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TF2Ware is a custom SourceMod game mode and accompanying map that emulates the gameplay style of the WarioWare game series on Nintendo consoles. The modification was created by Mecha the Slag, known for various other MechaWare projects. After Mecha abandoned the project, after 2 years TonyBaretta fixed the code and created a new version with over 30 games.

The gameplay within the map involves all players participating in randomly chosen "microgames", simple tasks with short instructions and a duration of less than 5 seconds. Players are automatically changed to the class the microgame (or their role within the microgame) requires, are generally forced to wield a specific weapon (or whatever was currently in the required slot), and do not have any ammunition or cannot melee unless the microgame requires it. Players earn one point per microgame that they "win", and as soon as a number of microgames are played, a Boss Stage begins – which is longer (about one minute on average) and slightly more complex than the normal microgames, and always has a dedicated environment within the map. The player with the most points following a Boss Stage is given free rein to kill all other players on the stage, after which the flow of gameplay is looped and everybody's score reset to 0.

The most current version of the map is TF2Ware2_a2

The underlying code of the plugin was altered at one point when Valve changed a command's usage, forcing the server to be less secure in order to run the mod properly - the server would be exposed to hostile takeovers. The new version of TF2Ware has since fixed this bug.


TF2ware 2.6

Boss Level Gioca Jouer



  • Airblast: Everyone is a Pyro with a standard Flamethrower that can only air blast. They are teleported to a small arena with instant-kill spike walls on all sides. They must survive by air blasting enemy Pyros into one of the spiked walls. Any surviving Pyros are awarded a point. Killing enemy Pyros will not award any additional points. This microgame is bugged, as the Flamethrower will show up as one of the the last played class' weapons, or even block the screen.
  • Tips: Hold down MOUSE2 and try to get as far from the spiked walls as possible.
  • Avoid the Kamikaze: One player becomes the Scout with a low-fuse timebomb attached to them. Their goal is to "blow up" at least two Heavies (the class all other players are changed to) by being close to them when the timebomb goes off. The Scout is awarded a point for 2 or more deaths besides their own, and all surviving Heavies also earn a point.
  • Tips: As the Scout, look at where a cluster of Heavies are at and try to round them up into a corner instead of rushing straight at them. As a Heavy, go to the Scout's starting point as most people will immediately run away from there.
  • Break a Barrel: Everyone is a Scout and wields their Bat. Breakable barrel props appear all around the arena, and players must break at least one barrel using melee attacks to earn a point. It is possible to kill any other player if you melee them fast enough before the timer expires. There are always fewer barrels than there are players.
  • Don't Move: Exactly as the name says, you must not move after the instructions have been on-screen for one second until the microgame ends. Players may taunt and look around without incurring a loss. Anybody who moves is killed instantly and doesn't earn a point.
  • Don't Stop Moving: The opposite of Don't Move with an identical early "safe period". Collision with enemy players is enabled to make this microgame harder. Anybody who stops moving is killed instantly and doesn't earn a point. Sudden changes in direction can count as not moving.
  • Get on a Platform: Of the nine square platforms in the default arena, all but a few (1-4) are removed, and lethal water begins pouring in. Players have a short amount of time to jump onto a platform before the water rises, and surviving players are given a point. To stop players from double jumping to get around the game's objective, any Scouts are turned into Demomen when the game starts. It is sometimes possible to win with a timed jump anyway.
  • Get to the End: Everyone is a Scout and gets teleported to one end of a rectangular arena with no vertical boundaries. Saw blades are arranged in an H-shape ahead of the players, who are spawned facing the arrangement from the "side". Players must reach a glowing yellow area at the far end of the area, within the time limit, to score a point.
  • Hit an Enemy: All players are changed to one of three possible class/slot combos: The Demoman with the bottle (and Chargin' Targe, if equipped), the Engineer with the Shotgun, or the Spy with the Revolver. They must shoot one enemy player within the time limit to score. Players may or may not be killed when shot, determined before the game starts. To reduce confusion, friendly fire is enabled.
  • Tips: You will need to act fast to win this microgame. When the microgame starts, spam your primary weapon at someone and just hope that it connects, or keep shooting at a certain person before the microgame starts. If you are playing the Engineer or Spy version, crouch to make it harder for people to hit you. If you are playing the Demoman version, find someone nearby who isn't looking at you and try to hit them. As long as you hit someone, it doesn't matter if you get hit yourself. Beware if you are standing inside an ally when the microgame starts as they will be able to shoot you, and they probably will.
  • Needle Jump: Based on a patched exploit, everyone is a Medic who must fire their Syringe Gun while jumping and aiming at the floor to propel themselves beyond the range of numerous grounded time bombs. Survivors earn a point. It is possible to needle jump on an enemy so that they cannot move.
  • Sticky Jump: Like the above, everyone is a Demoman with a Stickybomb Launcher and must execute a sticky jump to avoid grounded time bombs.
  • Tips: Stickybombs will bounce off the platforms, while they may also get scattered by other players' explosions.
  • Rocket Jump: Just like the sticky jump version, only everyone is a Soldier with the Rocket Launcher instead. This version provides less time to execute the jump.
  • Simon Says: In a simple adaptation of Simon Says, players must perform an action (taunting, jumping, or crouching) depending on the instruction given. If the action is performed when the instructions read "Someone Says", the player is told that they failed the microgame and are exempt from earning a point. Players can also fail if they don't act when presented with the "Simon Says" command.
  • Tips: Taunting while the game has sped up a lot will cause you to taunt faster, but the length of time spent stuck in third-person mode will remain the same. Keep this in mind when the microgame asks you to taunt, as you will have less time for the next microgame.
  • Type the Answer: A simple mathematical question appears in the upper-middle of the HUD for all players, and they must type the correct answer into chat in order to score. Wrong answers result in immediate death. Negative numbers are sometimes used. Rarely, an unusual question such as "8000 + 1001" will appear.
  • Tips: A quick mind is necessary in this microgame. Think quick.
  • Do the Spycrab: All players are changed to Spies with their Disguise Kit out. They have to crouch and aim up, imitating the Spycrab pose. Failure to do so results in player death, and no points being awarded to them. Upon failing the microgame, the words, "Spycrabs CROUCH and LOOK UP" appear in chat, to assist new players.
  • Hit the Target: All players are turned into Snipers and transported to a shooting gallery. They must try to shoot a single Heavy target that appears on the field. Failure to shoot the target will result in no points. There are no walls to this area, so several other areas are visible.
  • Tips: The target can appear in three different spots: left, middle and right. Keep your crosshairs trained on the middle spot so that you can quickly move you crosshairs to the target and shoot accurately. Use your scope if you have to. Your reload animation does not allow you enough time to shoot again.
  • Type the Word/Color: The name of a color is displayed on the screen, with the color of the text being different than the color written. The player is prompted to either type the text written or the color of the text. An incorrect answer kills the player instantly. Possible words and colors are red, orange, yellow, green, blue, purple, pink, and white.
  • Tips: Looking down at the floor can allow you to truly see what color the text is. Some colors can look like others when looking at the sky. The game also allows for some error. For example, "yellwo" will still count as "yellow".
  • Jump on a Heavy's Head: One team of players are turned into Heavies, while the others are turned into Scouts. A Scout gains a point by jumping on the head of a Heavy, while a Heavy gains a point by not being jumped on.
  • Don't Get Scared: All players are turned into Pyro and they need to avoid the ghosts.
  • Tips: you need to run in a corner of the map.
  • Avoid The Train: 2 Trains Spawn into the main map, if you die, you lose.
  • Hit 10 Gifts: All players are turned into Snipers and they need to hit 10 gifts for win.
  • Tips: don't use zoom mode.
  • Flipper Ball: All players are teleported into a pinball table as a Scout, and they need to avoid the pinballs and reach the end.
  • Touch The Sky: All players are turned into Scout with infinite jumping and need to jump as high as they can.
  • Portals: When minigame start 3 doors spawn like A - B - C , players need to enter a door and stay alive.
  • Avoid The Bombs: Pipe bombs spawn from the sky and mini bombs are shot around the map. Players are spawned as Pyro and they can avoid the obstacles by airblasting.
  • Hit the Target (Soldier): All players are turned into Soldiers and transported to a shooting gallery. They must try to shoot a single barrel. Failure to shoot the barrel will result in no points.
  • Tips: When firing your first shot from a Shotgun, it will always send one bullet accurately down the center of your cross hair. To guarantee your success, you should be accurate on the first shot. You could also wait until it has touched the ground, and shoot the barrel in the few seconds remaining.
  • Long Jump Kart: The players begin in bumper cars. They must hop from platform to platform using ramps to reach the end.
  • Kart Race: Players must complete a bumper race through a short maze.
  • Kart Push: The players are spawned on a platform in bumper cars, and must push the enemies off.
  • Tips: Winning is not dependent on whether you killed someone or not. It only matters that you stay alive. Often times, it's safer to move slowly and be pacifistic, as charging more often leads to your death, rather than that of your target.
  • Taunt Kill: In this game you need to kill someone with a taunt kill, any other damage is not allowed.
  • Parachute: You need to Touch the platform using the Parachute.
  • Water War: All Players become Pyros with Neon Annihilator, swimming in Jarate. You must kill one person to win.
  • Spycrab_Limbo: You begin unable to move. The only way to move is to "spycrab" whilst doing so. You must make it to the finish line to win.
  • MadGear: An emulation of an old arcade game called "Mad Gear" by Capcom.
  • Shark: A random player will be selected and turned into a Pyroshark. The rest of the players become Soldiers and the need to get on the beach. The Shark must touch and kill at least three soldiers to win.
  • BuildGame: All players are turned into Engineers and they need to build the entity requested.
  • Grap the cow: All players are turned into Demoman , with Grappling Hooks. They need to "hook" the cow and hit it with their melee weapon.
  • FlipperBallBack: All players are teleported onto a pinball table as a Pyro. They must avoid the pin balls and reach the end.
  • Find the treasure chest: The treasure chest (Hat of Undeniable Wealth and Respect) will spawn randomly in a few preset areas. you must use your grappling hook to find it and touch it to win.
  • Piggyback heavy: A random player will turn into a Heavy, the rest turn into Pyro. it takes place on the large pinball machine, with Pyros spawning at the top, and the heavy around half-way. Whilst playing as Pyro you music catch up to the Heavy, the right click to piggyback. As Heavy you need to cross the finish line. if you cross the finish line in time with less than 3 Pyros Piggybacking, you will win. If 3 are piggybacking when you cross, they will win.

Boss stages

Any player who meets the win conditions of a Boss stage is awarded five points instead of one.

  • Avoid the Cuddly Heavy: Either two or three players, depending on the total number of players, are converted into Heavies while the rest are Scouts. The environment is a large room with pink surfaces and red heart outlines. The Heavies' goal is to "hug" the Scouts to death, effectively meaning "colliding with a Scout will kill them instantly", with the Scouts trying to survive this ordeal for as long as possible. The Heavies will periodically shout modified speech files to display their affection. As the timer runs down, the walls all move steadily inwards, shrinking the size of the room until it becomes very difficult for the Scouts to dodge. If any Scouts survive, they earn points, while the entire team of Heavies earn points if no Scouts remain alive at the end.
  • Tips: As a Scout, try to stay away from groups of Scouts and keep a low profile. Never try to jump over the Heavies. When there are fewer Scouts left and the room is smaller, try not to get cornered by the Heavies. As a Heavy, go for large groups of Scouts. Try to communicate with the other Heavys and try to close in on one Scout at a time.
  • Reach the End (Heavy): Everyone is a Heavy, and they are forced to run a linear platforming obstacle course at a steady pace, due to an instant-death spikewall following behind them and a static brick wall moving ahead of them (as well as a Sandvich reward to lure them). The course's main hazard is an instant-death void that catches any players who don't remain on the platforms. Players who reach the end point alive are awarded points.
  • Score 7 Goals: Everyone is a Demoman with the Grenade Launcher selected and filled to its maximum ammo capacity. Their goal is to fire grenades into a constantly-moving basketball hoop, attached to the far wall of a large wooden room, blocked off by a fence. 7 of the player's grenades must fall into the hoops for them to earn points at the end. Attacking opponents will knock them about a bit but cannot kill them. This microgame may be made difficult if one is being crowded by players on the opposite team, as their grenades will hit them instead of going towards the hoop.
  • Tips: Stand away from the other Demomen as your grenades might simply hit them. Instead of launching your grenades from a still position, try to follow the net and take your time in shooting your bombs.
  • Push away the enemy: Everyone is a Spy and on platforms. The platforms fall down as the game progress. Spies are able to push each other through stabbing with their knife, and if they perform a backstab they launch their victim out of the arena, leaving them to die from the fall.
  • Jump The Rope: Everyone is a Pyro in an open area where they slowly lose health. There's a jump rope and a Sandvich in the middle. In order to avoid starvation, the players have to continuously stay in the center and jump over the rope.
  • Tips: Jumping when the rope is 90 degrees to you (or more depending on your ping) will ensure you can survive. Dipping in and out of the rope will give you a little breathing time.
  • Reach the End: Everyone is a frog and has to play through a Classic game of Frogger to win. Only players that reach the end within ten seconds of the first to complete the course get points. This microgame is played in third-person.
  • Reach the End (Soldier): Everyone is a Soldier, and they are forced to run a vertical obstacle course at a steady pace, due to an instant-death pool of water constantly moving upwards below them, and a brick wall moving in the same direction above. In order to reach the top of the area, players are required to rocket jump to platforms that appear as the stage progresses upwards.
  • Ghostbusters: Players are split into 3 teams: The Ghostbusters (Medics) are tasked with finding and "busting" all ghosts (Spies) in the mansion by healing them with their mediguns, while the Ghosts (Heavies) attempt to kill all the Medics. When a Medic heals a Spy, the Spy catches fire. If healed for 3 consecutive seconds, the Spy dies. If at least one Spy survives, the remaining Spies win. If all the Spies are busted, the Medics win. If all the Medics are killed, the remaining Spies and Heavies win. While busting a ghost, the Medic's view will be locked onto that ghost in a manner reminiscent of the Chainsaw from Doom.
  • Reach the End (Sniper): Everyone is a Sniper and must navigate through a simple tunnel system to make it to the end. A large ball, similar to the boulder from Indiana Jones, will chase the players down. Players will be equipped with the default Kukri but cannot attack. The game is played in third-person.
  • MONOCULUS Boss: Two MONOCULUSes spawn and start shooting eyeball rockets at players. If you survive, you win.
  • Boss Kart: Like Reach the End (Heavy) ,but you are into a kart
  • Gioca Jouer: an emulation of The original version of the song, Gioca Jouer, had a really great success in Italy, also being the Festival di Sanremo of 1981 opening theme.

The song featured a number of dance gestures that acted out the lyrics – including walking, swimming, skiing, spraying deodorant, sounding a horn, ringing a bell, flexing muscles as a "Macho Man" and flying like Superman. These dance moves were detailed on the record sleeve.

  • Slender: the server select 1 or 2 players (is based on number of players) and they are turned into Slender, the others players are Medics and need to find 8 pages first before the Slender kill them.
  • Avoid the red floor and get out the gate:There are 4 platforms, but each one is flashing red color, if you touch it the red color you lose some healt if you get out from that gate you will win in 2 rounds
  • Notes:There are a bug when the gate open, the red color on random floor appear, if you touch it, you will instantly die, and there are more bugs in this boss game

Special round

Special rounds are activated when the words 'SPECIAL MODE!' appear across the screen. These special rounds include:

  • Don’t Score! Every player is challenged to not score any points.
  • Single Player Every player has become invisible to one another.
  • Third Person Every player is now in third-person.
  • BONK Every player now has the Scout’s metal Bat, and hitting any other player will cause them to rebound off you.
  • Fov Experience Every player has their Field-of-vision set to 110.
  • x2 The round is twice its normal speed.
  • x2 Boss Battle There are two Boss battles played back to back at the end of the round.
  • No Touching! Players cannot touch enemy players during the microgames. Touching will result in killing both players and both will lose a point.
  • Fart Time! You will fart randomly during the game.
  • Big Weapons Every player has huge weapons! (Three times the size!)
  • Bonus Duck Every end minigame Ducks spawn into main map, 1 duck is equal 1 point.
  • Fat lard run
  • Enginerd
  • Size matters
  • Love story
  • Moustachio
  • TF2 Bros: brawl
  • Idle of hats
  • Hot Spy on ice

Wipeout! (Eliminator Round)

About once every ten games, the game will send all players on a invisible platform above the map. In this mode, all players have 3 lives and 3 players are chosen at random to play the normal microgames. Winning the microgame first will keep your lives intact while the others playing the microgame will lose a life. Once your life count reaches 0, you are eliminated from play until the next round of microgames starts. After some eliminations, the number of players per microgame will go down to 2. This mode will continue until two players are left, at which point the boss microgame starts and the loser will lose all their lives if they fail. Committing suicide outside of microgames will not count as a lost life.

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