Long Fall Loafers

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Think of it as a foot-based suit of armor for the portal device.
Cave Johnson on the Long Fall Boots

The Long Fall Loafers are a promotional cosmetic item for the Scout. They are a pair of white sneakers (and grey socks) with a metal brace and orange pants, resembling the Long Fall Boots worn by Chell in Portal 2.

This item is obtained by completing the Personality Goes a Long Way achievement in Poker Night 2. As of September 12, 2018, the game has been removed from sale. However, any owners may still obtain its promotional items.[1]

Related achievements

Game icon 234710.jpg Poker Night 2

Personality Goes a Long Way
Personality Goes a Long Way
Win GLaDOS's bounty item.

Update history

March 12, 2013 Patch

  • The Long Fall Loafers were added to the game.

April 24, 2013 [Item schema update]

  • Made the Long Fall Loafers giftable.

February 29, 2016 Patch

  • Long Fall Loafers are no longer giftable.



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