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My first upload! The real-life Orion flare gun, similar to Pyro's "stock" one. Unfortunately, it was only afterwards that I realized this wiki... doesn't really do actual photographs.

My super secret weapons sandboxing page

User:Kestrelguy/Template:List of Item Types

List of things to do:

  • Finish Template:List of Item Types
  • Make sure all achievement items have the appropriate achievement listed in their "related achievements" section
  • make redirects for the red links on Smissmas 2016/es. done.
    • should also probably check other languages. or just edit the base template to lead to the weapon page instead of the Festivized weapon page.
      • also done for /da, /de, /fi, /fr, /it, and /nl.
  • fill out dictionary with festivized item names for /cs, /hu, /pt, /sv, and /tr.
    • fix /fr capitalization for Festivized Kukri.
  • find random localized item names that won't bring the appropriate page up in the search bar, and make them into redirects.
  • get
Refined Metal Hibernating Bear weapon Big Chief
Item icon Refined Metal.pngx4 + Item icon Brass Beast.pngItem icon Buffalo Steak Sandvich.pngItem icon Warrior's Spirit.png = Item icon Big Chief.png

working properly in all possible supported languages

    • add to respective items
    • make sure all other item sets are properly defined