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Basic information
(Type ): Offensive
Gender: Male
Health: 110
Speed: Over 9000%
Team Fortress 2
Favourite classes: Leaderboard class scout.png
Favourite weapons: Force of Nature
Favourite hats: Max Head
Contact information
Steam page: Skipper

If you order now, I'll throw in a second beatin', absolutely free.

Who is Skippy?

Not your ordinary TF2 player. Skippy is known as Skipper. Some other Wiki user took his name >:(. But anyways back to the topic. He isn't just any other Team Fortress 2 player. He is a trader, unusual hat owner, competitive player, and a SCOUT. This guy loves TF2. With 1250+ hours of TF2, he thought playing the game just isn't enough. He wanted to get involved in the Wiki. Kinda giving him something to do on his free time. This friendly guy is a person you gotta meet. Just add him on steam if you just want to chat.


My Beauties

Backpack Bonk Boy.png
"Blizzard Man"
Level 56 Hat
"Fighting Crime in Whatever Weather"
Effect: Blizzardy Storm
Backpack Ol' Snaggletooth.png
"Drownin' Crock"
Level 48 Hat
"Don't drown on me Crocky"
Effect: Bubbling
Backpack Private Eye.png
"Snowlocks Holmes"
Level 89 Hat
"Hmm, we got our selves a cold case"
Effect: Blizzardy Storm
Backpack Ye Olde Baker Boy.png
"Ye Olde Fire Boy"
Level 58 Hat
"Fire! Fire! Fire!"
Effect: Orbiting Fire
Backpack Brigade Helm.png
"Wet Fire"
Level 79 Hat
"No need to fight fires in the Rain"
Effect: Stormy Storm
Backpack Connoisseur's Cap.png
"Cookin' in The Rain"
Level 48 Hat
"Here's your soggy food"
Effect: Stormy Storm
Backpack Sergeant's Drill Hat.png
"Whatever Weather"
Level 72 Hat
"We train in whatever weather"
Effect: Stormy Storm
Backpack Football Helmet.png
"Burn Babies Burn"
Level 6 Hat
"Stay away! I have Fire around my hat!"
Effect: Orbiting Fire
Backpack Defiant Spartan.png
Unusual Defiant Spartan 
Level 81 Hat
Effect: Stormy Storm

User Boxes

Backpack Mann Co. Supply Crate.png This user loves to collect crates and is a crate addict.
Cheater's Lament with horns.png This user owns the Cheater's Lament even though they were a dirty idler.
Minecraftblock.png This user has succumbed to Minecraft addiction.
Photoshop icon.png This user knows his way around Photoshop.
User Scout.png This user is a Scout.
“I'm battin' a thousand!”
Create Server button.png This user owns a TF2 server
Dead Ringer.png This user has spent way too many hours of his life playing Team Fortress 2!
Trading parcel.png This user loves to trade items.
Unusual Logo.png This user owns an Unusual hat.
Backpack Fists.png This user is manly enough to battle with only Melee Weapons. Guns are for babies!
Backpack Sniper Rifle.png This user owns a Strange Sniper Rifle.
Rank: Totally Ordinary
Kills: 999

Backpack Rocket Launcher.png This user owns a Strange Rocket Launcher.
Rank: Sufficiently Lethal
Kills: 175

Bonk Boy.png
User Skippy Bonk Boy.png