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The Spy
Gameplay/Commentary video about the Hidden
The Hidden gameplay

The Hidden is a custom game mode originally created in TF2 by M28 and updated by atomic-penguin and daniel-murray.


  • The Hidden uses Arena rules, but pits a lone BLU Spy (as the titular "Hidden") against everyone else on the server.
  • The lone Spy possesses some special abilities, such as invulnerability to afterburn and bleeding, increased health, the ability to leap, cling to walls, and dash, as well as a longer Cloak duration and ability to "Scare!" (causing the enemies to be stunned, akin to the Boo! taunt from the Horseless Headless Horsemann) enemies which slowly recharges after use.
  • The "Hidden" is cloaked at all times, apart from when attacking or leaping. The Cloak slowly drains, but is replenished if the "Hidden" makes a kill. The "Hidden's" health is also slightly replenished upon successfully killing an enemy. If the "Hidden's" Cloak meter drains completely, the "Hidden" will die automatically.
  • The "Hidden" has the ability to "dash" (default key: MOUSE2), which makes the "Hidden" quickly go to the desired place; however, this will cause the "Hidden" to uncloak.
  • The "Hidden" can use the "Boo" ability by pressing the reload key (default key: R); this makes players stunned.
  • Players on the opposing team of the Spy have a green outline similar to that used by the coaching system, and akin to the one used in the original mod.
  • Players killed by the "Hidden" suffer a distinctive death by disintegration: they turn black, hover in mid-air while performing a specific disintegration animation surrounded by team-colored particles, and then disappear into thin air. A message is also displayed on some servers to every player saying "The Hidden killed <player> and ate his body".


  • The mod is based on another mod for the Source Engine, also titled the "The Hidden".
  • The "Hidden's" Perspective Of View is slightly tinted green with transparent red rings and black rounded corners.
  • The "Hidden" is also known as the "Super Spy Mod"

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