November 22, 2013 Patch

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Patch notes

Team Fortress 2

  • Fixed a client crash caused by using custom HUD files
  • Fixed a server crash related to damaging the tank with the new Medic shield
  • Fixed Strange Australium weapons not properly tracking kills
  • Fixed bots trying to attack an old sentry location after the gun has been picked up by the Engineer
  • Fixed a bug that would cause robot "gate hat" items to be craftable. Gate hats that were crafted while the bug was active have self-destructed and become limited-quantity Glitched Circuit Boards as a commemorative token.
  • Fixed the Adjust Unusual slider not working for some hats, including the Dr's Dapper Topper
  • Fixed the Health Regen MvM upgrade string mistakenly displaying %
  • Fixing the Killstreak HUD not showing up for Tier 0 Killstreak weapons
  • Fixed Killstreak Mediguns not getting killstreak credit for assists
  • Fixed using the wrong color in the HUD deathnotice for Killstreak weapons

Files changed

Note: The changelog below is generated from a diff of two revisions of the game. This data may be incomplete or inconsistent.
Revision changes
Modified: tf/steam.inf
Modified: tf/bin/client.dll
Modified: tf/bin/server.dll
Modified: tf/tf2_misc_dir.vpk/models/buildables/sentry1.dx80.vtx
Modified: tf/tf2_misc_dir.vpk/models/buildables/sentry1.dx90.vtx
Modified: tf/tf2_misc_dir.vpk/models/buildables/sentry1.mdl
Modified: tf/tf2_misc_dir.vpk/models/buildables/sentry1.phy
Modified: tf/tf2_misc_dir.vpk/models/buildables/sentry1.sw.vtx
Modified: tf/tf2_misc_dir.vpk/models/buildables/sentry1.vvd
Modified: tf/tf2_misc_dir.vpk/models/buildables/sentry1_heavy.dx80.vtx
Modified: tf/tf2_misc_dir.vpk/models/buildables/sentry1_heavy.dx90.vtx
Modified: tf/tf2_misc_dir.vpk/models/buildables/sentry1_heavy.mdl
Modified: tf/tf2_misc_dir.vpk/models/buildables/sentry1_heavy.phy
Modified: tf/tf2_misc_dir.vpk/models/buildables/sentry1_heavy.sw.vtx
Modified: tf/tf2_misc_dir.vpk/models/buildables/sentry1_heavy.vvd
Added: tf/tf2_textures_dir.vpk/materials/backpack/crafting/glitched_circuit_board.vtf
Added: tf/tf2_textures_dir.vpk/materials/backpack/crafting/glitched_circuit_board_large.vtf