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Atlas and P-Body wearing Prince Tavish's Crown and Tyrant's Helm respectively.
'Go away,' the Portal guys told us. You'll just try to put hats in it.'

'Whaaattttt?' we said. 'That's—psshhhh. If anything, we'll probably tell you to take some hats out of the game.'

'There are no hats in the game.'

After this, there was an awkward ten-minute silence while all of us on the TF2 team stared at the Portal guys, waiting for them to start laughing. Instead, they just told us to go away again.

TF2 Official Blog

Portal 2 crossover cosmetics are cosmetic items that carry over from a user's Team Fortress 2 backpack to their Portal 2 backpack, and are wearable in both games. They can be equipped by the co-op characters, Atlas and P-body.

When equipped, the cosmetics are nearly visually identical to their original counterparts.


Tyrant's Helm Tyrant's Helm
Pyro's Beanie Pyro's Beanie
Prince Tavish's Crown Prince Tavish's Crown
Master's Yellow Belt Master's Yellow Belt
Fancy Fedora Fancy Fedora
Mann Co. Cap Mann Co. Cap
Aperture Labs Hard Hat Aperture Labs Hard Hat
Notes Can only be equipped on P-body


  • When worn on P-body, the Pyro's Beanie loses its color in the team-colored sections of the hat.


  • When worn in Portal 2, the tape on the side of the Aperture Labs Hard Hat is removed to reveal an Aperture Science logo. This was later added into Team Fortress 2 as an alternate style for the item.

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