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Well6 01.png
Basic Information
Map type: Capture the Flag
File name: well6
Developer(s): Jim Kaufman

Well6 is a Capture the Flag map in Team Fortress. While Team Fortress had no official maps, Well6 was one of the most popular. When Valve hired the developers of Team Fortress, the popularity of the map caused the developers to recreate it for Team Fortress Classic as Well, and eventually for Team Fortress 2 as Well.


  • Central Area: The Central Area is a large area at the middle of the map. There's two bodies of water near each base, with a bridge over each of them. In the very center of the map, there is a tunnel that runs from side to side, going into water/sewer areas.
  • Water/Sewer: The Water/Sewer area is a small path that goes between the tunnel, the water under the bridges, and each base, however, to get to each base you have to bring a detpack and blow up a grate.
  • Roof: The Roof is an area where Snipers and Engineers can go up to as a way to snipe people across the map, and as a way to deny anyone coming through your door.
  • Sniper Deck/Battlements: The Sniper Deck/Battlements is an area where Snipers can snipe from, like the Roof. The only issue is that there's no easy way to go onto the Central Area from here, like the Roof, and it's not viable for Engineers.
  • Ramp Room: The Ramp Room is a room between the two spawns of either team, below the attic. It allows you to get up to the Sniper Deck, and the Attic more easily.
  • Attic: The Attic is an area above the Ramp Room, that allows easier access to the top of the Tower.
  • Bridge Room: The Bridge Room is a room that contains a bridge, with the Water/Sewer below it. At the end of the bridge is the Tower.
  • Tower: The Flag Tower is a tower that has the Flag Room on the top, and the Capture Room on the bottom. On each side of the Tower are two elevators that will bring you up towards the Flag Room, so it can be accessed without having to go through the Attic.
  • Capture Room: The Capture Room is a room at the bottom of the Tower, and is where you capture the enemy team's flag.
  • Flag Room: The Flag Room is a room at the top of the Tower, where the enemy will take your flag.


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