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Your friends are all dead... Good luck...
The Administrator on fighting reanimated teammates.
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Zombie Fortress is a SourceMod plugin and unofficial game mode for Team Fortress 2. There are two opposing teams: the Survivors (RED) and the Zombies (BLU), who wish to eat the Survivors. Survivors need to complete their objective, which may vary depending on the game mode. Survivors have the advantage of having ranged weaponry while the Zombies have the main advantage of having the ability to respawn and convert slain Survivors into Zombies. When a Survivor is killed, they are switched to the Zombie team. When no Survivor players remain, the Zombie team wins. One could compare the game mode to a mix between Arena and Medieval Modes, respectfully, each affecting a different team simultaneously.

The Survivors and Zombies can only select certain classes. The Survivors can choose the Engineer class. They are armed with regular weapons and several perk choices for modified effectiveness against the Zombies, but cannot use Sentry Guns. The Zombies can only choose the Medic class (which are only equipped with their melee weapons), a choice of perks, and the ability to use Kill taunts.

Gameplay demonstration

Might be a little silly, but during the SFM, it sums up Zombie Fortress. A little gameplay too!


Zombie Fortress is a very versatile mod that can work with many styles of gameplay. The following are a list of the major types of Zombie Fortress maps:

Survival In survival maps the Survivors attempt to live until the map timer runs out by running away, hiding, or mowing down the Zombies. The Zombies' goal is to kill every survivor before the timer runs out. Good survival maps tend to be enclosed and well laid out. They generally have lots of camping spots but make it easy for players to get around the map. This is currently the most popular type of map in Zombie Fortress.

Attack/Defend In attack/defend maps one team is charged with protecting various control points from the other team until the timer runs out. Normally in Zombie Fortress the survivors are the attacking team and the zombies are the defending team, due to the fact that the zombies have infinite lives and can simply charge en masse` repeatedly to win. Good attack/defend maps have fair control point capture rates compared to the length of the map and usually contain a few traps here and there to snare unsuspecting survivors. The really good attack/defend maps have special kill triggers that kill survivors attempting to delay the round by hiding in spawn or well behind the attacking group.

Capture the Flag In capture the flag maps one team is charged with protecting an information brief case (sometimes given a special model to be something else) while the other team hunts down the briefcase to return it to their home base. In Zombie Fortress this map style is widely unpopular due to the difficulty of pulling off a fair and balanced gameplay. Usually, however, survivors are charged with capture while zombies are charged with defense. There are currently no maps that have survivors and zombies both capturing and defending.


  • Not all servers use the perk system. The perk tidbits are there for people who play on perk-enabled servers.

Survivor strategy

  • All: Survivors should stick together so that the cluster is more difficult to kill, and, on control point maps, to increase the speed at which points cap. In addition, some Survivor perks affect nearby teammates, letting a cluster receive boosts in attack, defense, and crit-chance.
  • Engineer: The Engineer is the most defensive class, but can be useful when attacking by using the Gunslinger. The Engineer's Eureka Effect has a -10% shorter teleport time, but comes at a cost of losing 100 metal, while the Jag has an additional increase of +15% in attack speed, coming at a cost of -25% attack damage. The Engineer's buildings are also changed in the name of balance. Engineer's Sentry Guns are unplaceable, due to its overpowered abilities. The Dispenser can be used as a blockade, but have -15% building health. The Teleporter works as it would normally. Due to balance issues, server administrators often disable the ability to teleport. An Engineer will often use the "Supplier" perk for he can gain additional metal to help build and Dispensers when in times against a horde, or the "Resourceful" perk due to its ability to restore ammo, metal, and health.

Zombie strategy

  • Medic: The Medic can only use the melee weapons. The Ubersaw can tauntkill enemies, while the Amputator can heal and overheal other zombie allies using its taunt (but not the taunting zombie). They are unable to regenerate health is no perks are used. The Medic have a damage increase against buildings, but take more damage to the Engineer's Short Circuit. Call for Medic stays for longer, but stays in the place where the Call for Medic was initiated. Medics have a +10% rate of bleed effect to represent an infection, but do a -25% base damage. Medics have a -5% base health.


Perks are special abilities that both the Survivors and Zombies can use. They can change health, defense, attack, speed, and introduce new gameplay mechanics. Some perks stack up on each other when used by several players. Perks have been updated by various users, namely the original mod creator Sirot, the person who took after him Dirty Minuth, the most recent public updater Weenie, and the current updater Requiesta de Silencia.

Super Zombie Fortress

Super Zombie Fortress is a remake of Zombie Fortress and was developed by Mecha The Slag.

Super Zombie Fortress works the same as perk-less Zombie Fortress, except survivors only start with melee weapons and collect randomly generated weapons from spawn and from certain areas around the map. Players can only pick up class-specific weapons (multi-class weapons such as the Shotguns can be picked up by all classes who can use this weapon). This makes class variety and teamwork even more important due to limited firepower (and for the Medic, healing power) and distribution of weapons.

It is not uncommon for survivors to lack key weapons such as the Medi Gun or the Rocket Launcher for the majority of the map, especially on smaller teams. Therefore teams should have a variety of different classes to ensure that most weapons can be used and less weapons need to be passed up due to the lack of the corresponding class in the team.

Most Super Zombie Fortress maps that are successful are Attack-type maps where the survivors capture points from zombies. Others have been tried but in general it is a very limited mod.

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