're behind thin cover. Use this to try to dislodge a stubborn defender.
  • This weapon can also be used to defend friendly Engineer nests. Dispensers will give you a continuous source of ammo, and the ring of flames you create will ignite enemy Spies attempting to sap buildings.
    • Similarly, the weapon is quite efficient when pushing the cart in Payload and Payload Race game modes. The cart's ammo supply is enough to keep the weapon spun-up continuously, and the ring of fire will provide protection to you and your nearby teammates who are pushing it.
    • Also, the Huo-Long Heater is very useful on most King of the Hill maps due to their close quarters and smaller map size.
  • When taunting with the Huo-Long Heater while spinning up, the ring of fire will still be active and you will still continue to lose ammo.

Secondary Weapons

Shotgun + reskins

Weapon Kill Icon Ammo Damage
Loaded Carried Point Blank Medium Range Long Range Critical
Killicon shotgun.png 6 32 86-90 24-67 3-26 180
  • The Shotgun allows Heavy to stay mobile. Use it in situations where losing mobility is disadvantageous, such as:
    • Fighting Demomen and Soldiers, negating their ability to use cover to hit you with splash damage whilst remaining safe from Minigun fire.
    • Expecting or chasing a highly mobile enemy encounter such as Spy or Scout.
    • Fighting while in view of an enemy Sniper.
    • Retreating as you provide some cover fire.
    • Picking off a retreating enemy, or the sticky traps near gates without getting slowed down.
    • Attempting to close distance whilst ÜberCharged or before deploying your Minigun.
    • When getting to Health and Ammo pickups quickly is important when enemy retailates your flank attempts.
    • "Bull-rushing" from mid range to close quarters in the flank routes where the Shotgun excels.
  • The Shotgun also provides a ranged backup weapon when you have run out of Minigun ammo.
  • If there are multiple friendly Medics on the team, then it may be a better idea to equip the Shotgun over the Sandvich or other edibles, since replenishing health is not an issue.
  • Keep in mind that without the Sandvich, players will need to rely more on Health Packs and Medics to stay alive. Try to memorize the map's health pack locations, and keep within easy distance of teammates should the need to retreat arise.
  • Shotgun allows you to stay mobile when you need to chase a Spy, Soldier or Demoman extending toward your territory or spawn room for ambushing. Noticing them late, or committing to firing your Minigun in a bad position could result in swift burst damage to your Medic or yourself.
    • Mobile projectile classes such as Demoman and Soldier can usually be predicted to attack once your friendly Sentry Gun is down.
  • You can also try and use the Shotgun to bait reckless enemies around corners if going around said corner with the Minigun is too dangerous or you're low on health.
    • This strategy can be more effective with the Tomislav, as the enemy won't hear you until it's too late.
  • Although the Sandvich is better than this weapon in many cases, don't underestimate the Shotgun's power! It becomes very effective in defensive scenarios, especially if friendly Engineers have Dispensers present and Medic support is available, effectively removing the need to carry a source of self-healing. However, you won't be able to drop your Sandvich and provide quick healing for your Medic.
    • If there are at least two Medics on your team, consider equipping the Shotgun instead as they now have access to a quick-healing source.

Family Business + reskins

Weapon Kill Icon Ammo Damage
Loaded Carried Point Blank Medium Range Long Range Critical
Family Business
Family Business
Killicon family business.png 8 32 74-76 20-52 3-22 153
  • Compared to the Shotgun, the Family Business has about ~2.25% less damage per second. This is less important than the reduction in per-shot damage, which means that it takes an additional shot to kill classes such as Pyros, Demomen, and (at ranges other than point-blank) Heavies.
  • The Family Business does best at longer ranges than the Shotgun, where its ammo count gives it a notable damage advantage per clip over the Shotgun and the reduction in per-shot damage is less impactful. At closer ranges, the Shotgun's increased per-shot damage gives it an edge against tankier classes, but the Family Business still does more damage per clip.
  • Though the decreased damage makes it less useful in direct combat and as an ambush weapon, the increased clip-size and firing speed makes it useful for picking off distant or wounded targets that cannot be killed by a Minigun due to distance or the Minigun's reduced movement speed.
    • The Family Business is particularly useful against Snipers and Engineers; it can throw off Snipers' aim from afar, and the spray of bullets makes it more likely you can damage an Engineer trying to hide behind his Sentry when attacking the Sentry itself is unfeasible. It can also distract Wrangler-wielding Engineers.
  • The increased clip-size of the Family Business makes it possible to destroy a Mini-Sentry or Level 1 Sentry from just outside its maximum targeting range. This is technically also possible with the Shotgun, but is considerably harder to pull off, as all the shots need to hit for it to happen, whereas with the Family Business, it's a lot more likely to due to the extra shots counteracting the damage penalty.
  • The added clip-size and faster firing speed of the Family Business makes it a superior "Run and Gun" weapon for the Heavy — it lacks the spin-up time of a Minigun, and when running forward, accuracy is often secondary in necessity compared to the rate of fire. In this situation, the Family Business makes for a great weapon for running between objectives, and is a little better than the Shotgun for this purpose. It also is quite handy, in the same vein, for chasing down enemies trying to flee, especially faster classes like Spies and Scouts, since — again — the rate of fire helps a lot more than a raw punch in such a situation.
    • Paired with the Heavy's substantial health, a full-health Heavy can use the Family Business to "bull rush" mid-range specialist classes such as Soldiers and Demomen while firing. As most players expect a Heavy to switch to a Minigun, this tactic can catch many players by surprise (if the distance you need to close isn't too far). The large clip enables you to do significant damage while closing the distance and your large health pool allows you to soak up damage.
  • The lack of the Tomislav's firing noise means that the Family Business is a great backup weapon for it — enemies won't have any clue what you're going to use until you start firing, making the Tomislav and Family Business a good ambush combo. While the Shotgun can be used the same way, the Family Business' larger clip size means fewer reloads during a fight and more damage dealt per-clip.
  • There are a number of situations where the Shotgun is a better choice than the Family Business, so equip the two accordingly. The higher damage of the Shotgun means that it's much better when it comes to ambushing foes, medium-and-close-range combat (where the Shotgun will typically win a damage race against the Family Business), and for dissuading mobile melee attackers, such as Demomen.
  • The Family Business pairs well with the Killing Gloves of Boxing's Crit-on-kill, as the increased clip-size and firing speed means you can deal more Critical damage faster than with the Shotgun.

Panic Attack + reskins

Weapon Kill Icon Ammo Damage
Loaded Carried Point Blank Medium Range Long Range Critical
Panic Attack
Panic Attack
Killicon panic attack.png 6 32 6.3-94 4.2-63 2.1-31.5 189
  • The Panic Attack has a 50% faster deploy speed, 50% more pellets, and fires its pellets in a fixed pattern at the cost of 20% less damage, and a bullet spread that widens out the longer it is fired.
  • Capable of dealing 108 damage at point blank if all pellets connect, the Panic Attack can deal slightly more damage than the Scout's Scattergun. This can make it useful for ambushing enemies and taking them out before they can react.
  • Two pellets will always shoot straight down the crosshair, allowing you to deal more consistent damage compared to the Shotgun or Family Business. However, it is less effective at range due to it's damage penalty and gradual bullet spread increase.
  • The Panic Attack deploys 50% faster compared to the Shotgun. This means you can pull it out almost immediately when you are threatened.
  • It takes roughly 1.5 seconds for the bullet spread to reset to normal. As such, you can simply wait for the reload animation to begin, and fire again with similar accuracy.

Sandvich + reskins

Weapon Ammo Eating
Loaded Carried Health Gained Duration Recharge Time
1 300 4.3 seconds 30 seconds
  • When eaten, the Sandvich fully restores the Heavy's HP over four seconds; during this process, the Heavy becomes immobile and emits loud eating noises. The Sandvich has a 30-second cooldown after use while below full health.
  • Try to use the Sandvich only when behind cover and in the presence of teammates. As the Heavy is completely immobile while recovering health, enemies can very easily kill you while you're helpless. Never eat near an enemy base or near a large passageway, even if your team has full control over the area, as even a Scout can easily kill a Heavy having a meal in the corner of the room. Exposed areas such as rooftops or balconies are not ideal, as Snipers, Soldiers, and Pyros armed with flare guns and other enemies with powerful long range weapons can cause major damage during his consumption.
    • Try to eat with your back to a wall to prevent opportunistic Spies from backstabbing you. In addition, try to stand somewhere where a Spy is unable to use a height advantage to drop down on you.
  • Use your secondary-fire key (default key: MOUSE2) to throw the Sandvich onto the ground. A dropped Sandvich acts as a medium health pack, replenishing 50% of a player's HP when picked up, and stopping burning/bleeding damage. Use it to help injured teammates quickly recover health. This is especially useful for healing Medics, as they cannot heal themselves as quickly while being damaged, and doing so prevents them from dying and losing their ÜberCharge.
    • Sandviches cannot be used on yourself this way. Picking it up will recharge your Sandvich.
    • Enemies can use your dropped Sandvich(es). Make sure to pick up your Sandvich if your teammates don't use it.
    • It's possible to use a dropped Sandvich to lure injured enemies toward you. Make sure they don't pick it up, though, or killing them will become much harder.
  • Be generous with your Sandvich — if you're at full health, picking up even a small health pack will instantly recharge it. If you see a teammate with less than half health and there are no health packs, Medics, or Dispensers in the very immediate vicinity, don't hesitate to toss them some health — your Sandvich will recharge in 30 seconds. By eliminating some time they would have spent backtracking for health, you may have made your next push stronger.
    • This can be used to teammates' benefit when picking up small health packs, as the Sandvich can be dropped for a teammate, and the small health pack picked up to fully recharge the Food meter, effectively turning the small health pack into a medium one.
  • Without a fallback weapon such as the Shotgun or the Family Business, you are forced to rely solely on using the Minigun to do damage in open areas.
  • By immediately performing a taunt upon equipping the Sandvich, the one-second weapon-change delay can be bypassed, allowing for faster consumption.
  • Do not try to hold a Sandvich when enemies are around, especially when Scouts are around, as they gain 75 health from your dropped Sandvich instead of the normal 50 if you die while holding it.
  • Remember that your teammates don't have eyes in the back of their heads, and teammates ignoring their health could lead to them charging into battle at low health. You are slower than your teammates, so remember to drop it in front of them if you can. You can use the Gloves of Running Urgently to keep up with them if they are ignoring/can't see your Sandvich.
  • A common tactic, especially in competitive play, involves masking the voice line of the Heavy consuming the Sandvich by immediately having him say anything else (usually "Yes" or "No" or more rarely "Spy!") after the taunt is initiated. Enemy players will tend to tune out the stock voice lines and probably won't suspect that a Heavy is nearby chewing away while passing by.
    • If they happen to be already quite close, then this may not work very well.

Dalokohs Bar + reskins

Weapon Ammo Eating
Loaded Carried Health Gained Duration of Eating Effect Duration
Dalokohs Bar
Dalokohs Bar
1 100 and raises maximum health to 350. 4.3 seconds 10 seconds
  • When eaten, the Dalokohs Bar restores 100 HP over four seconds and increases the Heavy's maximum health to 350 HP for 30 seconds; during this process, the Heavy becomes immobile and emits loud eating noises. The Dalokohs Bar has a 10-second cooldown after use.
  • At the end of the 30-second time limit, any health over 300 becomes overheal health and will fully drain away in about 7 seconds.
  • Somewhat like the Sandvich, the Dalokohs Bar has a cooldown timer after use, but you can recharge it instantly by visiting a Resupply cabinet, picking up your own thrown Dalokohs Bar, or collecting any health pickup while at full health.
  • The extra 50 HP allows you to withstand a minimum of one more shot from the Scattergun, the Grenade Launcher, or the Sniper Rifle (minimally charged headshots or bodyshots). It may also allow a minimum of one more hit from the Stickybomb Launcher and Direct Hit when fighting outside very close range. All of these weapons are used by Heavy's most common counter-classes, and the extra health may give you time to finish off your opponent; however, without the 100% healing power of the Sandvich, he may be hard-pressed to find healing without a Medic.
  • The Dalokohs Bar can be particularly useful for Heavies that can obtain a constant source of healing but lack a nearby friendly Medic for overhealing or a Dispenser for healing.
    • Since, unlike the Sandvich, the Dalokohs Bar recharges in 10 seconds instead of 30, meaning it can be used more often to heal smaller wounds. Knowing where Dispenser(s) are deployed or where health pickups are is advised.
    • Increasing the maximum health, the Dalokohs Bar also allows Heavy to benefit better from Medium health kits and allows him to guard an area.
    • Small health kits can be spared for teammates with ease at secured areas and you can toss the Dalokohs Bar on top of the small health kit pickup for a filling healing for the next teammate.
  • Even though the Dalokohs Bar increases Heavy's maximum health to 350, Medics can still only overheal the Heavy to 450 HP, making the Dalokohs Bar less effective when there are numerous friendly Medics.
    • If you decide to overextend with a Medic, know that Dalokohs Bar can't heal him very much. You have to lead the Medic to the health kit pickup areas safely and be sure he's hidden and well aware of potential burst damage classes surrounding you.
  • The Dalokohs Bar can be thrown to heal teammates (equivalent to a small health kit). This can be particularly useful for healing friendly Medics, as their health regeneration will probably make up for the lost healing the Sandvich would have provided, but the faster recharge of the Dalokohs Bar will allow extra uses if you and the Medic are put under constant, but somewhat light pressure.
    • For heavier engagements or for leaving food lying around for teammates to pick up later if needed, the Sandvich is usually a better choice.

Buffalo Steak Sandvich

Weapon Ammo Eating
Loaded Carried Buff Eating Duration Duration of Effect Recharge Time
Buffalo Steak Sandvich
Buffalo Steak Sandvich
1 Increases speed by 30%, turns damage dealt into Mini-Crits, and increases damage taken by 20%. Prevents usage of non-melee weapons for the duration of the buff. 4.3 seconds 16 seconds 30 seconds
  • When eaten, the Buffalo Steak Sandvich gives the user the ability to deal mini-crits and increased movement speed by 30% for 16 seconds; during this process, the Heavy becomes immobile and emits loud eating noises. The user's damage vulnerability is also increased by 20% while under the effect of the Buffalo Steak Sandvich. The Buffalo Steak Sandvich has a 30-second cooldown after use.
  • Like the Sandvich, the Buffalo Steak Sandvich can be dropped with alt-fire (default key: MOUSE2). A dropped Buffalo Steak Sandvich behaves the same as the Sandvich, replenishing 50% of the health of whoever picks it up, excluding the person who threw it.
  • The speed boost can be useful in more ways than simple offense; it can aid in scouting and can help get players to their destinations quickly. Note, however, that players are more vulnerable to attack after eating the Buffalo Steak Sandvich due to having a 20% damage vulnerability and being locked to melee weapons for 16 seconds.
    • A particularly effective tactic is to use the Buffalo Steak Sandvich at the start of Arena mode's setup time (or any other gamemodes); the now-faster Heavy will be able to reach the front lines faster and the effect will wear off as combat begins, allowing players to make surprising offensive rushes and ambushes against lighter classes. However, after the first life, a different lunchbox item will in most situations be more effective, rendering this tactic as a one-time gimmick at the beginning of a round.
    • The speed boost can also be used to gain access to places that were previously inaccessible to Heavies. Some jumps that would normally only be accessible to most other classes can be done by a Heavy under the effects of the Buffalo Steak Sandvich.
  • If an enemy is chasing you at a distance, turn a corner and use the Buffalo Steak Sandvich. By using the third-person camera, it's possible to spot the enemy whilst eating and, with good timing, pop out again with a surprise melee attack.
  • Make sure not to charge at enemies, because they can still use most of their weapons at range, which can result in swift death when combined with the 20% damage vulnerability.
    • An exception to this rule is in DeGroot Keep, where most enemies can only use melee weapons.
  • Many of the Heavy's melee weapons benefit from the use of Buffalo Steak Sandvich:
    • The Fists of Steel can be combined with the Buffalo Steak Sandvich for soaking up the extra 20% damage vulnerability caused by the Buffalo Steak Sandvich's side-effect.
      • Note, however, that if an enemy decides to engage you in melee combat, you'll take 120% additional damage from the attacks, meaning that even/especially a Scout can be very dangerous.
    • The Killing Gloves of Boxing can be useful with this weapon as well, if you get one kill and you still have the effects of the Steak, you can use the speed buff to keep up with an enemy, and the Killing Gloves of Boxing's 5 seconds of guaranteed Critical hits on kill will be able to 1-hit kill most classes save for a Demoman with the Bootlegger/Ali Baba's Wee Booties and/or multiple heads with the Eyelander, Soldiers, and Heavies.
    • The Warrior's Spirit is another good weapon to use with this because of how much damage it can do. A single mini-crit from the Warrior's Spirit can do up to 114 damage, reducing light classes to critically low health. It will additionally restore 50 Health per kill, increasing your survivability if you get kills often enough to counteract it's downsides.
      • Note that this may only work when ambushing, because you will take significantly increased damage (50% more damage taken), which can be very dangerous.
    • Combining this weapon and the Eviction Notice will allow you to cover a significant amount of ground without too much of a health drain penalty compared to the Gloves of Running Urgently.
      • Despite their speed boosts stacking, it may not be recommended to use this weapon in combination with EN due to your steadily decreasing health pool. However, if properly used, this weapon combo can be very effective; you gain 35% extra speed from the combined speed buffs making you a very mobile, melee-based Scout, but with "approximately" more health (because of the increased damage vulnerability, and the fact that you lose health over time).

Second Banana

Weapon Ammo Eating
Loaded Carried Health Gained Duration Recharge Time
Second Banana
Second Banana
1 200 4.3 seconds 10 seconds
  • When eaten, the Second Banana restores 200 HP over four seconds; during this process, the Heavy becomes immobile and emits loud eating noises. The Second Banana has a 10-second cooldown after using while below full health.
  • Just like the Sandvich, the Second Banana should be eaten with your back against the wall-- despite less healing and shorter cooldown, your eating time is unchanged, giving opportunistic Spies or Snipers ample time to instantly kill you in the precious time that you cannot defend yourself.
  • Know the benefits and disadvantages of equipping the Second Banana over the Sandvich. Though you will heal more overall health than the Sandvich, you will not always benefit from this increase in healing due to the chance of being killed with burst damage you would have otherwise survived with the Sandvich's more potent healing. Additionally, the Second Banana doesn't provide a medium health pack like the Sandvich does, thus making it inferior in terms of team healing overall. However, the higher amount of healing over a shorter time is excellent when you are behind enemy lines, and cannot reach a health pack or Medic in time before you are discovered.
  • A flanker Heavy playstyle that isn't in gunfire constantly can use this lunchbox item to heal up from firefights where the Dalokahs Bar/Fishcake would have been lackluster. It also works wonders for Heavies who like to use their fists to engage the enemy head-on.
  • It's better to use the Sandvich if you have a Medic due to the Second Banana only throwing a small health pack. Try using it when you are on your own and healing a Medic isn't top priority.
  • Due to its faster recharge, bananas can be shared more consistently than the Sandvich, which can help when enemy Pyros are keeping your Medic constantly alight with afterburn, or after smaller skirmishes.
  • If there are multiple Medics on your team, the Second Banana is not recommended. Because of its health inefficiency compared to the Sandvich, the Second Banana works best when Medic backup is limited or unavailable, and you require decent healing fast.
  • Take care not to leave your banana on the ground if a teammate doesn't pick it up. Though a small health pack is considered negligible for most classes, enemy Pyros using the Back Scratcher or Heavies with their larger base health will benefit greatly from your snack, making it that much harder to kill them.

Melee Weapons

Fists + reskins

Weapon Kill Icon Attack Interval Damage
Point Blank Critical
Killicon fists.png 0.8 seconds 65 195
Frying Pan
Frying Pan
Killicon frying pan.png
Killicon saxxy.png
Conscientious Objector
Conscientious Objector
Killicon conscientious objector.png
Killicon apoco-fists.png
Freedom Staff
Freedom Staff
Killicon freedom staff.png
Bat Outta Hell
Bat Outta Hell
Killicon bat outta hell.png
Memory Maker
Memory Maker
Killicon memory maker.png
Ham Shank
Ham Shank
Killicon ham shank.png
Golden Frying Pan
Golden Frying Pan
Killicon golden frying pan.png
Necro Smasher
Necro Smasher
Killicon necro smasher.png
Crossing Guard
Crossing Guard
Killicon crossing guard.png
Prinny Machete
Prinny Machete
Killicon prinny machete.png
  • The Fists are a fallback weapon and are the Heavy's only fallback weapon if a secondary weapon other than one of the Heavy's Shotguns are equipped. It's also good against any class that is cornered or not expecting a Heavy to engage in melee combat.
  • Despite being the slowest class, the Heavy is one of the classes who will often come out on top in a melee battle thanks to his large health pool. The Fists can be used more liberally if you don't want to waste precious primary ammo on classes that can easily go down in two or three punches.
  • The Fists are similar to the Medic's Bonesaw; you have a weapon that deals more DPS, but it's better for starting off battles. Because the Miniguns make a loud and very noticeable noise (except the Tomislav when spun up), it's great for attacking distracted enemies. Even if they notice you before you kill them, you have the Minigun or, against stronger classes where the spin-up time would leave you vulnerable, the Shotgun to back you up.
  • Because his other melee weapons either drain your health, make you weaker against attacks, or take slower to fire between punches, the Fists are the only one of Heavy's melee weapons that gives you a reliable last resort.

Killing Gloves of Boxing

Weapon Kill Icon Attack Interval Damage Effect
Point Blank Critical Critical Boost
Killing Gloves of Boxing
Killing Gloves of Boxing
Killicon killing gloves of boxing.png 0.97 seconds 65 195 5 seconds
  • In exchange for a slower swing speed, the Killing Gloves of Boxing grant the Heavy 5 seconds of guaranteed critical hits if he scores a kill with them.
  • The guaranteed critical hits can be transferred to other weapons as well. Therefore, it's possible to kill an enemy, then quickly switch to another weapon to kill enemies beyond melee range. However, switching weapons wastes precious time, and spinning up the Minigun wastes even more; in addition, the Shotgun's Criticals are less powerful than those of the K.G.B. If possible, get multiple kills (2 or more) with the K.G.B. before switching to another weapon.
  • The slow swing speed coupled with the Heavy's slow movement speed makes using the K.G.B. a risky prospect. It's best to use them when facing a cornered enemy, or have a Medic to provide constant healing.
    • However, if the Crit-boost can be achieved in tight corridors, keep using the K.G.B. while there are still enemies around; a Critical hit with the K.G.B. will kill all non-overhealed classes with a single hit except Soldiers, Demomen (with the Eyelander and with 4 or more heads), and Heavies, who will fall if a second hit is landed.
  • Using the Buffalo Steak Sandvich can assist in getting the first melee kill, as players will be able to move faster and deal Mini-Crits. However, beware that all damage taken will be increased by 20% for the duration of the Buffalo Steak Sandvich's buff, so try to time an attack so that the Buffalo Steak Sandvich's effects run out as soon as a melee kill is achieved.
    • This strategy is even more effective in Medieval Mode, as most other enemy classes will not be carrying long-range weapons.
  • While switching to the Minigun wastes more time than switching to a Shotgun, the Minigun deals devastating damage when crit-boosted. Consider switching to the Minigun when taking aim at a crowd of targets or when taking advantage of the lack of damage falloff to "snipe" a long-range foe.
  • If a friendly Heavy is using the K.G.B., avoid "stealing" kills against weakened targets, since the Heavy will not be rewarded with crits for assists.
  • The K.G.B.'s slower swing rate means that it's more difficult to successfully kill an unsuspecting enemy before they notice. If you're carrying a Shotgun, try softening up targets as much as you can before finishing them off, in case you can't kill them with your melee.

Gloves of Running Urgently + reskins

Weapon Kill Icon Attack Interval Damage Effect
Point Blank Critical Speed Boost
Gloves of Running Urgently
Gloves of Running Urgently
Killicon gloves of running urgently.png 0.8 seconds 65 195 299 Hammer units/sec
Bread Bite
Bread Bite
Killicon bread bite.png
  • The Gloves of Running Urgently is a weapon that allows the Heavy to move 30% faster while active in exchange for having their maximum health drained.
  • Use the G.R.U. to reach the front lines faster and keep up with teammates, but make sure to know where the frontlines are so as to switch away on approach and be free of the Health drain upon arriving at the fight.
    • The G.R.U. can also be used to escape losing combat situations. This can allow players to survive and rendezvous with teammates to continue the fight, rather than be killed and forced to respawn.
    • Dodging enemy fire is also more effective when using the G.R.U., since players can use the increased maneuverability to actively dodge projectiles as well as make it more difficult to aim Hitscan weapons.
    • Remember that the Buffalo Steak Sandvich's speed boost does not stack with that of the G.R.U. A Heavy under the effects of both will still only move at a maximum speed of 299 HU/sec.
  • If arriving at the front lines with enough health is imperative, put the G.R.U. away partway to your journey there. You'll arrive with more health, while still being able to get there a little faster than normal.
  • When under the effects of an ÜberCharge, use the G.R.U. to push in closer to a Sentry Gun until you are close enough to nullify its knockback. The extra acceleration allows players to go straight up to a Sentry Gun and use the Minigun's full damage potential, rather than settle for firing at it from longer ranges where the spread makes a Heavy ineffective.
  • Beware of the amount of fire you are taking, and consider only using the G.R.U. in a close-range 1-on-1 confrontation.
  • The steadily decreasing health pool may sound counterproductive to melee combat, but the increased movement speed makes it much easier to chase down and punch opponents.
    • Additionally, a single critical punch will kill or severely injure most classes.
  • Pairing this with the Dalokohs Bar can be very helpful at mitigating the health drain of the G.R.U. Unlike the Second Banana or Sandvich, the Dalokohs Bar will give you overheal if eaten while under the effects of the G.R.U's health drain. This allows you to quickly get back to max health, allowing for longer use of the G.R.U.
    • The Dalokohs Bar will also stop the G.R.U's health drain at 150 health, compared to 100.

Warrior's Spirit

Weapon Kill Icon Attack Interval Damage
Point Blank Critical
Warrior's Spirit
Warrior's Spirit
Killicon warrior's spirit.png 0.8 seconds 85 254
  • The Warrior's Spirit deals 30% extra melee damage and heal the user 50 health on kill while also increasing damage vulnerability from all sources while active by 30%.
  • The Warrior's Spirit can be used to give the Heavy an edge in ambushes. As the Heavy already has a significant amount of HP even with the active vulnerability, being able to deal more damage allows players to kill their enemies before they take too much damage.
  • This weapon can allow a Heavy to kill a Medic with two punches, Demomen, Pyros and Soldiers in three and another Heavy in four. This can give you a significant advantage when melee combat is imminent.
  • This weapon promotes a melee-centric playstyle; the +50 health on a kill from this weapon means that you can engage in melee combat more liberally and win more fights where an additional punch would have been required. Additionally, it can also be used for a bit of quick healing against distracted or cornered enemies.
  • Take heed of the rather large damage-taken penalty while active. When wielding this weapon, you instantly drop your effective health from 300 to 210 (245 when using the Dalakohs Bar). While you still technically have more health than a Soldier, you'll still generally need to get the first strike on an opponent, because your damage and their damage will match and you'll only have your comparatively large health pool as an initial advantage, provided you aren't injured.
  • The Warrior's Spirit works best as a combo weapon with other secondary weapons:
    • The Buffalo Steak Sandvich is a good item to use with this, because it not only increases your move speed for a limited time, but also grants you a mini-crit boost. Two mini-crits from this weapon will kill any non-overhealed class but a Heavy, who will fall to a third hit. Just be aware that the 20% extra damage you take is very dangerous with the added 30% damage taken increase when active.
    • The Warrior's Spirit makes for an excellent choice in conjunction with a type of Shotgun, since it allows you to deal sufficient close-ranged damage to make a melee kill almost guaranteed on low-health enemies.
    • The Warrior's Spirit can supplement the Dalakohs Bar rather effectively. Because the Heavy receives a temporary overheal of 50 extra base health, you can use it before attacking your enemies to increase the damage required to kill you.
  • In the event that you are ÜberCharged with the stock Medi Gun, this weapon acts as direct upgrade to stock, since the damage vulnerability normally incurred when using this weapon is irrelevant.
    • A Medic using the Kritkrieg can increase your damage output exponentially. Critical hits from the Warrior's Spirit deal enough damage to kill every class except for another Heavy (Or overhealed Soldiers, Pyros and Demomen) in one punch, while leaving him at the mercy of just a second punch to go down. Take care that you do not charge into battle though, because you will still take increased damage and could easily die.
    • The Vaccinator's ÜberCharges can make up for the damage vulnerability and will still protect you from 45% of the selected weapon type.
  • Use the Spirit as a way to bait enemies into close quarters combat. The sight of a Warrior's Spirit Heavy may entice opponents to approach and attempt to kill you, so if you turn a corner and anticipate their push forward, you can very easily overwhelm and possibly kill them before they can damage you too severely.
  • The Warrior's Spirit's upside becomes less noticeable or even detrimental when fighting against Scouts, Spies, or Engineers, since it will still require two punches to kill any of these classes at full health and makes it riskier to fight them up close where your extra damage vulnerability could be fatal. If there are multiple Scouts, or medium-health classes on the enemy team, another melee weapon could prove to be more effective against them.
  • In Mann vs. Machine, the Warrior's Spirit can be used to kill ÜberCharge Medics without activating their ÜberCharge by hitting them twice. Make sure to let your team know about your strategy, as it doesn't take much damage to cause the Medics to ÜberCharge, including being boosted with Mini-Crits!

Fists of Steel

Weapon Kill Icon Attack Interval Damage
Point Blank Critical
Fists of Steel
Fists of Steel
Killicon fists of steel.png 0.8 seconds 65 195
  • The Fists of Steel can significantly reduce the Heavy's vulnerability if ambushed or when attacked while traversing areas. As the Heavy has effectively 500 HP, it's possible to survive fully-charged headshots under certain conditions. Using the Dalokohs Bar, you can survive a fully-charged Machina headshot.
  • When retreating, equipping the Fists of Steel can increase the chances of a successful escape. Enemy players trying to finish such a fleeing Heavy will not be able to deal enough damage to get a kill before the Heavy can retreat behind cover or find some health.
  • The damage resistance makes the continuous healing given by Medics, Dispensers, and the Payload more effective by proportion.
    • Note that you have a 40% reduction in both healing from constant healing sources (see above), and in maximum overheal making your max overheal 390 (440 if under the effects of the Dalokohs Bar).
  • A Heavy with the Fists of Steel equipped can effectively shield a Sentry Gun from a barrage of rockets with ease and soak up quite a bit of Minigun damage, which makes it ideal for protecting friendly Sentry Gun nests against an enemy ÜberCharge.
  • The Fists of Steel are extremely valuable for accomplishing objectives such as capturing points, pushing the Payload cart, or capturing the Intelligence. As most players will often try to protect objectives from a distance, using the Fists of Steel can give the Heavy a much greater chance of success at accomplishing such objectives as damage can more or less be soaked up.
    • Consider standing on top of the cart in order to draw attention to you so you can absorb and heal off headshots and other powerful attacks for your team.
  • Make sure not to get into a melee battle, due to the double damage enemies can deal with their melee weapons.
    • Because of this, it's generally a bad idea to equip the Fists of Steel in Medieval Mode, unless there's a large amount of Snipers using the Huntsman or Medics using the Crusader's Crossbow on the opposing team.
      • The Heavy effectively has 150 max health in a melee battle, meaning you can still win a melee fight with the weaker classes if switching to your Shotgun or Minigun would get you killed first.
  • A Heavy using the Fists of Steel can be an enticing target for classes that would otherwise use ranged weapons. Baiting an enemy into chasing you with a melee weapon and then switching to your Minigun can be a very effective technique.
  • The Tomislav is a good weapon to pair with the Fists of Steel, as you can quickly spin the Tomislav up to take out faster enemies wielding melee weapons trying to take advantage of the double damage melee weapons will inflict on you.
  • With the change to the mechanics of the holster/deploy penalty of the weapon, this weapon no longer messes with your switch speed amongst other weapons. Now it only doubles the time it takes for you to switch out from the Fists of Steel. This allows you to bring out the Fists quickly in open areas and give you space to switch back to your primary or secondary weapons when in the safety of cover and/or teammates.
  • Eating the Buffalo Steak Sandvich will make the Fists of Steel perfect for crossing wide-open spaces or retreating. The incoming non-melee damage will be still less than usual, and you will be able to move faster than the majority of classes. The only ones who can reach you and deliver a melee hit are Scout, Medic, and explosive-jumping Soldier and Demoman. All of them have quite low health, so even a single mini-crit punch is enough to discourage or even kill them. However, beware of shield-using Demomen, as they can easily reach and kill you with a single melee Crit.

Eviction Notice

Weapon Kill Icon Attack Interval Damage
Point Blank Critical
Eviction Notice
Eviction Notice
Killicon eviction notice.png 0.4 seconds 26 78
  • The Eviction Notice's improved attack rate makes the Heavy's melee attack faster than even most of the Scout's melee weapons, while dealing roughly equivalent damage. It also gives him a 3-second speed buff with a successful hit on an opponent.
  • This weapon attacks 40% faster, but inflicts 60% less damage, making the damage-per-second 20% less than that of the stock fists, meaning other melee weapons are overall more effective. However, the chance of Critical hits paired with the high attack rate means that the Eviction Notice is considerably more effective for beating down a weakened opponent, especially with the Buffalo Steak Sandvich's Mini-Crits and speed buffs. The speed boost of the weapon also means that slower enemies are less likely to get away.
  • The Eviction Notice is used to great effect when used to corner, panic, or ambush enemies. Because the Eviction Notice will get off 4 punches in the time it takes the K.G.B. to attack twice, it is extremely effective at taking enemies down quickly, provided you get the element of surprise.
  • The higher melee speed paired with the Heavy's natural punch means this weapon can also be effective in "Bull Rushing" players off of cliffs and off ledges, for much the same reason the Scout can — the first instinct of many players when melee attacked is to clear some distance, and the Eviction Notice's rapid punch rate means players will be in that much more of a panic when they try to escape.
  • This weapon can be effective in a melee fight, as you will land many more hits than your opponent. Simply hold down your mouse button and back away every time he swings, and move forward between swings. This is especially useful against fast, weak classes like Scouts that could dodge your normal punches.
  • Your weakness in melee combat is your speed, but the Eviction Notice's on-hit speed boost allows you to outrun all classes but the Scout and keep up with your opponent. The speed boost can also be used for a quick getaway; hit your enemy once and then retreat.
  • Combining the speed from a punch with a Minigun is a risky but rewarding tactic. While you will have less health due to the Eviction Notice's health drain, the punch will allow you to move quicker while the Minigun is deployed and easily move around, away, or towards the enemy at a considerably faster speed.
  • Unlike the Gloves of Running Urgently, the speed boost of the Buffalo Steak Sandvich stacks with the speed boost of the Eviction Notice. Use them together to cover lots of ground in a very short time.

Holiday Punch

Weapon Kill Icon Attack Interval Damage
Point Blank Critical
Holiday Punch
Holiday Punch
Killicon holiday punch.png 0.8 seconds 65 N/A
  • While remaining a last resort like the other versions of the Fists, the Holiday Punch is notable as it provides the advantage of forcing the enemy to laugh upon a hit to the back or a critical hit; as a result, consider surprising or repeatedly punching enemies in order to gain an easy kill.
  • Since the Minigun needs to spin up, the Shotgun is not too powerful, and the Holiday Punch comes with the High Noon taunt, it is recommended you abuse the instant kill ability by taunting upon stunning an enemy.
  • The Holiday Punch can be a great ambush weapon if used correctly, and paired with weapons such as the Tomislav, it can be used to immobilize one or more enemies from behind and finish them off with a fast-hitting weapon.
  • This weapon can crush ÜberCharge pushes if you can get the element of surprise. Simply go behind and hit the Medic, breaking the healing beam, and waste up to five seconds of precious time.
  • This weapon can almost be seen as a direct upgrade to the fists — while critical punches with the stock fists deal a lot of damage, the Holiday Punch leaves the target completely immobile, allowing you to nearly guarantee a kill. However, it might be less reliable against experienced players, as the laughing can be avoided by jumping, and it is possible to get killed while you finish them off.
  • Any Medics carrying the Ubersaw can also benefit from stun-locked enemies. Simply tickle your target, and allow the Medic to strike or taunt kill them for an easy 100% ÜberCharge.

Kill taunts

High Noon

Kill Icon Weapon Damage Duration Details
High Noon
High Noon
Killicon high noon.png Fists
Holiday Punch
500 3 seconds The Heavy mimics a quick-draw pistol showdown, resulting in instant death for any enemy in the way.
  • The High Noon is the fastest kill taunt in the game, taking only 3 seconds to kill your opponent.
  • Keep in mind the attack speed for this taunt. If it can be timed right, it's a perfect revenge tool during humiliation. It also can be used against either distracted Heavies or scoped Snipers, saving ammo for other classes.
  • Until the Heavy shouts POW! Haha!, the taunt is completely silent. Using this, it's possible to kill an enemy coming around the corner without them knowing you were even there.
    • Additionally, if you're being chased, you can turn a corner and time the taunt to catch them just as they pass through.
  • The High Noon acts as a short-ranged but very wide-hitting Pistol, making it the only kill taunt with range (About the length of one of the shipping crates in Turbine's mid-section). In melee-only Sudden Death, this can provide a considerable advantage.
  • Unlike most other kill taunts, the High Noon taunt can be manually aimed. This allows players to hit targets from above or below, as long as the target is within the player's line of fire when the "lethal" portion of the taunt is executed.
    • The taunt attacks in a straight line, so it's possible to aim it through tight spaces and surprise unaware targets. It's possible to do a "Pinshot" by aiming the taunt through a thin crack that leads to another part of the map. For example, a crack under a bridge can be exploited to hit someone under or above the bridge.
  • In Attack/Defend and Payload maps, it's possible to achieve a kill at the very start of the round with this. Stand in front of the gates, and taunt when there is a second left on the Setup clock.

Weapon combinations

Cooperative class strategies

Leaderboard class scout.png Scout

Heavies are masters of covering fire when on the advance, and this perfectly supplements a Scout's speed. With a Heavy's firepower dealing damage, Scouts can more safely push carts, capture control points, steal intelligence or ambush enemies, and combined with the Scout's own power, can make an ideal pair up.

  • A Heavy with a Sandvich can be invaluable to the fragile Scout, especially since it heals him for 75 health instead of the standard 63. If you're both in a secure place and you do not need to use a Sandvich, handing one out to the more easily-wounded Scout can make all the difference when away from a Medic, Dispenser, or supply cabinet.
  • Consider using the Natascha while supporting a Scout. Natascha's slowdown effect can more effectively delay or halt enemy pursuit of a Scout on the move, while leaving them more vulnerable to his Scattergun or Pistol, and your onslaught.
  • Scouts position themselves in places that also make great spots to attack your enemies from as the Heavy, such as through chokepoints, down long corridors, or generally out of the enemy's sight so they may ambush enemies. Try following friendly Scouts for some ideal firing positions.
  • You have much higher health than a Scout, so if the Scout is inexperienced, you can protect him. This works best if you constantly have your Fists of Steel out, the Scout doing the main damage, while you body block for him. If someone approaches, you can punch them to add extra support.

Leaderboard class soldier.png Soldier

Together, a Heavy and Soldier duo can make a tough pair, second in combined health only to two Heavies working together.

  • The Soldier's Rocket Launcher gives a Heavy-Soldier pair something the Heavy lacks alone: range. Rockets can travel over a long distance, and a Heavy's Minigun tracers can effectively point at enemy positions a Soldier can quickly light up.
  • On the offense, being under the effect of a Buff Banner can make a Heavy-Soldier combo devastating. On the defense, a Soldier using the Concheror or Battalion's Backup can effectively make a Soldier-Heavy pair a very formidable wall of HP and projectiles.
  • Soldiers lose a good amount of health from rocket jumping, so saving your Sandvich or another food item can be very helpful to an actively rocket jumping Soldier.
  • You excel at killing Pyros, who can airblast a Soldier's rockets. Eliminating them allows a Soldier to more liberally use his Rocket Launcher and cause wanton destruction with little-to-no resistance.
  • Soldiers are excellent at attacking two of a Heavy's major threats, the Sniper and Spy. Soldiers who are rocket jumping can close the distance on a distant Sniper and easily blow them up. The large splash radius of the Rocket Launcher can also make it difficult for a found-out Spy to get close without being obliterated.
  • Soldiers are far more mobile than you, so it will be difficult to follow your buddy if he decides to jump away to a high place or chase down any fleeing attackers. This can generally make working with a Soldier somewhat limited.

Leaderboard class pyro.png Pyro

Pyros are one of a few excellent distractions for incoming Heavies. The chaos that a Pyro can cause by setting whole chunks of the enemy team on fire can draw attention away from a spun-up Heavy.

  • When working with a Pyro, use the Huo-Long Heater. You will deal 25% more damage to enemies set ablaze and can help the Pyro finish off targets who escape from the range of their Flamethrower.
    • A Dragon's Fury and Huo-Long Heater combo is extremely devastating due to the significantly increased damage of targets afflicted with afterburn.
  • Pyro directly counters one of the classes you are vulnerable to, the Spy. Pyro is the premiere Spy-checker and can easily take care of a lone Spy once their cover is blown. The Pyro can also deter a Sniper from taking shots at you with the use of their Flare Gun, Detonator, or Scorch Shot.
  • In direct combat, Pyros can frustrate the efforts of Soldiers and Demomen with well-timed Compression Blasts, leaving them open to a Heavy's sustained fire.
  • Pyros have one main weakness when supporting Heavies, and that is the lack of any real long-range attack capability. Rockets or Grenades that a Pyro cannot spot, long-range Revolver or Ambassador attacks, Sentry Guns, other Heavies and, of course, Snipers all pose major threats to both Pyro and Heavy. This makes Pyro support a strictly close-to-midrange affair.

Leaderboard class demoman.png Demoman

Heavies can be just as good as Demomen at area denial for specific locations, and their power combined can make for an ideal defense. Pinning down enemies with the spread of your Minigun's fire while a Demoman throws out a barrage of grenades or stickybombs can easily obliterate any foe.

  • Never underestimate the power of cooperation. A Heavy and a Demoman working together can herd enemies into a Stickybomb trap by laying down suppressive fire.
    • The Natascha can make any enemy stickybomb fodder when they are attempting to fall back.
    • Heavy can take care of any enemies who may have survived a burst of stickybombs with his Minigun's wide spread of damage.
  • The combined power of both the Minigun and Demoman's Grenade Launcher or Stickybomb Launcher can leave both an Engineer and his buildings under such a considerate amount of pressure that he likely cannot save them. Killing the Engineer first will guarantee the destruction of a sentry nest.
  • While Demoman carries no hitscan weapons to the battlefield, the Heavy primarily uses hitscan weapons, allowing a pair to cover each other's weaknesses:
    • When working with the Demoman, it may beneficial to equip a Shotgun such as the Family Business, or Panic Attack. This allows you to protect him directly without having to endure a lengthy spinup.
    • Demomen can eliminate any enemies from far outside of Heavy's Minigun range, but becomes weaker in comparison in close combat without a sword or boots. You can protect him from close range, while he can take care of any threats from medium to long ranges.
  • Heavy can protect Demomen by bodyblocking them in the same way he would a Medic and allow them time to carpet a point in stickybombs or aid in defending them from Scouts or Spies.
  • Demomen tend to take a lot of damage from up close explosives, sticky jumps, or misfires if they are using the Loose Cannon. Be sure to carry a Sandvich or other lunchbox items to give him a health boost when necessary.
  • Because a Demoknight can only attack enemies from a slightly larger than average melee range, it's important to protect him from bullet-based attacks and give supporting fire if he cannot finish an enemy completely on his own.
    • However, do be cautious not to 'steal' any kills from a Demoknight, as if he does not get the killing blow, he will not gain a head for his efforts.
  • An Eyelander-wielding Demoknight and a Buffalo Steak Sandvich Heavy can make for a great pair when in Medieval Mode. The two together can soak up plenty of melee damage, while moving far faster than normal and can take control of a point in little-to no time with a coordinated attack.
    • The K.G.B. will increase this damage output and allow the Demoknight to rush forward, with the Heavy following behind to finish off weakened and fleeing attackers.
  • As powerful as the two can be when paired together, the Heavy and Demoman both have trouble with long range engagement. This poses a problem when in direct confrontation with Snipers in particular, since you cannot reliably counterattack within your effective ranges. Additionally ambushes can be the death of you since you can't react to Pyros or Scouts quickly without a Shotgun, and the Demoman damages himself with splash damage at close range, or his projectiles are easily reflected. Consider these weaknesses when planning to team up with friendly Demomen.

Leaderboard class heavy.png Heavy

Already the most powerful class at close range, having two or more Heavies allows a team to take quickly control of areas or defend a position with unrivaled efficiency.

  • Covering fellow Heavies is imperative for a pair or group of Heavies on the move. Unless you are certain where your enemies will be coming from, check each others' blind spots often and scan for threats. If a single Heavy is a conspicuous presence, a group of them is near impossible to ignore.
  • On the attack, deliberate maneuvering and timing are key. Heavies are slow, and if an attack is mistimed or its angle chosen badly, the defense can pick apart a multi-Heavy assault. Cover areas other Heavies are not attacking and come together as one single blow: if a group of Heavies gets flanked, it's hard to stem off being entirely surrounded due to their sloth.
    • If your fellow Heavy is taking the more direct route to the objective, cover an alternate route and coordinate ambush your enemies in a place where they would not expect a Heavy to attack from.
  • If one Heavy has a lunchbox item like the Sandvich or Second Banana, it may be beneficial for you to take a Shotgun instead. This allows you to protect your fellow Heavy in the event of an ambush, and he will be able to thank you for your efforts with a well-earned health boost.
  • Consider remembering which Heavies on your team have Sandviches or similar food items and which don't. When away from Medics or nearby Health Kits, passing out food to other Heavies is vital to extended autonomy.
  • With a Heavy-Heavy pair, it is a good idea to have a Fists of Steel plus Shotgun Heavy and a Minigun plus Sandvich Heavy. The Fists of Steel and Shotgun Heavy can be the damage dealer if things get out of hand, and the Minigun plus Sandvich Heavy can be the main damage dealer, helping to support the Heavy with the Shotgun. Remember that Miniguns have a long spin up time, so the Shotgun Heavy is the one to deal with battles with no time. Even if he doesn't kill the opponent almost immediately, he will have created enough of a distraction for the Minigun Heavy to finish them off.
  • While a lone Heavy is easy pickings for a Spy, multiple Heavies can cover each other and Spycheck in a similar fashion to a Pyro with an endless stream of bullets. Once a Spy is found out, it is nearly impossible for them to escape from the onslaught of several Heavies firing their primaries at the Spy's position. A Heavy using the Huo-Long Heater is especially effective at this by simply revving up near suspicious teammates.
  • Few things are more dreadful than being caught by a Heavy using Natascha for its slowdown effect. High on that list is being caught by a Heavy wielding Natascha while another Heavy employs one of the other Miniguns for maximum firepower. For instance, a Natascha Heavy and a Brass Beast Heavy can be a fearsome defense.
    • Conversely, a Natascha Heavy and a Tomislav Heavy can make good on their pushes by targeting priority targets, like a Medic or an Engineer with a toolbox and keeping them from escaping.
  • Using the Tomislav in a similar vein to the Shotgun, a Heavy can back up another Heavy using the stock Minigun, or Brass Beast with cover fire, and keep an accurate stream of bullets on classes that give them a tough time, such as Snipers, Demomen and Scouts, and attack enemies who attempt to surround them.
  • Two Natascha Heavies will not have the firepower of their more heavily armed comrades, but a double slowdown effect is death to classes who rely on their speed and reflexes at close range to survive, like Scouts, Spies, and Pyros. Often, it will cause Soldiers and Demomen to be reluctant about approaching you at all. Demoknights will be especially discouraged as they usually need to get into melee range to do the most damage, but neither shield provides any resistance against bullet damage and the slowdown effect instantly negates their charges.
  • Whether as a pair or group of Heavies, remember that it will be a field day for competent Snipers. Take cover!
  • An effective strategy for attacking on Payload maps is to stack 2-3 Heavies around the cart. The healing and ammo provided by the cart can sustain the Heavy group, and one of the Heavies can stand on top of the cart to act as a moving Sentry for the rest of the group. This strategy is better on Frontier, because the unique cart has more room to stand on. Be careful, however, as opposing Demomen, Spies and Snipers can easily counter this strategy.
  • Stacking Heavies allows a team to maintain an effective defense. However, they will drag a team down after about 3 Heavies or more because of the inherent slowness of the class. Additionally, they can also impede Medics' work by hogging them to themselves due to their high health.

Leaderboard class engineer.png Engineer

Engineers and Heavies fulfil the same defensive role in a very similar fashion. Due to the nature of both classes, there isn't a lot of direct help you can do for your Engie buddies. There is still plenty of teamwork to be found, however.

  • Heavy's large presence is often enough to distract enemies from a Sentry Gun being placed just around the corner.
  • Engineer's Teleporters are invaluable to a Heavy. Being able to get to the frontlines in the blink of an eye allows you to wade into some of the most crucial fights that much quicker.
  • Heavies chew through ammo very quickly, even quicker when using the Huo-Long Heater. Dispensers placed in convenient or tactical positions guarantees that a Heavy will never be without their Minigun when it's needed most. Simply standing next to a Dispenser will allow you to fire indefinitely.
    • Enemy Spies can often be found hanging around Dispensers, so watch for teammates that seem suspicious. Additionally, any wayward healing particles that are extending out to empty space may be an invisible Spy topping off his health, ammo and cloak.
  • You are like a moving Sentry Gun if you stand beside an Engineer's Dispenser. Telling your Engineer to place his Dispenser just around the corner from a key point, and firing your Minigun at any enemies who may flood in can be a spectacularly effective strategy.
  • Heavy may be slow, but his firepower is not a laughing matter and as such they can make an excellent escort for an Engineer carrying buildings to the next point when a Pyro or Scout isn't present.
  • If an Engineer is away from his Sentry Gun, it cannot easily defend itself. While you cannot repair it, you CAN guard it in a similar way the Pyro can by body blocking any incoming projectiles and destroying placed stickybombs with burst fire.
    • If needed, stand beside a Sentry Gun if it's under direct fire; your presence will force the enemy to choose between shooting you or the Sentry Gun, and your combined firepower will stop everything short of an ÜberCharge.
  • If the Engineer is trying to deploy an Offensive Level 3 Sentry Gun, hang just in front of him and try to absorb a bit of fire that is directed at that Sentry Gun and also help him Spycheck. Most of the time, this can mean the difference between a Level 3 Sentry wiping the other team or you and the Engineer ending up dead.
  • Despite your impressive combined firepower, you and Engineer are still vulnerable to focus fire. Snipers in particular love to cause headaches for both Heavy and Engies, so you must always remain vigilant in keeping an eye out for your buddy, and vice versa.

Leaderboard class medic.png Medic

The Heavy is the ideal Medic buddy in almost any circumstance; he has a huge amount of health (especially when overhealed), a large hitbox to hide behind, and is usually very effective when ÜberCharged. When coupled with a Medic, taking advantage of these characteristics can help you wade through your foes.

  • As a Heavy, most Medics will often come to you for protection or for initiating an offensive ÜberCharge. Be on constant alert for the icon that notifies you that you are being healed and make sure not to put the Medic in a position that could get him killed and by extension, yourself.
  • The Sandvich, or similar lunchbox items can be extremely helpful to a Medic, as it will heal him for half his total health, which, when supplemented by his passive healing, can possibly save him from what would have normally been assured death.
  • In most situations, the default Minigun is the most reliable primary to use when pocketed; it lacks the slower spin-up that Natascha and the Brass Beast have, the fire rate is faster than the Tomislav, and it does more damage than Natascha or Huo-Long Heater.
  • An important part of teaming up with Medics is to always be prepared to protect them, as they are always in danger of being attacked, or killed. Here are some things to keep in mind when deciding to partner up with your Medic-buddy:
    • Medics are prime targets for ambushes from Scouts, Spies, Demoknights, and Pyros. Keep a close eye on your buddy, and cover fire any alternate routes or chokepoints if he is forced to flee.
    • Medics will almost always be targeted first, so make sure that your Medic is behind you or covered at all times.
    • A Sandvich may be far more useful for it's health boost if the Medic player is inexperienced with the class, while carrying a Shotgun or it's variants can be a decent pick with more experienced Medics who can already keep themselves alive well enough on their own.
    • If your Medic is having issues with enemy Snipers, ensure that you are body-blocking him, or that he is out of the way before crossing through an open area where a Sniper could be present. Even if you die from the Sniper, the Medic will still have a better chance of retreating back to the safety of cover, or other teammates.
  • Don't be afraid to eat your own food items if the Medic's healing isn't sufficient enough to keep you alive for long. Make sure to retreat to a health pack so that your Medic can top off on health as well.
  • If you are in an area with a small health kit and are carrying the Sandvich, give it to the Medic to effectively double the amount of health the Medic receives, and pick up the small kit to recharge your food meter.
  • The laugh-inducing critical hits from the Holiday Punch can allow the Medic to use the Uberslice taunt and grant a full 100% ÜberCharge bar in less than 4 seconds.
  • Make sure to watch for when a Medic is and is not healing you. Though you have a very large amount of health, you still are susceptible to focus fire and Sniper headshots, even if fully overhealed.
    • Most importantly, check your back if a Medic has suddenly stopped healing you, or you hear his death scream; a Spy may have killed your buddy and will be right behind you.
  • Similarly to the Pyro's Back Scratcher, Medics gain the same rate of ÜberCharge relative to the less healing you receive while the Fists of Steel are equipped as your Melee Weapon. Use this to increase the amount of ÜberCharge the Medic obtains while you are being healed or retreating.

Leaderboard class sniper.png Sniper

Heavies and Snipers have a surprising amount of synergy, and help to cover each other's weakness to range difference, while also strengthening the effectiveness of both classes.

  • Allied Snipers are one of your best friends, as they will most often be the ones that are protecting you from any enemy Snipers who are focusing on you.
  • Supporting a Sniper as a Heavy can be as easy as using your large amount of HP and presence to draw enemies out into the open. By giving the enemy something very conspicuous to fight against, the Sniper can go unnoticed until the kills start to stack up.
  • Sniper is at his weakest when forced to be in direct confrontation with other classes, such as Scouts, Pyros, and Spies, or Demoknights. Even doing something as simple as killing any of these classes is immensely helpful to a Sniper who is holding down an open area.
  • Keep an eye out for, and kill any Spies: Snipers tend to not even notice other players around them while scoped in, especially when using the Cozy Camper or Hitman's Heatmaker while in Focus Mode, and this makes the Sniper a juicy target for backstabs.
  • Snipers at mid-to-close range can benefit greatly from suppressive fire. Any class who may have survived a partially-charged shot can be easily finished off by the Minigun's wide cone of damage.
    • This also works the opposite way as well; anything too far away to be greatly damaged by the Minigun can be dealt with by accurate Sniper fire, even if it's not an ideal shooting spot for the Sniper.
  • Enemies under fire from the Natascha will be much easier for the Sniper to headshot due to the slowdown effect.
  • Snipers with the Sydney Sleeper or simply using normal Jarate can be an effective combo. Since the Sydney Sleeper charges faster and covers targets in Jarate, this can weaken the opponent from long range and allow the Heavy to deal considerably more damage, especially with weaker Miniguns like Natascha or the Tomislav.
  • A Heavy and Huntsman Sniper can be an effective pair when positioned down corridors or chokepoints. With the combined power of the Minigun and a Huntsman arrow directly in the head, the pair can even kill an over-healed Heavy faster than they have time to react.

Leaderboard class spy.png Spy

As with supporting Pyros, Heavies make a fantastic distraction to draw enemy attention away from a Spy sneaking behind enemy lines. A Heavy who is good at drawing fire and prolonging combat can help keep the pressure off a fragile Spy until it's too late for the enemy.

  • Just by existing at the frontlines, the Heavy makes Spy more effective at his role. Coordinating a low stakes skirmish, or fake push is often all the opening a Spy needs to be able to sneak into the backlines and cause havoc for the enemy team.
  • Avoid sticking too close to a Spy. Heavies are prime targets for Pyro ambushes, Soldier rocket attacks, or Demoman grenade strikes, and having a Spy damaged as collateral can very rapidly blow their cover.
  • Both the Spy and Heavy are excellent at destroying Sentry Guns. If a Spy can simply sap a Sentry Gun, that increases the chances of a Heavy finishing it, or the Engineer off before it can be saved.
  • Heavies, with their high sustainable damage are the bane of Pyros, Scouts (when using Natascha), and Demoknights, all of which cause trouble for Spies.
  • Spies tend to prioritize backstabbing Engineers, Medics, Demomen, and of course, Snipers, the absence of which allows you to more liberally traverse the map.
  • Unsurprisingly, friendly Spies will often be found at low health from explosions, stray fire, or afterburn. Giving them a Sandvich when out of the enemy's sightlines could be the defining factor in whether an enemy Medic dies, losing their ÜberCharge advantage, or activates their ÜberCharge, potentially dealing a significant blow to your team.
    • As tempting as it may be, try not to throw a Sandvich out to a friendly Spy in open areas. Tossing food items around to someone who should be invisible to the other team is a surefire way to blow a friendly Spy's cover.
  • Be prepared to do cleanup, a Heavy's Minigun barrage can easily rectify a botched backstab attempt on fleeing enemies.

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