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Pl millstone event.jpg
Basic information
Map type Payload
File name: pl_millstone_event
Developer(s): Tomi "ICS" Uurainen
Map Info
Environment: Halloween
Setting: Nighttime, overcast
Hazards: Pitfall, Pumpkin bombs,
Skeletons, Monoculus, Ghost,
Horseless Headless Horseman
Map Items
Healthico.png Health Kits: Smallhealth.png ×15   •   Mediumhealth.png ×5   •   Largehealth.png ×1
Ammoico.png Ammo Boxes: Smallammo.png ×10   •   Mediumammo.png ×11   •   Largeammo.png ×6
TF2 crosshair.png Special: HauntedHalloweenGift.png   •   Pumpkin.png
Map Photos
Menu photos pl millstone event.png

Hellstone is a community created map that appeared in the Scream Fortress 2015 update. It is a Halloween version of the community Payload map Millstone, and takes place near hell. When certain checkpoints are reached, Halloween bosses, such as Monoculus, Skeletons, the Horseless Headless Horsemann, and Ghosts will spawn. The Payload cart of the map holds "Veikko the MANNLY BLU Ghost" (who shares the same model as Zepheniah Mann), and any RED player who approaches the cart will be stunned and haunted. Spells are also scattered around the map for players to use.


Cap points and enemies

  • First point capped: Skeletons spawn from small areas behind and in front of the cart.
  • Second point capped: The Horseless Headless Horsemann spawns, and the second half of the map opens up its gates. The gates can also be opened when clock first hits midnight.
  • Third point capped: The Skeleton King spawns with his minions, and three bell sounds are heard with an evil laugh. When a small switch is triggered soon after the third point, a mine cart is let loose and travels through a small passageway before opening up a new path to the final area.
  • Fourth point capped: Monoculus spawns near the last point. When Monoculus teleports, any player that jumps into the portal left behind will be teleported to a small underworld area with tracks going down to a white door, and the white door will grant them a short uber and full crits just like on Eyeaduct.
  • Fifth and final point capped: The ghost travels down into the hell pit entrance and the round ends.

There are also timed events, based on the clock that ticks within the map. When its hands hit midnight, skeleton groups and Monoculus will spawn. If there is more than one Monoculus after the fourth point, their health bar shares the same space in the HUD. Whichever eyeball was damaged most recently is the one that will show its health on top.

Update history

October 28, 2015 Patch (Scream Fortress 2015)
  • Added Hellstone to the game.

November 3, 2015 Patch

  • Fixed getting out of the map using spells.
  • Monoculus moves now around the end area of the map instead of staying near final pit.
  • Made spells spawn a bit less frequently.
  • Fixed ghost long arms, now it travels/arrives to hell.
  • Performance optimizations.
  • Updated the navigation file.

November 6, 2015 Patch

  • Fixed door near final pit so players no longer get stuck in it.
  • Decreased ghost cart stun area. Now you have to be closer to the cart as RED to get scared.
  • Fixed odd cable appearing sometimes in the ground near BLU spawn.
  • Fixed being able to shoot spells into BLU spawn during setup time.
  • Fixed Monoculus dropping down into a pit in rare cases.

October 12, 2016 Patch

  • Updated bot navigation file, bots now use all routes, won't get stuck so easily and are smarter.
  • Fixed woodpile spot where HHH could get stuck.
  • Improved clipping on wood piles.
  • Fixed missing rooftop texture.
  • Fixed a few props flashing at certain angles.
  • Fixed a spot in the last area where you could place stickies underground.
  • Fixed Monoculus not getting stunned when hit by players exiting purgatory.

November 10, 2016 Patch

  • Fixed an exploit where you could trap Horseless Headless Horsemann in place.
  • Fixed some door frames from being able to shoot through them.
  • Fixed a texture error.
  • Fixed a barrel that you could walk through.
  • Improved navigation file for better bot movement.
  • Fixed being able to shoot through building wall located front of RED 1st base.
  • Community request: Added OnTruceStart and OnTruceEnd outputs to the tf_gamerules entity for maps.