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You 'n me!
The Scout preparing for a duel

MGEMod, short for My Gaming Edge, is a Team Fortress 2 gameplay mod. Players enter a server with this modification with the intent to improve their Deathmatch skills or Rocket Jumping. Players in this game mode typically play 1 vs 1 matches to practice and improve their skills. The mod is a Sourcemod plugin created by Lange | based on other dueling mods like Ammomod, kAmmomod, and DuelArena. The mge_training maps were created by CB and swaty.


The goal of MGE is to simulate a one on one deathmatch scenario. Two players are spawned in an arena, which is usually an important area of a competitive map (such as the spire on Badlands or the chokepoint on Granary). The first player to reach 20 points wins. Points are earned whenever a kill is confirmed, whether by fragging or suicide. In specialized arenas, players can choose custom made maps (such as Endif and Ammomod). In these types of matches, the first player to reach 5 kills wins. These maps are made to situate an extended encounter with an enemy. Endif was created for the purposes of practicing air shots, whereas Ammomod allowed players to spawn with infinite loaded ammo, and in some cases, increased amounts of HP for prolonged combat situations.

Entering an arena can be achieved by typing "!add" into the chat and making a selection with a pop-up menu. You may also exit an arena by choosing another map !add or typing !remove respectively. If no one is queued at an arena, the player will wait in the map selected until a second player joins. When a score of 20 is reached, the counter will reset back to 0-0 with the players to clash again. If a third person were to queue to the map, they are forced to wait until the round ends where the loser will sequentially change places with the person waiting.

Different arenas have different class restrictions, but the only classes allowed for general play are the Soldier, Demoman, Scout, and Sniper. MGE features MikeJS’s ELO rating system. Players start with 1,600 points with a change of rating depending on whether they win or lose.


MGE Mod features three arena types:

  • Default: Both players spawn with normal health values or slightly overhealed and are able to fight normally as they would in a real game.
  • Ammomod: Both players spawn with multiples of their normal health, allowing for extended practice between kills/deaths.
  • Directs: Only direct hits with projectiles will deal damage. Missed shots will not register on the map, preventing splash damage.

The arenas that are included are:

  • Granary Middle
  • Granary Last
  • Badlands Middle
  • Badlands Spire
  • Viaduct Middle
  • Waste Middle
  • Gullywash Middle
  • Snakewater Middle
  • Gravel Pit C
  • Process Mid
  • Trainyard
  • Turris, a form of King of the Hill, with a single spire in an open arena containing a point
  • Endif, a popular mode from the game QuakeWorld. Players try to pop each other into the air using explosives and then hit them with a direct air shot. Any direct hit results in a kill, but the hit only counts if the player is above a specific height. The minimum height is delineated by a red line around the arena. This mode features unlimited ammo and no reloading.
  • BBall, a map where each player tries to take the Intelligence and bring it into the opposing player's "basketball hoop". This can only be achieved by rocket jumping, sticky jumping, or using the Force-A-Nature. Health and ammo are only regenerated after a successful dunk, rather than after a kill.
  • AmmoMod
  • MGE AmmoMod, uses the same arena as AmmoMod, but you are limited to your Max Hit Points and the winner is decided by the first person to get 20 frags.
  • Directs


eXtv MGE Training Mod 1v1 Tournament Finals

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