Witching Hour

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Witching Hour
Helltower Witching Hour.png
Helltower introduced the original Witching Hour.
Yes, the Witching Hour is upon us!
— Redmond Mann

Introduced on Helltower, ​Witching Hour​ is a timed-event feature of some Halloween maps. In these maps, an illuminated clock face on a high clock tower is located somewhere on the map. A minute hand steps around the clock face. When the minute hand reaches 12, the Witching Hour occurs, the clock face turns ghastly green, and specific map effects and events happen. Various deep bell chimes and rumbling clockwork noises accompany the effects. If the map's Witching Hour is recurring, the minute hand steps backward at a faster pace until it returns to 12, ending the Witching Hour and the effects, and starting the timing to the next Witching Hour.

Maps with Witching Hours


  • In folklore, the witching hour is a time of night, usually the wee hours after midnight (e.g., 1-2 AM or 3-4 AM), associated with supernatural events.