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This list of posters (aka list of signs) is a listing some of the mix of real and fictional posters and signs and decorating Team Fortress 2 maps and other storyline media.

This presentation is largely for signs and posters common to several maps. However, certain maps have unique signs and posters to support their themes or tell their stortlines. In these cases, the signs and posters are presented on the specific map pages, including:

Note: File locations for several signs and posters can be found at tf2_textures_dir\root\materials\signs (ex: Red Calendar is sign069).

Image Title Description Team Tendency
Area prone to leaks.png Area Prone to Leaks The Heavy Weapons Guy is not amused.
Compare with opening to Once Upon a Time in the West
Australium Poster.png Australium! A bill posted in Hellstone to connect the mine and facilities with the storyline of 1850, the year of Zepheniah Mann's death.
2Fort Invasion UFO Poster 2.png Be aware
Enemy in this area
A sign used to indicate (in an ambiance sense only) areas not secured from enemy forces (referencing general "Enemy in this area" signs set by the Allies in WWII).
Update invasion poster002.png Be aware
UFOS in this area
Variant of the preceding sign that appeared in several maps to tease the Invasion Community Update.
Hardhat.jpg Be Safe
Wear Your
Calendar R.jpg RED Calendar
June 1968
RED team calendar RED
Calendar B.jpg BLU Calendar
June 1968
BLU team calendar BLU
Caution Do Not Enter.jpg Caution OSHA compliance Caution sign
Do Not Enter
Caution No Trespassing.jpg Caution No Trespassing
Radioactive.jpg Caution Radioactive Material
Slippery.png Caution OSHA compliance Caution sign
Slippery When Wet
Yetis Caution.png Caution Yetis
Conserve Energy.jpg Conserve Energy
Danger Do Not Enter.jpg Danger OSHA compliance Danger Signs.
Do Not Enter
Danger Explosives.jpg Danger Explosives
Danger Hazardous.jpg Danger Hazardous
Hazardous Env.jpg Danger Hazardous Environments
Hiddenchute sign.png Danger Hidden Chute
Danger High Voltage.jpg Danger High Voltage Keep Out
Danger Keep Out.jpg Danger Keep Out
Mvm danger04.png Danger If you see an open fire, extinguish it immediately with your body
Mvm danger03.png Danger There may be occasional motorists driving this hallway
Mvm danger01.png Danger All employees may be forced to prove their mettle through fights past this point
Crocodiles Warning 02.png Danger Crocodiles
Electric 10000v.png Danger 10,000 volts
Feed Birds.jpg Do Not Feed The Birds! A typical do not feed the animals sign.
Gator.png Do Not Feed The Gator A not so typical but no less valid do not feed the animals sign.
See Swamp Theme.
Doorway clear.jpg Keep This Doorway Clear
Extinguisher.jpg Fire Extinguisher OSHA compliance fire extinguisher sign
Give Way.jpg Give Way! United Kingdom yield sign
Pass goal arrow.png Goal Arrow A PASS Time arrow, usually pointed towards the Goals.
Gold Strength.jpg Gold is Strength!
Gold sign 01.png Gold, it's Good!
Grain.jpg Grain 100% Grain Quality BLU
Hazard yellow001.png Hazard OSHA work place safety compliance hazard boundary marking.[1]
Neutral yellow-black hazard marking
Hazard yellow001 edge.png Hazard Neutral yellow-black edge hazard marking
Hazard yellow001 strip.png Hazard Neutral yellow-black strip hazard marking
Hazard blue001.png Hazard BLU territory hazard marking BLU
Hazard red001.png Hazard RED territory hazard marking RED
Industry.jpg Industry is Victory! BLU
Inspection.jpg Inspection History Standard elevator notice.
Dustbowl OHSA Job Safety and Health Protection Poster.png It's the Law! You Have a Right to a Safe and Healthful Workplace
OSHA work place safety compliance "Workplace Poster" of the 1970s, 1980s, and later.
Update invasion poster001.png I want to believe A poster that appeared in several maps to tease the Invasion Community Update.
A reference to X-FILES' poster with the same text.
This Job.jpg Job Safety Scoreboard This Job Has Worked 0 Days Without An Accident
Mvm danger07.png Job Safety Scoreboard (MVM) This Facility has operated 17 days with only 8 casualties
Keep Out.jpg Keep Out
Loading Dock.jpg Loading Dock Delivery Hours 8 A.M. to 4 P.M. Weekdays Closed on Weekends
Factory label01.png Maintenace Report (No maintenance reported)
Milk.jpg Milk 100% Milk Fresh RED
Missing reward sign001.png Missing Missing $50 Reward
No Smoking.png No Smoking Please ... No Smoking
No Wake.png No Wake Sign informing boat operators of a No Wake Zone, necessary for wetlands protection.
Mvm danger06.png Not an Exit OSHA compliance "Not an Exit" sign.
Unless you're a Go-Getter and want to make it ONE
Dumping.jpg Notice OSHA compliance Notice Signs
No Dumping Allowed
Mvm danger05.png Notice For safety reasons, all employees must have moustaches past this point
Keep Clear.jpg Notice Notice Keep Area Clear At All Times BLU
Private property.png Private Property Private Property Keep Out
Public Notice.jpg Public Notice Closed
For information contact the West Coast Designs Company.
No Unautherized personel allowed beyound this point. [sic]
Jenkins Mine Closed.jpg Public Notice Jenkins Mine Closed
For information contact the West Coast Designs Company.
No Unauthorized personel allowed beyound this point. [sic]
Restricted Area.jpg Restricted Area Authorized Personnel Only
Sign095.png Restricted Area RED
Safety Starts.jpg Safety Starts With You! A common safety motto[2]
Shipping Receiving B.jpg Shipping & Receiving BLU
Speed Limit 15.jpg Speed Limit 15

Speed Limit Sign (R2-1) Page 57

Swift.jpg Swift Water See Swiftwater.
Target Practice.jpg Target
Lost continent.jpg Travel
Visit the Lost Continents
(See 1968 film, The Lost Continent).
Muertos poster1.png Travel
Visit the Lost Islands
(See 1976 TV series, The Lost Island).
Mount Knife.jpg Travel
Experience! Mount Knifeback
Trespasser Viol.jpg Trespassers Will be Violated
No Trespassing.png No Trespassing Violators Will be Shot
Survivors Will be Incapacitated
Sign129.png No Trespassing RED
TrespassingB.jpg No Trespassing BLU
Construction.png Under Construction
Construction2.png 正在施工
(Under Construction)
Dead End Poster.jpg Warning Dead End
Men Working.jpg Warning Men Working
Mvm sign01.png Warning Robot Men Working
Warning Hazard Area.jpg Warning Hazard Area
Toxic.jpg Warning Toxic Chemicals
ToxicR.jpg Warning Toxic Chemicals RED
ToxicB.jpg Warning Toxic Chemicals BLU
Warning Unsafe.jpg Warning OSHA compliance Warning sign
Mvm danger02.png Warning We do not care about your safety
Mvm sign factory001.png Warning
Crocodiles Warning 01.png Warning Crocodiles
No Swimming
Water.jpg Warning Water Unfit for Drinking
Do Not Drink
Declared by Ordinance Code 19 Part 68
Warnning Dangerous Animals 1.png Warning Dangerous Animals
Use Caution When Handling
Warnning Dangerous Animals 2.png Warning Dangerous Animals
Use Caution When Handling
Watch Your Step.jpg Watch Your Step
Watch your Step.png Watch Your Step
World Map R.jpg World Map A world map from the 1960s RED
World Map B.jpg World Map BLU
Mvm sign02.png Robot Kick!
Mvm sign03.png Destroy The robot menace
Wof teamcolors animate.png Animated version (picture only) BLU, RED
Wof teamcolors.png Non-animated version BLU, RED

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