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Color options?

As far as I know, the only ways to change the color of an item link's font are:

  • [[Example|<font color="X">Example</font>]]
  • [[Example|<span style="color:X">Example</span>]]

It gets bigger if you make it a link to a translated article...

  • [[Example/es|<font color="X">Ejemplo</font>]]
  • [[Example/es|<span style="color:X">Ejemplo</span>]]

...and even bigger if you make it a link with automatic translation (for something like a template).

  • [[Example{{if lang}}|<font color="X">{{item name|Example}}</font>]]
  • [[Example{{if lang}}|<span style="color:X">{{item name|Example}}</span>]]

Meanwhile, {{class link}} has a "built-in" color=X option that allows us to change the link's color much more easily - just type in a color's name ("yellow", "lime" etc) or code, and there we go.

Instead of [[Class{{if lang}}|<font color="X">{{class name|class}}</font>]]
we can just have {{class link|class|color=X}} (and it works in any language).

Now, please compare these two versions of the same table:

I think it goes without saying that the white text is easier to read than the blue text.

I tried making the item links in this navbox white (as well as the dots separating them) so that reading it would be easier as well, but I always ended up breaking it (not to mention the code became hard to understand). Having an option like the one in {{class link}} would certainly make this an easier job. - BrazilianNut (talk) 02:18, 15 December 2019 (UTC)

Link Insertion Template

shouldn't this be in Category:Link insertion templates? (in addition to its other categories, that is.) I'd add it myself, but the page is protected. Kestrelguy (talk) 18:49, 5 September 2021 (UTC)