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Dead Heat Icon.png As of 12 May, 2021,
I have been a TF2 Wiki member for 4 months, 19 days. (since 24 December, 2020)

SmallEdit.jpg This user likes to edit articles in teeny baby bits.
2-dice-icon.png This user loves surfing the Wiki via Random Page.
No Steam.png This user does not have a steam account, but still likes to edit the TF2 wiki.
User Pyro.png This user is a Pyro.
“Mhmmh... mmmmm-hmm!”
Firefox Quantum Logo.png This user uses Firefox as his web browser.
Taunt Rancho Relaxo.png This user edits the wiki to slack off from work.

User Lhavelund Idiot.png This user has moments of inate idiocy. Sorry.
Is there a userbox for people with a habit of
creating wanted categories for languages
they don't actually know?
My first upload! The real-life Orion flare gun, similar to Pyro's "stock" one. Unfortunately, it was only afterwards that I realized this wiki... doesn't really do actual photographs.