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Hale's maze of shell companies ends here ...
— Gray Mann (Ring of Fired)

This is a list of companies that can be found in Team Fortress 2. Most of these are presumed to be sub-fronts for the intelligence agencies behind Reliable Excavation Demolition and Builders League United. These companies are identified largely through signs or logos on maps, but some are identified through signs, text, and dialog or other content provided for the game, especially the comics and update webpages and videos.

The inclusion of commercial signs in maps serves several purposes. By referencing graphic corporate art styles of the first seven decades of the 20th Century, the signs help establish the game's ambiance; a few signs are direct references to real business signs that could be seen in the Sixties. The signs are also used to help establish the theme of the maps, e.g., mining company signs on a mine themed map. Signs with BLU Team Tendency signs tend to use relatively modern and industrial styles, while signs with RED Team Tendency tend to have more antique, rural, or rustic styles. A few signs like "Gray Gravel Co." or "Auto-Borax" refer to the Storyline or tease updates. The company or product names on the signs are also used to make jokes, puns, and references, including references to names of game developers and historical artists that influenced the game.

"Properties" are the maps where signs for the company appear on major properties that the company possesses or operates; however, some companies have no properties on the present official maps, but appear in-game or in promotional Movies or Comics as "Signage only" (ellipses [...] indicate intentionally incomplete lists). "Team tendency" is the team that the company tends to lean towards in building style or map location; the coloration helping players to orient on the map.

Logo Company
or Appearances
Team tendency Reference to...
Alliance towing.jpg Alliance Towing (Badlands, Mannhattan, ...) RED Unknown
Alpha electric.png Alpha Electric Hydro Unknown Unknown
Ballfortress.jpg Ball Fortress
Label on Sandman's ball Unknown Sandman's ball
Ballinger.png Ballinger (Barnblitz, ...) Unknown Jeff Ballinger, an artist at Valve.
Beacon.jpg Beacon (Badlands, ...) BLU Unknown
Biggs steel rods.jpg Biggs (Foundry, 2Fort, ...) BLU Unknown
Logo logging001.png Binksi Logging Lumberyard, Sawmill, ...
(Laughter, ...)
BLU Unknown
Logo logging002.png Binski Paper Co Lumberyard RED Unknown
Team blu.png BLU Builders League United Process, Badwater Basin, ... BLU Unknown
Blu blast complex.jpg BLU Blast Complex Foundry BLU Blast furnace, a factory where iron ore is refined into steel.
(Paired with RED Iron Works)
Blu Streak.png BLU Brewery
(Blu Streak Beer)
Ring of Fired, Grave Matters
Meet the Engineer, Mann vs. Machine
Rancho Relaxo
BLU Unknown
(Paired with Red Shed)
Sign098.png BLU Co Granary, Doomsday BLU Blue Corn Co. (graphic art logo)
Blufreight.png BLU Freight & Shipping Freight BLU Unknown

(Paired with Redstone Cargo)

BLU Industries.png BLU Industries Incorporated Double Cross BLU Unknown
Blue Corn Co..png Blue Corn Co. Granary
(Mannhattan, Foundry, ...)
BLU Blue corn, the main variety of flint corn grown in New Mexico.
(Paired with RED Bread)
BLU Steel.png BLU Steel Foundry BLU Blue Steel, referencing the color and toughness of tempered steel.
(Paired with RED Iron)
Bonk logo.png Bonk!
(Bonk! Atomic Punch, Crit-a-Cola, Soda Popper, Winger, Atomizer, Bonk Boy, Bonk Batteries)
'Bonk' Energy Drink
Grave Matters
None The Scout's memetic response.
Brown nugget.jpg Brown Nugget Prospecting (Gold Rush, Foundry, Badwater Basin, ...) RED Unknown
Captain Dan's Wood Pulp.PNG Captain Dan's
(Edible Wood Pulp, Precooked Meat Product, Army Surplus Beans, Bread in a Can, Captain's Cocktails, ...)
WAR!, Ring of Fired
Unknown See Captain Dan
Casali shafting.jpg Casali Shafting Co. (Badwater Basin, Coal Town, Bigrock, ...) Unknown Dario Casali, a level designer at Valve.
Cerveza Royale.png Cerveza Royale Expiration Date Unknown Cerveza, Spanish word meaning beer, which itself references Demoman's South of the Border beer run in Expiration Date.
Enclosure Preserve Sign.png Charles Darling's Triassic Preserve Enclosure Unknown Charles Darling,
Jurassic Park
Clems.jpg Clem's Barnblitz, Foundry, Citizen Pain Minigun Unknown Unknown
Cliffe rocks inc.jpg Cliffe Rocks Inc. Gold Rush, Foundry Unknown Jess Cliffe, a level designer and artist at Valve.
Conagher's Tool & Munitions.png Conagher's Tool & Munitions Loose Canon Unknown Radigan Conagher, the Engineer's only mentioned ancestor.
Conquistador Fried Giblets.png Conquistador Fried Giblets Expiration Date Unknown Kentucky Fried Chicken, whose early "chicken buckets" had red and white stripes.
The abbreviation, CFG, may be a reference to the file type (configuration) used in scripting.
Cornwell sign.png Cornwell Dustbowl, 2Fort, Foundry, Doomsday RED 20th century American illustrator Dean Cornwell, one of the artists who inspired the visual style for Team Fortress 2.
Cracky Pop.png Cracky Pop! (Badwater Basin, ...) Unknown Could possibly be a reference to the cereal brand Rice Krispies motto, Snap Crackle Pop!
Crash Construction.png Crash Construction Probed, Moonshine Event None References the username of the creator of Probed, [UEAK]Crash. It also appears on other maps he has made or helped work on.
Crummys burgers.jpg Crummy's Burgers (Foundry, Badwater Basin, Doomsday ...) Unknown Unknown
Dalokohs Chocolate.png Dalokohs Dalokohs Bar Unknown Dalokohs is shokolad, the Russian word for chocolate, spelled backwards.
Dapper Cadaver.png Dapper Cadaver Expiration Date Unknown Fashion magazine the Spy reads in the film Expiration Date.
Discount Alchemist.PNG Discount Alchemist
(Australium exchange)
Rottenburg Unknown Australium
Sign111.png Driller (Foundry, Granary, ...) RED Dave Riller, a game designer at Valve.
(Paired with Jimi Jam)
Tour Sign.png Freeman Airboat Tours Mountain Lab, Lakeside Unknown A reference to Gordon Freeman and the airboat he uses to travel in, as well as the Half-Life and Left 4 Dead franchises. "C17" is an abbreviation for City 17, a location from the Half-Life series.
General industries co.jpg General Industries Co. (Badwater Basin, Coldfront, ...) BLU Unknown
Gilded Gold.png Gilded Gold (Hoodoo, Foundry, ...) BLU False or fool's gold.
Gilding looks like gold, but it is not.
(Paired with Shiny's Bullion)
Miningcrate001.jpg Gold Medal (Goldrush, ...) None Gold Medal Dynamites were products of the real life company, Illinois Powder Mfg. Co.
Goldbloom logo.png Goldbloom Tropical Flora Export Enclosure None Unknown
Goldstream fuel.jpg Goldstream Fuel Co. (Foundry, ...) BLU Jurassic Park actor Jeff Goldblum
Gray Gravel.png Gray Gravel Co. Gravel Pit, Frontier
(Goldrush, Foundry, ...)
Gray Mann Gray Mann, CEO.
Hammond Amber Mining.png Hammond's Amber Mining Co. Enclosure Unknown John Hammond and his source of "Dino DNA
Hampshire's Heavy Lifting Equipment.png Hampshire's Heavy Lifting Equipment (Byre) Unknown The "Hampshire Heavies" TF2 community
Handyhoe.png Handy Hoe (Hoodoo, Nightfall, ...) RED Unknown
Happy Farmers.png Happy Farmers Cooperative 2Fort, Hightower, Viaduct RED A happy face emoticon is incorporated into the circular form logo commonly used by cooperative agricultural groups.
RedTractorSign.PNG Happy Farmers Cooperative
(Thunder Mountain, Foundry, Well, ...) RED Farmall 400

From a promotional artwork for the famous International Harvester Red tractors; the largest selling row crop tractors of the middle 20th Century.
(Paired with Industrial Tractor)

Husky Acres.png Husky Acres (Granary, Decoy, ...) RED Unknown
Icarus Airliners.png Icarus Airliners (Coldfront) Unknown Eric "Icarus" Wong, the mapper that created Coldfront in which this poster appears.
"Flying High" is how the mythic Icarus crashed.
Imperial Mining.png Imperial Mining Gold Rush, Upwards, Nightfall RED Unknown

(Paired with Regal Plumbing Supplies)

Industrial.png Industrial
(Dustbowl, Gravel Pit, Hydro, 2Fort, Viaduct, Foundry, Badwater Basin, ...) BLU Caterpillar D10

The first commercially successful tractor to use the iconic "high-drive system" invented by C. L. Best, founding CEO of Caterpillar Inc.
(Paired with Happy Farmers Tractor)

Jenkin Coal.png Jenkin Coal Co. Dustbowl, Upward, Mountain Lab, Doomsday ... None Unknown
Jimi jam.jpg Jimi Jam (Foundry, Hightower, Citizen Pain Minigun) BLU
RED (for Citizen Pain Minigun)
(Paired with Driller)
Jobbs Orchards.png Jobbs Orchards Mac Update trailer BLU Steve Jobs (deceased), the former CEO of Apple.
Klints Hocks.PNG Klintz Hocks Rottenburg Unknown "low on the hog"

Living "high on the hog" refers to being affluent enough to eat the back and hams of the hog; so eating the other parts, as listed on this sign, would be "low on the hog".

Sign056.jpg Lucky Plucker (Foundry, ...) BLU (Paired with Sanders BBQ)
"... or the egg?"
Mann Co. Tag.png Mann Co.

(Weapons, Cosmetic items)

Decoy, Mannworks, Coal Town
Mann Co. Catalog
Mann Co. Store
Mann Co. Previously owned by Saxton Hale, Mann Co. is the company that supplied the TF2 mercenaries with their weapons in the Gravel Wars and the Robot War.
2fort invasion poster5.png
2fort invasion poster8.png
Mann Co.
(The Mann Co. Genuine Spacesuit)
(2Fort Invasion) Mann Co. The Mann Co. Genuine Spacesuit is a sponsor of radio KKBC
Refers to the original Alien tagline.
2fort invasion poster3.png Sleepy Dog
(Meaty Chunks dog food)
(2Fort Invasion) None Sleepy Dog's Meaty Chunks dog food is a sponsor of radio KKBC
Mcj power.png McJohn Power Powerhouse BLU (Opposes Wood Electric)
Metal Co.png (Metal) (Cactus Canyon) RED Ralston Purina, famous feed mill and cereal company, which in the 1960s was well-known for this "checkerboard square" logo.
(Paired with Seed)
Mhanko.png Mhankö Mannhattan Mann Co. (Saxton Hale's boutique line)
Newell and Sons.png Newell and Sons [ Get games faster with Steam Unknown Gabe Newell, the co-founder and managing director of Valve.
Nile archaeo.png Nile Archaeo Lakeside BLU (Red Raiders' archaeologist rivals)
Train.png Northern Express Freight, Well Unknown Southern Pacific and other railroads; see Main Article: Train
Sign063.png Old Geezer Grave Matters
(Foundry, Badwater Basin, ...)
RED Planned original bobblehead from Meet the Sniper.
Primaprime.png P.R.P. None None Unknown
Pinkerpaw packaging.png Pinkerpaw Packaging Mannhattan None Unknown
Piper & Piper.png Piper & Piper Pipeworks Inc. (Badwater Basin, Double Cross, ...) BLU Valve
Primaprime.png Primaprime Projector screen for instructional films that may be available in Mission Briefings. None Unknown
Projecto.png Projecto
(Projector Screens)
Projector screen for instructional films. None Unknown
Team red.png RED Reliable Excavation Demolition Process, ... RED Unknown
RED Bread.png Red Bread Granary
(Thunder Mountain, Hightower, ...)
Expiration Date
Red Bread (Soundtrack)
RED Red wheat, the primary classification of bread wheat grown in United States and Soviet Union (now, Russia and Ukraine).
(Paired with Blue Corn Co.)
RED Iron.png RED Iron Foundry RED Red Iron, referencing the color and strength of structural steel.
(Paired with BLU Steel)
Red iron works.jpg RED Iron Works Foundry RED Ironworks, a factory where iron ore is refined into steel.
(Paired with BLU Blast Complex)
Red raiders.png Red Raiders Lakeside RED (Nile Archaeo's treasure hunting rivals)
RED Shed.png Red Shed.png Red Shed
(Red Shed Whiskey)
(Red Shed Beer)
(Badwater Basin, Coal Town, ...)
Ring of Fired
Meet the Sandvich
Rancho Relaxo RED
RED Tougaloo, Mississippi, is completely the campus of historic Tougaloo College..
(Paired with BLU Brewery)
Red Valley Mining.png Red Valley Mining Badlands RED Unknown
Redstone.png Redstone Cargo Freight RED Unknown

(Paired with BLU Freight & Shipping)

Sign062.png Regal Plumbing Supplies Gold Rush
(Dustbowl, Thunder Mountain, ...)
BLU Unknown

(Paired with Imperial Mining)

Rio Grande.png Rio Grande Coal Co. Badlands, Bigrock, Thunder Mountain BLU A.D.M., whose molecule in green leaf logo from the 60s and 70s symbolized making chemicals from plants instead of oil or coal.
SpaceChem: A.D.M.'s 4 atoms are replaced by SpaceChem's 3-atom logo.
D&RGW: railroad that once served the Rio Grande Valley and used this particular font.
Rolling Stone.png Rolling Stone Mining Logistics Unknown RED Could Be a refrence to The Magazine or Band of the same name.
Sanders bbq.jpg Sanders BBQ Foundry RED Colonel Sanders,
founder of Kentucky Fried Chicken.
Famous Dave's Bar-B-Que
(Paired with Lucky Plucker)
"Which came first, the chicken, ..."
Schucker & Sons.png Schucker & Sons Decoy Unknown Unknown
Scoots canoe.jpg Scoot's Canoe Foundry BLU A fan nickname of the Scout.
(Paired with Sunny Hay)
Contrasts: night, play, Blue Moon
Sea Side Exports.PNG Sea Side Exports Mannhattan RED This sign takes the place of the circle C sign that would normally mark the defender's last of three points, or "C side".
Seed Co.png (Seed) (Cactus Canyon) BLU (Paired with Metal)
Shiny's Bullion.png Shiny's Bullion (Hoodoo, Foundry, ...) RED False or fool's gold.
"All that shines is not gold."
(Paired with Gilded Gold)
Sign106 sunny hay.jpg Sunny Hay Barnblitz
(Foundry, Thunder Mountain, ..)
RED "Grass grows, ... sun shines, ...."
— a tagline of the Scout.
(Paired with Scoot's Canoe)
Contrasts: day, work, (red) Sun
Telemax-logo.png Telemax
Unknown Unknown Unknown
TF Industries Logo.png TF Industries
Saxton Series of action comics)
WAR!, ...
Sentry Operating Manual
None A reference to both Valve and Team Fortress 2.
Wood electric.png Wood Electric Powerhouse RED (Opposes McJohn Power)
Wright shipping.jpg Wright Shipping (Mannhattan, ...) BLU Matt & Danika Wright, 3D artists at Valve.
XXX.png XXX Bottle None A mark indicating extra strong alcoholic beverage.
Yeti park logo.png Yeti Park Mercenary Park None Logo of the Yeti fight park; although, the image is of a traditional bear forepaw print.
Yti logo.png YTI
Institute for Research and Development.
Mercenary Park None Logo of the facility that altered the Yeti for greater strength and aggression.
Yti-Hale shipping.png Yti-Hale Shipping Mercenary Park None Saxton Hale's amalgamated violent animal shipping company.
Sign055.png Zippy Plow (Foundry, Goldrush, Badlands, ...) RED The Ferguson System, later known as the three-point hitch.

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