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Achievement Idle
Koth achievement idle.png
기본 정보
맵 종류 언덕의 왕
파일명: koth_achievement_idle
achievement_idle (alt.)
버전: 최종
공개일: 2010년 10월 5일
제작자(들): theyoungster
링크(들): Gamebanana
맵 정보
맵 환경: 산업지대
설정: 낮, 맑음
위험 요소: 대기실에서 체력이 줄어듦
(과 유사)
맵 아이템
Healthico.png 치료제: Smallhealth.png ×0   •   Mediumhealth.png ×0   •   Largehealth.png ×0
Ammoico.png 탄약 상자: Smallammo.png ×0   •   Mediumammo.png ×0   •   Largeammo.png ×0
아주 잘했어, 친구!
스카웃 자신의 도움으로 도전과제를 해제한 친구를 축하하며

Achievement Idle언덕의 왕 맵에서 도전과제Idle map을 목적으로 한 맵입니다. 이 맵은 상당히 규모가 작고 단순한 맵으로 플레이어의 체력이 조금씩 깎이는 대기실 2곳과 차폐된 복도로 이어지는 점령이 불가능한 중앙 점령 지점으로 구성돼있습니다.

이 맵은 비공식 커뮤니티가 제작한 역학적 엔지니어 업데이트의 일부였습니다. 이런 종류의 맵들 중 첫번째 맵인 만큼 인기를 끌게 됐고, 이 맵의 디자인을 바탕으로 파생된 변형 맵도 있습니다.

번형 맵

Popular variants in include:

  • Achievement Idle Noglass, versions in which the glass walls are removed to increase the firefight intensity, increase variability in gameplay, and facilitate scripted automated weapon attacks (for Achievement Farming or Strange Leveling).
  • Achievement Idle Awesomebox, variants that add several features and play areas built around the Achievement Idle core, including a conveyor for serving up idle players as targets, a boxing ring, a surfing ramp, jump features, and means for skilled players to enter the opposing spawn.



The central room is the only space accessible to players of both teams. It contains the central point and provides a common space for continuous firefights from either hallway, for cooperative practice of skills, or for cooperative accomplishment of achievements, e.g. Spies on opposing teams cooperating on the achievement Spies Like Us.


The spawns are set facing the central room; all activity in the central room and the opposing spawn is viewable through large glass walls. The spawn areas are designed to gradually drain health from players to the point where they die and respawn; this property prevents idling players from recording artificially long lives in their performance reports.

Side halls

The side halls provide player access between the spawns and the central room. Players are blocked from entering the opposing team's hallways. Two corner turns in each hallway prevent players from firing directly into the opposing spawn and provide general shelter from enemy fire, although Demoman grenades can reach most of the enemy hallway.


본문: Idling, Achievements

Primarily, the map was designed for idling and for working on Achievements. Variants have also come to be used for leveling. The uncapturable control point makes for never-ending rounds, so players can fight, level, or idle without interruption (a version has a captureable control point).

Changes in the Item drop system that happened after this map's release greatly reduced this map's usefulness for idling to acquire item drops. However, the basic map design is still popular for working on achievements and leveling strange items.


지점 점령 시간

Achievement Idle
지점 점령 인원수
점령지점 × ∞ 무한


  • While not a bug of the original map per se, in common variants, it is possible for idling in players in noglass or awesomebox variants to get knocked into the side halls, defeating the intention of the health drain in the spawn areas.
    • To counter this, some servers periodically restart the map, returning all players to the spawn areas.