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Hohoho, hohoho! You got owned!
The Scout

A number of more-or-less Team Fortress-specific jargon terms find regular usage in the game. This glossary of player terms lists some of the more common ones players may see:

General terminology


Abbreviation for "too easy".

3 starred
A contract turned in with all of three objectives completed, rather than only one or two.

3CP / 4CP / 5CP
Short for "3-control point", "4-control point", or "5-control point". Refers to a Control Point map in which there are three, four, or five control points in total.
6-2/6 2
A term referring to the minimum amount of loot possible on completion of Operation Two Cities and considered the worst amount of loot.


Achievement server / achievement map
​A server or map dedicated to facilitating players completing Achievements without occupying​ and interfering with​ games where other players are playing to map objectives. Such servers allow players to practice skills or simply socialize without interfering with earnest game play (see griefing). Common features of achievement servers include:
  • Short respawn times and Spawns located close to each other to encourage continuous fighting.​
  • Securable rooms for cooperating without interference.
  • Mechanisms for automatically serving up Bots or idling players as targets for Achievements or Leveling​.​
  • Puzzles, mazes, hidden doors, and secret rooms for the entertainment of players​.​
  • Specialized areas for specific ​recreational ​activities such as boxing, soccer, and Pyro tennis.
Synonym: idle server.
See also Trading server

Airshot / aerial
Main article: Aerial
A projectile that hits an opponent who is in midair, usually following a juggle.
AD / ADing
A technique in which a player tries to Juke another player by rapidly pressing the A and D buttons for unpredictable movement.
ADS / ADSing
Acronym for "Aiming down sights"; in TF2 it's usually used to refer to Sniper players looking through their scopes.
Add Up
A text chat term, a way of challenging somebody to an MGE duel.
Acronym of "Away From Keyboard"; used to describe someone who is not present at their computer for some reason, or is idling.
Aggro / Agro
Short for "aggressive". A term used to refer to when an AI opponent (such as Robots) are targeting someone, such as "The Scout Robot is aggroing on me".
Compression blast.

Alternate account / alt
Usually refers to a second Steam account which can be used for a variety of purposes, such as hiding identity.
May refer to
  • The Ambassador weapon.
  • A term for Spy players who use the Ambassador a lot, if not exclusively.
Amputation Station
A Medic standing in one place and taunting with the Amputator.
Anger/Anger Sniper
A term for a Sniper, who wears the Anger cosmetic, who acts as a Tryhard. They are often seen killing Friendly players, taunting after kills, using hateful or rude binds, and often is seen using the AWPer Hand or a Botkiller Sniper Rifle.
Abbreviation of "area of effect". Refers to a weapon that can damage multiple players, buildings, or other entities in an area besides the projectile, such as the Soldier's rocket launchers and the Demoman's grenade launchers.
Abbreviation of "Australium weapon".

Main article: Team balance
Refers to being switched from one team to another due to a server mechanic deeming the teams unbalanced.
A colloquialism that describes the mini-crit that occurs when a burning enemy is killed by the Axtinguisher.


Main article: Backcapping
Capturing a control point behind the enemy team, often while that team is attempting to capture a point whose possession changes more slowly. For example, sneaking in to take the final capture point, which on many maps changes possession very quickly, while the opposing team is attempting to retake their second point.
A term for fooling an enemy into attacking or following someone while a teammate sneaks behind the enemy and kills them. Common baits can involve luring an enemy with a Spy or Pyro. Baits can also involve luring an enemy to a general source of damage, e.g. an Engineer tricking someone into chasing him into his Sentry Gun or a Demoman fooling others into following him into his sticky trap.
Humorous slang for "backstabbed". Coined by TF2 content creator, Jerma985.
Battle Engie / Battle Engineer
A player playing as the Engineer who engages in frontline combat, placing Sentry Guns in unexpected locations and using his primary weapon offensively. The Gunslinger is a common weapon for Battle Engies due to its ability to quickly and cheaply deploy Combat Mini-Sentry Guns yet may also use the Jag.
Battle Med / Battle Medic
A player playing as the Medic who focuses on killing opponents rather than healing teammates, often using the Blutsauger and on occasion with the Solemn Vow. Battle Medics who do not supplement fighting with healing or are otherwise unhelpful to the team effort are often looked down upon by teammates, as Medics are expected to fulfill their role as a support class.
May refer to:
  • The healing beam emitted from the Medic's Medi Gun.
  • The UFO's beam on Watergate. The Announcer states, "We are in the beam" when a teammate enters the UFO's tracker beam to complete the map objective. The phrase is synonymous with this map and used as an exclamation of excitement within the community.
A Berd is a term for any player wearing one of the bird heads. The term is mostly used in Gmod or SFM videos.

Bhopping / bunny hopping
May refer to:
  • A jumping/air-strafing technique that increases speed (only a small amount in Team Fortress 2).
  • Crouching briefly enough to shift the view lower without affecting movement speed.
  • Crouching right after jumping to reach a greater distance or cover a wider gap. This is often used for rocket jumping, sticky jumping, and other forms of explosive jumps. See: Jumping.
  • Repeatedly jumping to throw off the aim of enemies or to avoid splash damage from explosions on the ground.
  • Jumping at the right time when hitting the ground to throw off the game's mechanics. This is usually associated with Market Gardening, as a Bhop can fool the game's mechanics into giving a critical hit even when a player misses the target.
Refers to when a player binds a line of text chat (using the console command bind key "say text", where "key" is the key the user wishes to bind the command to and "text" is the text the user wishes to use in their chat messages upon pressing the key).
A humorous alteration of Bird (see entry below). Refers to roughly the same definitions, but is often used particularly for a Heavy donning the Chicken Kiev who acts friendly or silly.
May refer to:
Bird Scout
A Scout that frequently makes use of additional jumping capabilities offered by many of his weapons.
An attack where a Sniper player shoots an enemy's body, as opposed to their head, preferably killing them.
See also: Headshot
May refer to:
  • A Sniper player who repeatedly shoots bodies rather than heads.
  • The Machina, as Snipers using this weapon tend to aim at bodies rather than heads due to the extra damage bonus and piercing ability.
Refers to being killed with Your Eternal Reward. Players may announce their death in either text or voice chat. The term is a reference to the movie Invasion of the Body Snatchers.

May refer to:
Bonk / Bonk!
May refer to:
Bonus ducks
An infamous voiceline spoken by Merasmus whenever the player picks up a rare "Bonus Duck" pickup during the End of the Line Update. It is used as an exclamation for shock or excitement, especially during any Merasmus-related events such as the Carnival of Carnage.
May refer to:
Box Spy / Box Trot Spy / box crab
A player playing as the Spy who uses the Box Trot to strategically move around the battlefield or blend in among environmental objects. It is possible for an undetected Box Spy to capture certain objectives or prevent the capture thereof.

​Heavies fighting each other with melee weapons​ only​.​

May refer to:
See also: Buff on Wikipedia
Bully / Bullying
Playful terminology referring to a player utilizing sources of knockback to pester enemy players, typically but not always without the intention to kill them.
  • Most often done with the Pyro's Airblast and the Scout's Shortstop shove, but also occasionally done with the Force-A-Nature.

May refer to:
  • Term for when a Spy gets a non-backstab kill with the Knife.
  • Non-backstab attacks with the Knife in general.
  • An event in which a Spy simply attacks with their knife without attempting to backstab their opponent, most commonly occurring in Spy 1v1s or other melee battles.
Term for killing a Jarate-covered opponent with the Bushwacka.


May refer to:
  • A term when a team leaves a Payload or Control Point during the last moments of a match, allowing the other team to win by capping or an expiration of time. Originating from the team Cloud9 making this mistake during a competitive Overwatch match.
  • Shorthand for the Unusual effect Cloud 9
Shorthand for the Ullapool Caber.
A Demoknight using the Ullapool Caber that aims for large crowds of enemy players in hopes of landing a Critical hit via charging.
Main article: Camping
Refers to the act of a player (or players) staying in one location of tactical advantage, but usually implying waiting for enemy players to enter or pass a location.
  • Positive: Certain classes have an intended "camping" aspect to their play, e.g., Heavy staying on a point, Demoman waiting on a Sticky trap, or, especially, Sniper setting up on a position of advantage, especially one designed into the map for that purpose (referred to as a camp).
  • Negative: Waiting excessively in a position that is particularly advantageous to the individual but contributes little to the team (distinct from Idling), or exploiting an unintended position that clearly places the whole enemy team at a severe disadvantage to the detriment of the game, especially Spawn camping.
This term does not refer to such acts as temporarily hiding in a corner for a short duration, an Engineer protecting his Buildings, or active Ambushing.
Short for the Loose Cannon.
Cannon Jumping
The act of using a delayed cannonball shot from the Loose Cannon to perform an explosive jump that covers long distances.
Cannon Knight
A variation of the Hybrid Knight who uses the Loose Cannon, mainly to do an air charge after a cannon jump.

Refers to the completion of an objective such as a control point capture, returning the enemy's Intelligence to one's base or pushing the cart

Carry Scout
A Scout equipped with and using Crit-a-Cola.
When a player or group of players contribute a significantly higher portion towards winning the game objective than their teammates.

Capturing the next point immediately after the previous point has been captured.
May refer to:
  • The placement of Sappers on several buildings at a time.
  • The rapid replacement of Sappers on a single building, preventing the Engineer from repairing it.
Killing numerous unaware enemies in quick succession via the backstab capability of any of the Spy's melee weapons.

Completing a Contract Objective or an Achievement by easier means other than intended through playing to game objecives, whether by exploiting particular Achievement or Contract mechanics (e.g., repeately dropping and picking up one soul in Player Destruction, tanking damage by falling or drowning) or cooperating with a Friendly player on the other team.
Chievements / Chieves / Cheevos / Achievos
Slang terms for "achievements".
The act of shooting an enemy player using a Shotgun or Pistol from far away dealing little damage.

Messing up an easy play, such as being unable to kill a low-health class at full health in a 1v1.
Not to be confused with Chokepoint

Chokepoint (or choke)
An area that is relatively narrow, forcing players to group up to pass through; particularly a such a location with no effective flank. This makes it easier to defend by using weapons that damage in an area of effect.
Circle strafe
Main article: Circle strafing
The act of moving around an opponent while keeping the crosshair locked on and attacking.
May refer to:
May refer to:
  • A crucial moment related to winning or losing a match.
  • The ability to perform under pressure.
Not to be confused with Crutch.
Using the Machina to kill two or more enemies with a single fully-charged shot.
May refer to:
  • A player who collects a large number of one type of item.
  • An item of the Collector's quality.
Combat Class
A class whose health and firepower is greater in proportion to its mobility, often found at the front lines. Classes include the Soldier, Demoman, and Heavy.
May refer to:
  • A general term for a Medic and his Medic buddy. Can be used in specific context; i.e. a "Heavy Combo" is used to indicate a Medic healing a Heavy.
  • A series of attacks that take advantage of the fast weapon switch capability of the Degreaser, Reserve Shooter, or Panic Attack. For example, a Pyro may use the Degreaser to ignite an enemy, then take advantage of its fast holster time to quickly switch to the Flare Gun to finish them with a Critical Hit.
Short for "competitive play".

Main article: Backstab
A form of trickstabbing by waiting around a corner to backstab an enemy as a Spy. One method of doing this is by "baiting" the enemy into following him and then waiting around a corner.
Acronym for "control point".
Dying from fall damage, either by being accelerated into the ground by an explosive or simply falling from a great height.

Crate Depression (of 2019)
A name given to a small period of time in 2019 where a bug caused certain crates to guarantee an Unusual quality item, causing the prices of certain Unusual cosmetics to plummet. The name is a play on Great Depression, a real-life economic depression.
Short for "critical hit".

Crit Heal
Refers to Medi Gun or Amputator healing at the two to three times increased healing rates that happen when the target has not received damage for at least 10 to 15 seconds, respectively.
Old fan nickname for the Half-Zatoichi before the Critical hit chance was removed in the Tough Break Update.
A portmanteau of Crit and Rocket.

Crumpkin kill
A kill scored while under the effect of a crit-boost from a Halloween pumpkin pickup. (from contraction of crit-pumpkin)

A word used to describe a weapon that helps a bad player, but hinders a good player.
A derogatory term for a weapon that compensates for a player's lack of skill.
Not to be confused with Clutch.

Custom map
A map that has been made by a member of the TF2 community but has not been officially added to the game.


May refer to:
  • An unofficial term for Arena Mode.
  • A player that focuses more on obtaining kills rather than the objective.
  • A map that has a difficult-to-capture objective and hence encourages killing without working towards the objective. An example would be Hightower.
May refer to:
A Demoman that imitates the movement of a crab by crouch-walking with the Conscientious Objector or other Saxxy reskins. The term derives from the community fad Spycrab, which also requires the user to crouch walk while holding a specific weapon. The reason the Demoman looks like a crab is due to another arm glitch involving the specific use of the Saxxy or a reskin.

May refer to:
  • A Demoman typically wielding the Chargin' Targe, Tide Turner or Splendid Screen. Variations of the term usually refer to their other equipped weapons. Demoknights wielding the Bottle may be referred to as "Bottleknights", whereas Demoknights wielding the Sticky Jumper may be referred to as "Jumperknights" or "Rocketknights".
See also Community Demoknight strategy.
Demonstration Man
Slang for the Demoman, used in a silly fashion. Derives from the word "demonstration", which becomes "demo" when shortened.
A Demoman carrying the Frying Pan, Bounty Hat, Chargin' Targe, and Dangeresque, Too?, referring to a popular community fad.
Derogatory term used to describe a Demoman who spams his Grenade Launcher or Stickybomb Launcher without aiming.
Silly behavior that could include repeated taunting or antics for their own sake; potentially a form of griefing if performed during combat or excessively during Setup time.
Acronym for the Direct Hit.
Direct Miss
Fan name for the Direct Hit, which lacks a large splash radius and requires precise aim. Inexperienced players using this weapon will often miss their shots.
Direct Shit
Slang term for the Direct Hit.
Abbreviation of Domination(s).
May refer to:

Acronym for the Dead Ringer weapon for the Spy. In some contexts, it could be used as a signal that an enemy Spy equipped with the Dead Ringer is nearby.
Dr. Enforcicle
A label for a Spy player who uses the Dead Ringer, Enforcer, and the Spy-cicle together. The term is a portmanteau of the latter two weapons, with the Dead Ringer's common abbreviation "DR" used at the beginning.
May refer to:


Fighting an immobile target by strafing out of cover, firing, then strafing back into cover, generally at a corner. This tactic is especially effective against Sentry Guns, as the Sentry Gun's slow turn rate makes it easy to shoot at before it can return fire, and the Sentry Gun's hitbox edge can be hit without the Sentry Gun being able to target the player's center.
Engie / Engi / Engy
Abbreviation for the Engineer.
Term generally related to players that wear dark or black-painted cosmetic items, like a Sniper wearing a black-painted Anger.

Engineer nest
Slang term used to describe a location where one or more Engineers have set up multiple Buildings.
Slang term used to describe the Rescue Ranger's pick-up ability.
Abbreviation for the End of the Line Update.
Abbreviation for "easy", usually used in conjunction with "GG".


May refer to:
  • An acronym for "Free-2-Play" (Free-to-play), used to describe new players who do not possess a Premium account.
  • A derogatory term referring to a player lacking skill, based on the generalization of non-Premium players being less skilled at the game.
  • Abbreviation for the Free to Play update.
  • Anything that can be obtained without becoming a Premium player, such as the Ghostly Gibus and Pyrovision Goggles.
See also: Free-to-play on Wikipedia and P2P

A Spy's knife attack that registers as a backstab despite appearing to hit their opponent's front due to lag compensation.
See also: Backstab issues
Acronym for the Force-A-Nature weapon for the Scout.

The act of obtaining something with less time commitment or in-game contribution than was originally intended (from the misconception that farmers do nothing but wait for their crops to grow). May refer to:
See also: Idler
Fat Scout
Refers to a Heavy who primarily uses either the Shotgun, Family Business, or Panic Attack rather than his primary weapon. He may also frequently equip the Gloves of Running Urgently or Eviction Notice.
Field of View / FOV
A term to describe how much a player can see onscreen at a time.
Synonym for the Intelligence in Capture the Flag maps.

Refers to any particular alternate route that can bypass enemies. These are often lengthy and out of the way or require jumping or swimming. Examples of flanks include the waterways in Well (Control Point), the back routes through the Lobby on Badwater Basin, or Spiral Straircase also on Badwater Basin.
Flare punch
A term to describe the act of a Pyro manipulating flame particles to use the Flare Gun (usually paired with the Degreaser) to crit an enemy Pyro in the short time span that they are on fire.
A Pyro using the Thermal Thruster.

The technique of quickly switching to and them from a patient when using ÜberCharge to give them the effects temporarily.
Acronym for the Fan O'War.
Synonym for "kill", often used when the player killed has been gibbed.
Frag video
Refers to a video that records a player's kills in the game.

Friendly / friendlies (also peaceful)
May refer to:
  • The act of not fighting. "Friendly" can either be a verb or a noun, where "friendlies" is the plural of the noun. Players may do so out of boredom, frustration due to being on the losing team, or to propose a stalemate. To counteract how overly-friendly behavior stops legitimate games, some servers have a plugin called "Friendly Mode", which turns users into ghosts that cannot harm or be harmed. Common examples of friendly behavior include:
    • Crouching while walking.
    • Using voice commands in a humorous way (such as using the "No" voice command to respond to "The Sniper is a Spy!" or repeatedly using the "Help!" voice command as the Heavy).
    • Giving Sandviches or other edibles to enemies as a Heavy.
    • Starting a group or two-player taunt, such as the Conga or Flippin' Awesome.
  • A teammate.


To kill an enemy with a Critical hit from the Market Gardener. Term can also be used in a joking sense to describe an instance where another player launches themselves and delivers a finishing blow with any melee weapon upon landing.
A portmanteau of "Gay" and "Hale" primarily used to describe Death Run Activators who grief or use map glitches for an unfair advantage. Often used humorously to describe an Activator who wins a game before any players reach the end.
Get Down Mr. President
A humorous phrase used to describe an accidental kill caused by a player (usually unintentionally) taking a would-be fatal attack, often a headshot or backstab, in the place of the attacker's intended target, dying while the intended target survives and potentially escapes.
Good game, sometimes from a moral or sportsmanship standpoint rather than winning/losing.
Good half. Used when switching teams on maps that are composed of more than one round.
Good job, used often at the end of a game in a manner similar to GG.
May refer to:
  • Good round. Used when the match is composed of more than one round (like Stopwatch matches on A\D and Payload maps, or "First to X" matches).
  • "Get rekt".

May refer to:
  • A shortened version of either the Ghostly Gibus, Ghastly Gibus, Ghastlier Gibus, or Ghastlierest Gibus, often associated with novice players or players without a premium account due to the fact that obtaining one of these hats is easy and possible without obtaining a premium account.
  • A player wearing one of the aforementioned hats.
May refer to:
  • A slang term for wearing a combination of a Gibus hat and the Pyrovision Goggles. As with the term "Gibus", this is associated with novice or non-premium players.
  • A term for a player, usually a Sniper, that wears both the Gibus and Pyrovision Goggles, and has very poor awareness. These players rarely notice their surroundings.
Googly Eyes
Slang for the Sight for Sore Eyes.
Goomba Stomp / Goomba stomp
Goomba stomp: Killing another player by jumping on their head with the Mantreads or Thermal Thruster.
Goomba Stomp: A server mod that allows players to kill enemies by simply jumping on their heads, even without the use of specific weapons.
The name is a reference to the Goomba enemy from Nintendo's Mario video game franchise.
A slang term deriving from the Engineer voice command line "Gotta move that gear up!"

Main article: Griefing
Deliberately causing annoyance to players on the server, either to one's own team or the opposing team. Oftentimes, griefing involves the use of map or weapon exploits.

May refer to:
  • Working continuously on the actions for a specific achievement or Contract Objective, particularly those that must be repeated several times or require a great number of attempts (from the concept that grinding is a slow but steady way to shape metal). Since the action might not be the best for some tactical situations, a few may consider it idling in some situations. As opposed to farming, the player is actively in a game with other players and is usually contributing in some way to the objectives, if indirectly.
  • Repeatedly damaging one's self to speed building of ÜberCharge by a companion Medic, particularly referred to as self-damage grinding.
Grordbort's rockets, crash-landed rockets that appeared on a few maps for some months in 2011.
A term to describe the act of airblasting an enemy into the ground, which the game still counts as mid-air, and mini-critting them with the Reserve Shooter.
This is outdated as of the Jungle Inferno Update, which no longer allows the weapon to mini-crit players launched into the air by the Pyro's airblast.
Acronym for the Gloves of Running Urgently.
Gunshot bride
A highly exaggerated term for a well-aimed airshot. Originates from a video named 300% skilled airshot, where a Soldier lands a slow-motion airshot on a Demoman while Pendulum's Propane Nightmares plays in the background.
A label for a Spy who uses his secondary weapon more than his melee weapon.
G. [name of item]
An item of the Genuine quality.


Hacking / hacker / hacks
Main article: Hacking
Hacking: The method of using illicit programs to gain an unfair advantage against other players.
Hacker: A player who hacks.
Hacks: An illicit program that allows a player to gain unfair advantages against other players.
May refer to:
A slang term used to reference the September 2, 2009 Patch where Valve penalized players who had been using external programs to idle. As a result, some servers (primarily those run by people that didn't get Cheater's Laments) began opting "anti-halo" policies, even going so far as to use mods that changed the Cheater's Lament to form various insults targeting the wearer. The term is derived from the nickname for the Cheater's Lament that non-offending players received, placed in combination with a reference to the Holocaust.
Health Soldier
A Soldier whose loadout consists of the weapons that heal him, such as the Black Box and the Concheror.
An abbreviation for the Horseless Headless Horsemann.

An abbreviation for the Horseless Headless Horsemann's Headtaker. Synonym: UHHHH.

A friendly Heavy. Plural: Hoovies. The Sandvich is a popular secondary weapon for Hoovy players, as they tend to drop it for both teammates and enemies to replenish their health.
Slang term for Heavy, often used in a silly fashion.
A simplified translation of one of the Pyro's mumbles.
Hybrid Knight
A Demoknight who mostly uses the Grenade Launcher due to the shields giving temporary crits (mini-crits with the Tide Turner) during a charge.


Idle server / idle map
A server or map dedicated to hosting Idling players, but with less emphasis on Achievements (Example: Achievement Idle). See also Achievement server or Leveling server.

May refer to:
  • On an active game server (especially in Casual Mode), someone who is otherwise not participating in the game, but is not particularity bothering anyone, possibly indicated by staying in spawn, staying far from the action, grinding Achievements or Contracts, or having a very low score. Such behavior is often stated as grounds for vote kicks.
  • Someone who is present on the server but is deliberately not playing the game for a long period of time to earn items via the item drop system. Main article: Idling.
    • Someone who uses external idling programs or uses Idling or Achievement servers for the same purpose.
A kill achieved in a single hit with the player being killed having full health. Examples include a charged headshot a Backstab or an environmental kill, such as being hit by a Train or being caught in the Payload cart's explosion at the end of a round.

Abbreviation for the Intelligence in Capture the Flag maps.

A term for ÜberCharge. Synomyms: "Über" and "charge".


Short for Jarate.
Jarate chop
A hit with the Bushwacka after covering an enemy in Jarate.
Main article: Juggling
Refers to the use of weapons to temporarily suspend enemies in the air.

Rapidly pressing movement buttons in an unpredictable way in order to make it harder for the enemy to hit the player.
Jump map
Main article: Jump maps
A map designed for practicing jumping skills for the Soldier, Demoman, and Scout.
Refers to either the Rocket Jumper, Sticky Jumper, or B.A.S.E. Jumper.


Alternative term for the Half-Zatoichi.
K/D and K/A/D
Acronym for "Kill-Death Ratio" and "Kill Assist Death Ratio". May be expressed as a ratio (27:7) or a decimal number (1.75 KDR). Medics will often present their KDR as a ratio of assists to deaths, as kills are not usually accumulated in conventional Medic play.
Acronym for the Killing Gloves of Boxing.
May refer to:
  • The act of votekicking a player in the hopes of kicking them out of a server, or if an administrator is present on a community server, immediately kicking.
  • A shorthand version of the Kazotsky Kick.
Players who commit suicide by using the kill or explode command on console, players who do so usually have it bound to a specific key on the keyboard.
The movement of a player, caused by an outside source. Often associated with weapons such as the Force-A-Nature.
See Knock back.
Slang for the ÜberCharge of the Kritzkrieg, or being subjected to one.
An abbreviation for Killstreak. Could refer to killstreak effects, killstreak kits, or gaining a killstreak in-game.
K Then/K
Short for "Okay then"/"Okay". A sarcastic acknowledgement after experiencing some random or luck-based event, in a "so that happened" way. Common examples are Crit kills, unintentional kills, facestabs, kills with the Mantreads, and collateral kills.


Main article: Lag compensation
The effect experienced by players who display erratic movement due to high latency.
See also: Lag on Wikipedia
Short for the last control point. On Control Point or Payload maps, it refers to the last control point or cart checkpoint that the attackers have to capture to win the game.

Main article: Backstab
A form of trickstabbing by jumping from an elevated position and backstabbing an enemy upon or before landing on the ground as the Spy.

Leveling server
A server primarily for players to rapidly increase the levels​ of​ Strange items​.​
Abbreviation of "looking for team"; often added after a player's name to advertise that they are interested in joining a competitive team.

Lime Scout
Term for a Scout with cosmetics painted The Bitter Taste of Defeat and Lime, acting as a Tryhard. Like an Anger Sniper, they are usually depicted as killing friendlies, using rude binds, and taunting after most kills.
A term used for the Huntsman, referring to the ease of getting kills with this weapon, only having to rely on "luck", due to the arrows' large hitboxes.


Mann Up
Short for the Mann Up Mode in Mann vs. Machine.
Mini / Mini-Sentry
Short for "Combat Mini-Sentry Gun".
A class which a player mostly plays or only plays in any given match.

Used to cancel a response cue of some abilities (e.g. Medic's "Übercharge ready!" when charge reaches 100% or Pyro's yell when activating Phlogistinator's "Mmmph") with voice commands.

Matador stab
Main article: Backstab
A form of trickstabbing by tricking an enemy to follow the player and then quickly strafing to the side to sidestab them.
Used to signal teammates that an enemy has been hit by the Fan O'War.
Market Garden
See Garden / Gardened
Refers to either the Buffalo Steak Sandvich or the Ham Shank.

Meat turret/Meat sentry
A Heavy that defends a Dispenser with more or less continuous revolution, frequently Spy Checking, and shooting incoming Rockets and destroying Stickies.

When all or most of the bullets fired from weapons with large spreads, such as the Shotgun or Scattergun, hit the target, thereby doing massive damage.
Medic buddy
Main article: Medic buddy
A Medic's Pocket.
Medic Girlfriend
A term used for a player's pocket Medic who will never leave their side, even if there's someone else who needs healing directly in front of them. They might also have the "No" voice command bound to their WASD keys and the player they are healing is usually referred to as their "boyfriend", most commonly a Soldier.
Slang for "MEDIC!"—often used in a silly fashion. It originated from the community fad which came from taking the Medic's "MEDIC!" voice line, cutting off the second half, playing the first half, and then, immediately playing it backwards, causing it to replicate the word "meme".
Meme Spoon
Slang for Market Gardener
The most effective way to play the game competitively, deemed by the community. Usually refers to certain playstyles or weapon loadouts.
Meta 6/meta team
In the context of Mann vs. Machine, a team that is the same as the one shown in Mann vs. Machine (teaser) (Scout, Demo, Soldier, Heavy, Medic, Engie).
Abbreviation for Market Garden or Market Gardener
A microphone, used for communication over voice chat.
Mic spam
Originally described as the act of repeatedly playing sounds, music, or generally abusing the game's voice chat feature. It has since grown to include all manner of sound playing. Third party software is often used to accomplish this, including HLDJ, Virtual Audio Cable, and Manycam. Micspam can be considered either entertaining or griefing, depending on the server.
Positive aspects of mic spam may include:
  • Playing music for the server.
  • Playing comedic soundbites from TV shows, movies, standup acts, and more.
  • Playing appropriate sound files on specific occasions for humorous effect.
Negative uses of mic spam may include:
  • Repeatedly playing the same audio file to annoy other players.
  • Playing sounds that are high in bass or volume and can potentially damage other players' speakers, headphones, or even hearing.
  • Periodically playing an irritating noise during a fraction of a second, making it very difficult for others to see who broadcasted the sound.
  • Creating noise by singing, blowing into the microphone, or simply talking incessantly to disrupt others.
  • Using voice modification software to manipulate one's voice to sound either extremely high pitched or robotic to disrupt others.

Other uses of mic spam may include:

  • Unintentionally caused by excessive background noise.
  • Attempting to voice chat with a broken or bad quality microphone.
Short for the middle control point. Used most commonly on five-point Control Point maps.
May refer to:
  • A simplified translation of one of the Pyro's muffles.
  • The MMPH meter, a meter on the Phlogistinator that fills based on fire damage.
Short for Mann vs. Machine.


A player who does not wear any cosmetic items.
Nice one.

Slang for a weapon's attributes being made weaker for game balance. Antonym: "buff".
See also: Nerf on Wikipedia
May refer to:
See also: Back-capping

May refer to:
  • An Engineer who tries to get behind enemy lines, then secretly builds a nest of Buildings to teleport teammates in and ambush the enemy from behind.
  • An Engineer who uses the Eureka Effect to escape from the front lines when in trouble. He may try to return to the enemy base via a hidden Teleporter Exit shortly afterwards.
See also: Team strategy: The Ninjaneer
Shooting as a Sniper with a Sniper Rifle without zooming in. Commonly associated with the Classic due to its tendency to scope and get headshots without requiring the player to zoom in.
General gaming slang for an inexperienced or new player. "Noob" and its homophones are generally considered to be more offensive, denoting someone with a lack of skill attributable to a deeper level than simple inexperience.
Nice shot.


Observer Spy
A Spy who wears the Shutterbug, Upgrade, Camera Beard. Often seen standing around the map holding the Red-Tape Recorder, "observing" the battle.
A Pyro Achievement achieved by taunt killing an enemy as the Pyro.

Official map
In the context of this Wiki, especially, a map that has been released into the game through a Patch made by Valve, hence "official"; these include Valve maps developed by Valve and Community maps made by members of the TF2. Again, for the purposes of this Wiki, official status is not lost by the map when withdrawn from the game in a later patch.
Usually a response to something humorous happening in a game (i.e. a Soldier blowing himself up). Most likely based on the original Roblox death sound effect
General acronym for Overpowered, used both seriously and jokingly to describe a powerful weapon.
Out of Bounds
Term used to describe an exploit allowing the player to leave a map's normal boundaries.


An acronym for "pay-to-play", used to describe a user with a premium account; often used jokingly to suggest that premium users have advantages over non-premium users.
See also: F2P
May refer to:
  • Painis Cupcake, a community-created character that came from the "Painis" community fad.
  • The Original, as it is positioned and shaped like a human penis.
See Friendly / friendlies.
Short for Phlogistinator.

Phlogro / Phlog Pyro
Pyro equipped with the Phlogistinator. See Phlogro strategy.
Pimp Hat
Slang term for the Hustler's Hallmark cosmetic for the Demoman.
Pipebomb / Pipes / Pills
Alternate name for the projectiles fired by the Grenade Launcher.
Pipe Jesus
Term used when referring to an extremely skilled player who can hit almost all of their pipes (Grenades)
Slang for Jarate.
Pissrifle / Pissgun
Slang for the Sydney Sleeper.
Piss Sniper / Piss Loadout
Sniper that uses the Sydney Sleeper and Jarate, and in most cases, the Bushwacka.

May refer to a player whose role is to focus support on a single teammate:
Short for Control Point.
Point and Click Adventure
A derogatory term for Sniper that simplifies his playstyle to that of a point & click adventure game
A synonym for using an ÜberCharge, used to quickly communicate to one's teammates in the middle of a battle.
Damaging an Über Medic robot in Mann vs. Machine so that it activates its ÜberCharge in the event that it cannot be killed outright.
A slang term derived from the Heavy voice command "Put Dispenser here!"
PoV demo
A recorded demo that has been recorded from the player's point of view.
May refer to:
  • A term used when a skilled move has been executed.
  • An accomplished player, often one who specializes in competitive play.

Stands for "Public" (short for public server) and may refer to:
Playing in Casual servers.
Pub push
When the atttacking team on Payload doesn't push the cart until Overtime, usually succeeding in capturing the checkpoint.
A practice in which one or more very experienced competitive players join a pub with the intention of soundly defeating opposing team of less skilled players.
Slang for compression blast.
A technique whereby a Pyro lights an enemy on fire with the Degreaser, uses the compression blast to knock them into the air, and then takes advantage of the Degreaser's switch time to kill the opponent with their melee weapon. Switching to their secondary weapon to finish off opponent is instead known as a "Puff'n'Shoot".
The Pug Mug or Puggyback.
See also: PUG.
Taking advantage of an enemy's mistake
May refer to:
  • The act of escorting the Payload cart.
  • An organized attack in which several players simultaneously move into enemy territory and attack in an attempt to overpower an enemy's defenses and complete an objective, such as capturing a control point or advancing the cart; often accompanied by an ÜberCharge.
  • The CTF map Push from Team Fortress Classic.

Player versus Environment

A Pyro who helps friendly Engineers by checking for Spies, airblasting projectiles away from buildings, and removing Sappers with the Homewrecker, Maul, or the Neon Annihilator, as well as any Pyro playing mainly to protect other teammates. See Pybro strategy.

Pyro tennis
A game played by Pyros on a tennis court (of sorts) where they air blast the "Happy Birthday Team Fortress" beach ball back and forth over the net.
Synonym of W+M1. The term was created after a player decided to play Pyro with a steering wheel peripheral, literally becoming a "Pyro car" [1].

A term used for Pyros who use the Neon Annihilator to attack enemies whilst underwater; often jokingly used as though the Pyro character is a literal shark. See Pyroshark strategy.


General gaming slang originating from Warcraft II: Tides of Darkness, in which the keyboard key combination Alt + Q + Q would quit the game. Nowadays, it is interpreted as an emoticon with a pair of crying eyes. Often used in a degrading manner (e.g., "QQ more" ["Cry more"]).
Quickly zooming in and instantaneously headshotting with any of the Sniper's primary weapons that are capable of doing so.


May refer to:
Rage Heavy
A term used for a player who uses the Heavy as a last ditch effort after a losing streak or bout of frustration, hoping to use his large firepower to gain kills easily.
Can also be used with other classes; e.g., a player might Rage Pyro after suffering a streak of backstab deaths.

Rage hacks
The method of hacking with the intent to get as many kills and cause as much annoyance as possible, not trying to look legit.
See also: Griefing, Legit hacks
Rage Pyro
A term for an enraged player who switches to Pyro, mostly due to an enemy who is dominating them and/or taunting at them.

Rage quit
Leaving the game because of frustration or anger with the round or other players.
Random crit
Commonly used description to describe when a player receives a critical hit that is not caused by a specific attribute of a weapon. Can be used as an acknowledgement when a fight may be prematurely over between two players attempting to fight fairly.
An abbreviation of "random deathmatch", describing a situation in which players on both teams focus on killing each other instead of fulfilling the match's objectives. Players engaged in a random deathmatch may go so far as to grief or votekick players who do attempt to meet the objectives. In game modes with no timer, such as Payload Race, this can continue indefinitely.
A term used when the compression blast is used to send enemy projectiles back towards the enemy team.
May refer to:
  • Spinning up the Heavy's primary weapon using the alternate-fire button.
  • The delay experienced when the Minigun spins up prior to shooting using the primary fire button.
Abbreviation for "random number generation"; used to describe situations that are heavily dependent on luck such as random critical hits or Rock, Paper, Scissors.
Portmanteau of 'RNG' and 'Jesus' to either:
  • Personify RNG as an entity
  • Refer to a player that has a lot of luck, especially in reference to Random Crits

RTD/Roll The Dice
An unofficial server plugin that allows players to "roll the dice" using a command. Upon rolling the dice, players are granted some form of benefit or handicap, such as unlimited crits or being frozen in place for a short period of time.
A Grenade Launcher projectile that has bounced.
RTV/Rock The Vote
An unofficial server plugin that allows players to change the map if a certain number of players in a server uses the command.
The practice of attempting to complete an objective quickly with all the players of one team playing as the same class. A "Scout Rush" would make use of entirely Scouts.

An Engineer who uses the Frontier Justice to fight after his Sentry Gun has been destroyed. They commonly use the Gunslinger due to the Combat Mini-Sentry being more expendable.


Salt / salty
A term used to describe frustration or overreaction or a player who is frustrated or overreacting, respectively.
Slang for a technique wherein a Spy lures an Engineer to a building by sapping it and then backstabs him as he returns to repair it.
Slang term for Scout, often used in a silly fashion.
Refers to a vote to auto-rearrange both teams and restart the round for team balance. As of the Meet Your Match Update, calling such a vote is no longer possible in Valve servers/Casual matches. Community servers may still allow such a vote, though sometimes it is done via alternate methods to the voting system the game comes with.
See also: Autobalance
Script Kiddie
Derogatory term for a player using third-party software to gain an unfair advantage.
Portmanteau of "Scout" and "cunt", usually used as a derogatory term to describe overly ambitious Scout mains or Scouts in general. See also; Lime Scout.
Second scoping
A Sniper dueling technique that consists of waiting until the opposing Sniper scopes before scoping in yourself to headshot them while they adjust to the view.
Short for "Sentry Gun".

Sentry nest
A Sentry Gun, Dispenser, and possibly a Teleporter exit packed tightly together. Associated with turtling.
Festive weapons of Strange quality (e.g. "SF Scattergun").
May refer to:
Humorous slang term for a novice or inexperienced player playing as the Spy, often used as though the Spy character is a literal baby animal.

Main article: Backstab
Backstabbing an enemy from their side, rather than from the back. The backstab angle is wide enough to allow for what appears to be a stab from the side.
A weapon or technique viewed only as useful in specific situations.
Slay / Slaying
The act of slaying a player via the Votemenu for stalling or unfair behavior.
Slayle / Slayling
The act of voteslaying the Activator in Death Run Mode for preventing fun. Portmanteau of "Slay" and "Gayle."
Humorous slang for the Sniper.
Slang for the Soldier.
Humorous slang term for a Spy, derived from the Engineer's pronunciation of the word "Spy" in his voice command lines, specifically, his sentry being sapped voiceline.
Spam / Spamming
May refer to:
  • The act of deliberately concentrating firepower within a particular area in an attempt to get kills or deter enemy players from entering an area.
  • Wanton firing of weapons such as the Grenade Launcher with little or no deliberate aim.
  • An unwanted abundance of something such as chat messages, a specific class, or a certain tactic.
  • Mic spamming, the playing of music or a sound through voice chat.
See Griefing.
The area in which the player initially spawns or any area in which they respawn.

Spawn camping
A situation in which one team manages to secure the area around the other team's spawn point. This results in the latter team being killed upon leaving spawn without coordination or significant firepower. This is often considered unsporting when done to excess.
See Camping.
Abbreviation for the spectate feature.
Refers to an item that has a Halloween Spell tool applied to it.
A portmanteau of Spy and noob.
A slang term for Soldier's shovels. See also Meme Spoon.
The custom decal that players can paint on most surfaces, such as walls or floors.
A strategy where a Spy will lurk near a locked control point to capture it as soon as it is unlocked before the enemy team has time to retreat from defending the previous point. This is usually performed at the final point of a map due to the accelerated control point timing.
See Chaincap.
Spy checking / Spychecking
Main article: Spy checking
The procedure of firing at teammates to check if they are disguised enemy Spies and firing on open space to check for Cloaked Spies.
Spycrab / Spycrabbing
May refer to:
  • A Spy that imitates the movement of a crab by crouching and looking up while having the Disguise Kit equipped. It then became a popular fad. The Spy has a corresponding taunt which rarely occurs when taunting with the Disguise Kit, a reference to the original movement.
  • A form of gambling in which participants are Spies and continuously taunt with the Disguise Kit. The rules may differ between groups; one example marks players who perform the "Spycrab" taunt as losers, continuing until only one person is left.
May refer to:
See also: Ninjaneer.
May refer to:

May refer to:
Refers to a younger player who uses their microphone often, usually unintentionally annoying others with a higher-pitched voice.
SR / ScoRes
Acronym for the Demoman's Scottish Resistance.
Slang for a technique whereby a Spy backstabs an Engineer from behind and then immediately switches to the Sapper and saps the Engineer's Sentry Gun before it turns to kill them.
May refer to
  • One team is composed of players who work together or are more skilled than the other. The most common case is on a public server, having one team of skilled players against one that is less experienced or poorly organized.
  • Multiple players being the same class, most notably new players who play Spy or Sniper.

Main article: Backstab
A form of trickstabbing by jumping down a flight of stairs to land behind and backstab a chasing enemy as a Spy. One method for doing so is for the Spy to "bait" the victim into following him up a flight of stairs.
Sticky / sticky
Short for Stickybombs.
The act of continuously firing Stickybombs into enemy lines and immediately detonating them, as opposed to setting up sticky traps.
Sticky trap
The act of placing multiple Stickybombs in an area to detonate them upon an enemy unknowingly walking over them.
See Roll / Rolling / Rolled.

A specific set of weapons that drastically changes the way the class is played. Currently, the only subclass is the Demoknight.
May refer to:
  • Surfing, a mod that allows players to slant into walls (commonly referred to as ramps), causing them to accelerate rapidly and reach extremely high velocities.
  • Surfing knockback/Surfing damage, a technique in which a player uses the knockback of a weapon (E.g. a rocket or a close-range Shotgun hit) to strafe or gain speed while continuously jumping to get out of a disadvantageous situation.
The likelihood of the survival of a player on the battlefield.
S. [name of item]
An item of the Strange quality.


Main article: Tank
Noun: A character with sufficient firepower and health (Heavy or Soldier) to draw enemy attention and attacks toward themselves to protect other teammates.
Verb: To absorb damage for the team.

Being near the Payload cart for a brief moment to prevent it from backing up, resetting the timer. Scouts or briefly uncloaking Spies are the most practical for this task.
Short for the Chargin' Targe.
Short for the Teleporter.
Portmanteau of teleport and frag – killing an opponent by teleporting into them when they are standing on a teleporter exit. The term comes from id Software's seminal first-person shooter Doom.
See Telefrag.
Short for "teleporter trap".
A Teleporter used as an early warning system for incoming enemies, as enemies tend to destroy buildings they come across.
Patched Griefing tactic where a Teleporter Entrance was placed above an Exit, causing teammates arriving in the Exit to become stuck.
Griefing tactic where a Teleporter leads to a dead-end/inescapable room only accessible via Exploits.
Griefing tactic where a teleporter leads to an environmental hazard.
Tickle fight
Boxing ​done ​with the Holiday Punch​ only,​ with the objective of making the other player perform the Schadenfreude ​taunt due to one of the weapon's positive attributes.
Ticky Gun
A term for a completely unloaded and harmless Sentry Gun. In a minigame associated with the term, a team of Wrench-restricted Engineers try to reload the "Ticky Gun" while a team of Pyros tries to repel them using only compression blasts. The game ends when the Engineers are able to reload the Sentry Gun, killing the surrounding Pyros.
A slang term for players who get extremely frustrated during a game.
May refer to:

Trading server / Trade map
A server or map dedicated to attracting and hosting Idling players for the purposed of in-game Trading, often featuring elements of Achievement servers (examples: Trade Minecraft, Trade Plaza).

Main article: Backstab
Refers to when a player playing as the Spy takes advantage of the terrain to outmaneuver and backstab an enemy who is aware that they are a Spy. There are many different variations of the term, all meaning different things: "stairstab", "cornerstab", "leapstab", and "matador stab".

Trimp / Trimping
Main article: Trimping
A portmanteau of "Trick" and "Jump" (or "Jumping"). Refers to when a Demoman player uses a shield's charge to slide off ramps, gaining height and thus flying over large distances.

Portmanteau of "Troll" and "Demo". Commonly refers to a Demoman using the the Sticky Jumper and the Ullapool Caber or any other melee to attack his enemies.

Portmanteau of "Soldier" and "troll". Commonly refers to a Soldier seeking to fight with primarily the Market Gardener. They are usually found wielding the Rocket Jumper and/or Mantreads.
A player who is is oblivious of anything to the side or behind them. As the name suggests, these players seem to be focused on what is ahead of them, rarely moving to the side and walking in straight lines.

Main article: Turtling
"Digging in" and employing extremely defensive tactics. May also refer to Engineer setting up a Sentry Gun and Dispenser next to each other, and then remaining in close proximity for a substantial period of time while constantly repairing the buildings.
(from Die Hard)
  • A derogatory term for a player perceived as taking the present Casual or otherwise less-competitive game too seriously, possibly to the irritation of other players, perhaps through voice chat or text chat.
  • An aggressive player on a server where the other players have agreed to be Friendly and are possibly socializing or cooperating on Achievements or Contracts. Antonym: "Idler".


Short for "ÜberCharge". Synonyms: "charge" and "invuln".
A player who is currently being ÜberCharged.
A strategy where a Medic "Übercharge"s another Medic using the "Ubersaw". That Medic then collects Übercharge using the Ubersaw's advantages until the Übercharge ends. The Medic who wielded the Ubersaw then ÜberCharges the first Medic, repeating the cycle.

An abbreviation for the Unusual Horseless Headless Horsemann's Headtaker. Synonyms: "Headtaker".


May refer to:
Vacc / Vax
Another abbreviation for the Vaccinator.
May refer to:
Slang for Valve, typically used in a silly fashion. Originates from the similar pronunciations of "Volvo" and "Valve".
Abbreviation of the Virtual Reality Headset.
V. [name of item]
An item of the Vintage quality.


Literally, "forward (Default key W) and MOUSE1", a derogatory term referring to an aggressive player playing as the Pyro (or occasionally the Heavy), often connotative of a lack of skill. It refers to players who mindlessly rush (W) and fire their primary weapon (M1) without caring to flank or strategize with teammates. An example in action would be a Pyro who tries to charge the Phlogistinator's "Mmmph" meter by charging into battle instead of using well-timed ambushes.
Literally, "forward (Default key W) and MOUSE2", derived from "W+M1". The term is similarly used to refer to players playing as the Pyro and only using the compression blast ability to reflect projectiles or shove enemies around without using the primary fire attack of the primary weapon.
Refers to a Sniper Robot's melee attack animation in which he swings his arm in a full circle like a windmill. When killed by one, it's often called "being windmilled". Used mostly, if not exclusively, in the MvM community.
War Pig
May refer to:
  • The Soldier cosmetic with the same name.
  • A player who often overestimates their own skill. This term is also associated with some weapons and other hats that these kind of players use.
Warp / Warping
An extreme form of Lag compensation in which a player seems to be teleporting from place to place due to extreme latency.
Weapon heckling
Using a class's repositioning abilities, such as the Scout's speed, to continuously force an opponent to use a disadvantageous weapon. For example, a Scout can maintain a safe distance from a Pyro, forcing the Pyro to equip the Shotgun, which is then outdamaged by the Scattergun at close range.
Abbreviation for weapon, used in trading discussions.
Slang for the Disciplinary Action.
A verb referring to using the Disciplinary Action to boost the speed of you and a teammate.
Humorous slang for "what", commonly used when a player does something extremely unnatural or funny. An example would be if a charging Demoman kills a cloaked Spy unintentionally.
Abbreviation for 'Well Played', commonly expressed with the 'Good Game' abbreviation to create 'GGWP/ggwp'
Wrenching / wrenched
May refer to:
  • The act of repairing/upgrading a building with a wrench.
  • The act of killing an enemy with a wrench.


Acronym for the Your Eternal Reward weapon for the Spy.


Za Hando
Fan nickname for the Hot Hand, referencing the character Okuyasu Nijimura's Stand called "The Hand", from the fourth part of the manga and anime JoJo's Bizarre Adventure, Diamond is Unbreakable.

Competitive terminology

These are some of the terms which players use in competitive gameplay.


4v4 / 4v4s / 4s
Shorthand for a competitive format where there are only 4 players per team. All classes can be used, but there can only be one of each class at a time. Additionally, the Heavy and Medic are banned from being used at the same time. The standard line up tends to consist of a a Scout, a Soldier, a Demoman, and a Medic. This format tends to promote more offclassing.
6v6 / 6v6s / 6s
Shorthand for a standard competitive format where there are six players per team, commonly consisting of two Scouts, a Soldier who stays with the Medic (referred to as a "Pocket"), a second Soldier that focuses on utilizing alternate routes to attack the enemy (referred to as a "Roamer"), one Demoman, and one Medic.


Refers to when a player makes an error while doing something requiring mechanical skill, especially when said player would normally succeed.
Refers to when a player playing as the Soldier or Demoman rocket or sticky jumps above enemy players in order to shoot explosives down upon them.


Short for "ÜberCharge." Synomyms: "Über" and "invuln."
Short for communication. This refers to players communicating to each other either by using the in-game text chat or through voice chat, or more commonly an outside voice over IP (VoIP) program such as Mumble, Ventrilo, or Discord.


Similar to "lit", this term describes an enemy player who has taken a large amount of damage and has very low health.
Dry push
Describes when an attacking team rushes the defending team's last point without having an ÜberCharge ready. Usually attempted when the defending team also doesn't have an ÜberCharge and the attackers outnumber the defenders.


Acronym for European Team Fortress 2 League. It is the central hub of the European competitive TF2 scene.
See ETF2L.
Acronym for E-Sports Entertainment Association, a paid 6's league in North America. Generally, the highest skill players are in this league.


Used as a positive adjective to refer to an extraordinarily good event in competitive play. For example, a "fat rocket" would be a rocket that does a lot of damage
Force/Force pop
To damage a Medic or his heal target enough to urge a Medic to deploy his Übercharge in self-defense, rather than using it to push. The alternate form incorporates the usage of "pop" to refer to the usage of an Übercharge.


A class that is viable to play at most of the time or is part of the core of a team, being Scout, Soldier, Demoman, and Medic.


Have / Has
Indicates that a team's Medic has a full ÜberCharge ready to deploy.
Highlander / HL / 9s / 9v9 / 9vs9
A competitive match type wherein the nine-player roster of each team consists of one of every class.


Legit hacks
The act of using hacks to perform well in the game without being caught as being a hacker (ex. turning on aimbot for a quick moment, then turning it off.) Oftentimes, many players in popular competitive leagues have been "legit hacking" and have since been caught.
See also: Rage hacks

To be low on health. Commonly used to point out enemy players that can be easily finished off, although priority friendly classes such as the Demoman or Pocket will use this term when calling for a Medic.
A synonym for "pug" ("pick-up-game"), popularized by the website TF2Lobby. Since TF2Lobby is no longer active, lobbies are primarily organized and played on TF2Center.


A technique involving deviation from the standard competitive class roster, often to accomplish a specific objective or eliminate a specific enemy player.


Coordinating and giving directions to your team. Mostly used in matches before pushing.
A form of competitive play where a player is given an random, or improvised team and plays a comp format.


Acronym of "pick up game/group", which refers to a private game with team compositions determined by out-of-game communication (as opposed to a clan match or pub).
Pick / picking / picked
The act of focusing on and killing an enemy with minimal help.


Refers to the Soldier that watches flank routes.

Roll / Rolling / Rolled
Figurative language describing a very fast completion of the game's objective after it begins, often in relation to a "crushing defeat".
The specific path that a player takes on the way to the middle capture point. It is designed to get the player to that point as quickly as possible or to reach an advantageous position.


Short for "scrimmage." Refers to a practice match between two teams.
A class that is picked for specifics situations, like stopping an Übercharge push or last point defenses, being Pyro, Heavy, Engineer, Sniper and Spy.


Acronym for United Gaming Clans. It is a league that hosts competitive TF2 tournaments.

Trading terminology

These are some of the terms which players use when trading.


Low-value items added to a trade with valuable items to make the trade offer more enticing. Synonym: "sweets."


Abbreviation of "buyout", referring to the price a seller is aiming to sell their item for, usually in pure.
Abbreviation for the Burning Flames Team Captain, the most famous high-value Unusual item.
Shorthand name for the Bill's Hat.
Automated player accounts that complete trades by an order-type basis. Many websites like offer completely automated trading bots to scrapbank or otherwise sell or buy items.
Abbreviation for Backpack. Some servers have a !bp command that allow users to view inventories of others in-game.
Short for Earbuds, a superannuated currency once valued more than keys due to the fact that Team Fortress 2's old trading system could only fit eight items at a time in each trading window.


Abbreviation of Current Offers. Refers to a list of the current highest or "best" offers according to the seller.
Slang for items that are worth standard market price or higher due to certain factors that make them more appealing, such as
  • An item that is usable in crafting (see also: Craftable).
  • An item with no previous owners or history of scammers.
  • An item that is obtained legitimately rather than through scamming or duplication.

An item that is usable in crafting.
See also: Uncraftable


Slang for items that are worth lower than market price for certain reasons, such as
  • An uncraftable item that can usually be obtainable through crafting. Such items may have been crafted with uncraftable materials (such as uncraftable Refined Metal) or bought from the Mann Co. Store before the November 29, 2012 Patch.
  • Expensive items such as Unusual cosmetics that have been possessed by a trader marked as a scammer or duplicated by Steam Support.
Duplicated / duped
"Duped" is short for "duplicated." Refers to an item that was literally copied by Steam Support because the player possessing it accidentally deleted it, lost it due to a glitch, or lost it via a scam. Steam's newer policies state that Steam Support will no longer restore items after an accidental deletion, a glitch, or a scam, thus making duplicated items extinct aside from older items. Expensive duplicated items, such as Unusual cosmetics and items of the Collector's quality, are commonly valued at less than their market price. While duplicated items are no different in-game, it is possible to see that an item is duplicated by checking its history on certain trading sites. Cheaper items are usually not valued at less than their market values, however.


Effect / Unusual effect
Used to describe the particle effect of an Unusual cosmetic.

A measure which prevents traders from obtaining their items until a set period of time after making a trade. Used in the trading community to describe whether they have activated Steam Mobile Authenticator, as trades can be held up to two weeks if either party is deactivated. Generally used in a distasteful tone by the community due to the complications that may arise from waiting 15 days before obtaining the items involved in a trade. Synonym: "trade hold."


Short for "generation." Refers to Unusual effects found from standard Mann Co. Supply Crates in order of their release: First generation effects can be unboxed from Crates #1 to #25, second generation from Crates #26 to #57, and so on. Generally, early generation effects are often the most expensive and sought after, while later generations are worth less.
Abbreviation for the Golden Frying Pan.
An item that was obtained or modified by the use of a glitch. Certain items have been able to become painted, tradable, uncraftable, or other unique states when they were never intended to be. A glitched item is usually valued at a much higher price than its normal counterpart.
Abbreviation for the Golden Frying Pan.


To propose a relatively higher-valued offer when trading items.
A term describing an item's previous owners. The history of an item can be inspected using certain trading websites and can determine whether it has been duplicated. Expensive items may be valued higher if they have a short history, and items with histories containing a trader marked as a scammer may be valued less.
Abbreviation for the Hat of Undeniable Wealth And Respect, a valuable cosmetic occasionally used in place of currency.


A specific number generated for every item in TF2, used to keep track of each item. It changes every time an item leaves an inventory or is modified (using a Name Tag, Description Tag, Paint Can, Killstreak Kit, or another item that can be used to modify another item).
An ID given to an item when it is first created (e.g., crafted, purchased, or gifted). Unlike the item ID, this ID never changes and can be used to determine if an item has been duplicated.


Short for a standard Mann Co. Supply Crate Key, a currency in trading.
KS / Spec KS / Pro KS
Short for the Killstreak quality of a special weapon, from the order of Killstreak, Specialized Killstreak, and Professional Killstreak.


Lowball / lowballer
Lowball: The act of proposing an offer at a lower value than the seller's asking price.
Lowballer: A person who lowballs. The term "lowballer" is also often used to describe players who attempt to sell regular Unique weapons for expensive items, which is a form of sharking.


Max's Head / Max Head / Max
Abbreviation for the Max's Severed Head, a valuable cosmetic occasionally used in place of currency.


Short for a trade offer received or sent through Steam.
Paying more than the asking price for an item. Usually occurs when a buyer is offering items rather than pure (raw currency, such as keys and metal). Usually, traders want a certain percentage added to the total value of the trade if the buyer pays in items rather than pure.


Paying in raw trade currency, such as Mann Co. Supply Crate Keys or metal. Most sellers prefer selling their items for pure, as it is easier and less time-consuming to buy other items they want with pure keys or metal, as opposed to having to resell the items gained from a trade for Keys or metal. Often, Australium weapons and common expensive cosmetics such as the Bill's Hat, Max's Severed Head, and Hat of Undeniable Wealth and Respect will suffice as an alternative to paying in Keys or metal, due to these cosmetics being expensive, common, and easy to resell.


Short for Reclaimed Metal.
See also: scrap

Short for Refined Metal.
See also: scrap
Unusual effects unboxed from a Robocrate.


Scam / Scamming
A fraudulent method to steal others' items.
A person who performs a scam.
An acronym for the Steam Community Market.

Short for Scrap Metal.
See also: Rec and Ref
Refers to the practice of trading two unwanted craftable weapons in exchange for one Scrap Metal, and vice-versa.

A term to describe selling multiple items in a single, themed set. Each item may be named or have Unusual effects which match the motif of the set (such as an entirely white Scout cosmetic set with a Blizzardy Storm hat, to fit with a snowboarder motif). Oftentimes, this is used to quickly sell an entire valuable set instead of selling each item one at a time, although in most cases it takes significantly longer to sell as most buyers only want a single item or multiple items in the set.
Sharking: A method of scamming which involves lying about the value of items to obtain items at cheaper prices.
Shark: A person who performs sharking.
An item that was Gift Wrapped or crafted by a player, thus including the name of the user in the description of the item. These "autographed" items are typically signed by influential figures in the Team Fortress 2 community (such as famous YouTube content creators, traders, or players in competitive leagues) to raise the value of the item due to the demand of fans.
Used to describe rare tradable items with the Community Sparkle effect, such as a Community Sparkle Vintage Lugermorph, some of which, although intended to be untradable, became tradable due to a glitch.

Low-value items added to a trade with valuable items to make the trade offer more enticing, "sweetening" the deal. Synonym: "adds."


An acronym for the Team Captain cosmetic.
Refers to Unusual cosmetics which supposedly have a fitting Unusual effect, to increase appeal and improve its selling price. Such examples include a Stormy Storm Hard Counter (an umbrella hat with rain) or an Aces High Hat of Cards (a playing card-themed hat),
See also: Set
An unofficial classification of rank when considering the pairing of Unusual hats with their effects. Sought-after hats with expensive effects are considered high tier and sell for very high prices, with some considered "God Tier" due to their rarity and desirability (eg. Burning Team Captain), while the opposite is true for unpopular hats or effects (eg. Nuts and Bolts Dread Knot).
Refers to players who are heavily involved in Team Fortress 2 trading.

Trade hold
See Escrow.


An item that is not usable in crafting. Uncraftable items are usually valued at more than the craftable versions since the uncraftable version of most items is rarer than the craftable version.
See also: Craftable
Unu / Unus
Short for "Unusual", referring to an item of the Unusual item quality.

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