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Shoes may refer to:

Weapons for the Soldier
Item icon Gunboats.png Gunboats, a secondary weapon,
Item icon Mantreads.png Mantreads, a secondary weapon.
Weapons for the Demoman
Item icon Ali Baba's Wee Booties.png Ali Baba's Wee Booties, a primary weapon,
Item icon Bootlegger.png Bootlegger, a primary weapon.
Cosmetic items for the Scout
Item icon Argyle Ace.png Argyle Ace,
Item icon Ball-Kicking Boots.png Ball-Kicking Boots,
Item icon Bootie Time.png Bootie Time,
Item icon Brooklyn Booties.png Brooklyn Booties,
Item icon Essential Accessories.png Essential Accessories,
Item icon Flip-Flops.png Flip-Flops,
Item icon Flunkyware.png Flunkyware,
Item icon Futankhamun.png Futankhamun,
Item icon Harlequin's Hooves.png Harlequin's Hooves,
Item icon Hot Heels.png Hot Heels,
Item icon Long Fall Loafers.png Long Fall Loafers,
Item icon Olympic Leapers.png Olympic Leapers,
Item icon Red Socks.png Red Socks,
Item icon Spooky Shoes.png Spooky Shoes,
Item icon Squire's Sabatons.png Squire's Sabatons.
Cosmetic items for the Soldier
Item icon Coldfront Curbstompers.png Coldfront Curbstompers,
Item icon Colonial Clogs.png Colonial Clogs,
Item icon Shoestring Budget.png Shoestring Budget.
Cosmetic items for the Pyro
Item icon Charred Chainmail.png Charred Chainmail,
Item icon Hot Huaraches.png Hot Huaraches,
Item icon Monster's Stompers.png Monster's Stompers,
Item icon Stately Steel Toe.png Stately Steel Toe.
Cosmetic items for the Demoman
Item icon Highland High Heels.png Highland High Heels,
Item icon Pickled Paws.png Pickled Paws,
Item icon Shin Shredders.png Shin Shredders,
Item icon Storm Stompers.png Storm Stompers.
Cosmetic items for the Heavy
Item icon Abominable Snow Pants.png Abominable Snow Pants,
Item icon Aqua Flops.png Aqua Flops,
Item icon Jungle Booty.png Jungle Booty,
Item icon Rat Stompers.png Rat Stompers,
Item icon Steel-Toed Stompers.png Steel-Toed Stompers.
Cosmetic items for the Engineer
Item icon Legend of Bugfoot.png Legend of Bugfoot,
Item icon Lonesome Loafers.png Lonesome Loafers,
Item icon Prairie Heel Biters.png Prairie Heel Biters,
Item icon Snow Stompers.png Snow Stompers.
Cosmetic items for the Sniper
Item icon Archers Groundings.png Archer's Groundings,
Item icon Cammy Jammies.png Cammy Jammies,
Item icon Scoper's Scales.png Scoper's Scales.
Cosmetic items for the Spy
Item icon Bandit's Boots.png Bandit's Boots,
Item icon Bozo's Brogues.png Bozo's Brogues,
Item icon Rogue's Brogues.png Rogue's Brogues,
Item icon Sneaky Spats of Sneaking.png Sneaky Spats of Sneaking.
Cosmetic items for multiple classes
Item icon Buck Turner All-Stars.png Buck Turner All-Stars, for the Scout and Demoman.
Item icon Support Spurs.png Support Spurs, for the Engineer and Sniper.
Item icon Teufort Tooth Kicker.png Teufort Tooth Kicker, for the Scout, Soldier, Demoman, Engineer, and Sniper.
Cosmetic items for all classes
Item icon Festive Flip-Thwomps.png Festive Flip-Thwomps,
Item icon Flashdance Footies.png Flashdance Footies,
Item icon Loaf Loafers.png Loaf Loafers,
Item icon Robin Walkers.png Robin Walkers.
Feet, an equip region.