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Freeman airboat tours

Where can that airboat tours sign be found in game? The preceding unsigned comment was added by Hobbes348 (talk) • (contribs)

Please sign you post with four tildes. But to answer your question, I would say it's on that swamp map. AHA! I did research and have found out it's the BLU spawn in Mountain Lab (cp_mountainlab). ErnieTheGreatest (talk) 14:20, 14 August 2013 (PDT)


Where do you find the title and description of the posters? Not knowing, some seem a bit off. Rolandius 06:15, 20 August 2011 (PDT)

This is from 2011...but yes, I have the same question too. Where? ⇒Leaderboard class spy.png Anyar (talk/contributions/giveaway) 17:02, 7 September 2017 (PDT)
Simple. Find a one or few words on the sign, copy them under Title. Find a few more words on the sign, copy them under Description.
No, really. That's it.
Yeah. Mikado282 (talk) 20:22, 7 September 2017 (PDT)
That's what I thought, but... some of these titles and/or descriptions look terribly off.
Guess nobody will mind if I go over them, then. ⇒Leaderboard class spy.png Anyar (talk/contributions/giveaway) 15:49, 8 September 2017 (PDT)
Ah...never mind. Not sure how to do it, and it doesn't seem high priority anyway.
Most posters don't have a title or a description, yet in the table all of them are forcibly given a title, even if it's repetitive/misleading/not on the poster...
Tried to fix it but found out I didn't know what to do with some. Well, I tried. ⇒Leaderboard class spy.png Anyar (talk/contributions/giveaway) 16:06, 8 September 2017 (PDT)
The fact that no one has bothered to do translation switching is a sign of low priority or interest. That said, I do like the collection of the signs, even if the Title and Description are completely obvious and mostly useless. I have tried to make things a little more consistent. Feel free to add non-company posters from 2fort Invasion (use the captions for the descriptions). Mikado282 (talk) 20:30, 13 September 2017 (PDT)
Translation switching? Isn't that for templates? Is this page actually a template, not a standalone article?
Took a look at your recent edits, though, and I gotta say I'm impressed. Very nice job, Mikado. ⇒Leaderboard class spy.png Anyar (talk/contributions/giveaway) 06:55, 30 September 2017 (PDT)
Thx. Re. Translation switching -- compare the architecture of this article with the architecture of the similar List of companies and its embedded translation switching template: Template:List of companies. I have other interests at this time; so, I'm not personally up for making a Template:List of posters. Moreover, I am not sure one is needed since 1) it is not such an important article, YMMV, and 2) there are already 10 translations. That said, I have made and proposed major content changes to the article, and the 10 translations are now out of date, assuming they weren't already, and a translation switching could help fix that, if someone wants to. Mikado282 (talk) 14:31, 30 September 2017 (PDT)