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How Mikado282 got possessed by the wiki.
The intention is that pre-Cappers apply within.

Here, I running a Help Wanted! page to list various wiki work that I would like to see done on the English articles, but it doesn't have to be done by me. (You don't need my explicit permission, just give it a bold shot.) (part of being too busy is this page gets WAY out of date)

  • Halloween Contracts Please, update contract overview and add missing images for community_maps_2 (2021 version), community_maps_3 (2022), and community_maps_4 (2023). As each of these is the most recent version of each contract tracker tab, this should not be too hard. IDK if you will have to wait until next year's event, or it these can be found in the game files or by spoofing your computer's time.
  • Add missing image: File:Scream_Fortress_2023_showcard.png
  • Create Chicken (disambiguation). Pictogram tick.png Dead!
  • Help me update this page, no wait, that's supposed to be me.
  • Are the Pipe and Rocket models in the Scrap Metal and in the Scrap drawer of the Dispenser current models from scrapped items? See also Talk:Crafting#All_your_scraps_are_Scrap.
  • I need to review old talk threads for NPP, there seems to be some overlooked work there, I had to bail rather abruptly, technically still bailing.
Many staff and editors helped finish this after I could no longer direct it.
  • Document the neglected Saxton Series comics. Do as much as you can; I will help. Friending for steam messaging is the best way to collaborate with me.
    • Create Category:Saxton Series cover postcards under Category:Postcards. (That might be dead).
    • Upload the Saxton Series cover postcard linked to by Blog post 3130 into that new category.
      • Before you say, "But, wait, these are already on the wiki!", know that the full images are not on this wiki. The person who uploaded the images you see on Comics either had another source or clipped the postcard backs. Pictogram tick.png Dead! (thank you, Profiteer)
    • Transcript the text on the postcard backs.
    • Note where these 2009 contents are referenced in later media, especially in 2013 Saxton's office.
    • Add notes to Comics how the series publication presages Valve's promotion of events and updates with multiple comics.
  • Participate in the Featured articles:
    • Great activity for new editors! Read the past Featured Articles as models of how to write good articles.
    • Review and vote on nominated articles. It is certain that the reason that Tark doesn't change the Featured Article very often is that editors don't show enough interest to vote for articles. Vote!, I say.
    • Then, keep reading, find articles that are not that good, finish them, then nominate them.
      • (Many articles are made in a rush by gamers in a hurry, nay, a race, only to make small, rushed uncoordinated edits. The result can leave an opportunity for someone to spend some time organizing the article.)
  • Scan the Map Strategy pages for out-of-date Infoboxes (not updated to changes in the main article's infobox). Hold off on this; I am thinking about opening a discussion about making an abbreviated, low-maintenance, update-proof infobox for map strategies, as present practice has demonstrated problems with maintenance.
  • I have been working on cleaning up and expanding English tagged article lists for new editors to see if they can help (where I can, I tag it rather than do it myself):
  1. List of stub articles needing completion (I tried to move Custom map stubs into a subcat).
  2. Images that need improving
  3. List of Lists to be expanded < I will be tagging some of the incomplete Image categories for this.

  • There are several wonderful new companies and posters that have been added to the game in and since End of the Line Update that have never been uploaded to the wiki. I don't have the time to search for them to upload. IIRC, they are in the VPK files.

  • Most anything on my To Do page (the Wiki Life part) is available for others to contribute.
    • All I ask is quality English (for which I offer coaching).

  • I would like to see role and two weapon load out strategies added somehow to the Class strategies, particularly those strategies that can't effectively be discussed by single weapon; e.g., Pybro  ·  Medieval Medic (interplay of three specific weapons)  ·  Spyro (two weapon interplay)  ·  Meat Turret  ·  Piss Sniper
    • To a large extent, this has been done (see "Weapon combinations" sections in the Community Class Strategies, so broadly disregard). (For some reason, I have had difficulty navigating to the multi-weapon playstyles.) (Searching the page for the playstyle name failed because the section is hidden.) For example: Community Pyro covers Pybro, Spyro, and Pyroshark, if not presently by explicit name in all cases. What remains is to make links from Glossary of player terms to anchors added in the "Weapon combinations" sections.
      • Unfortunately, the Weapon combinations are all hidden!?!?!? Is it absolutely necessary for the all of the wall of test in the strategies that the Weapon combinations be hidden?!?!?!?!?!?!?!?!)