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Basic information
Type: Editor
Health: 100
Speed: 100%
1000% when there is a lot of bad trivia
Team Fortress 2
Favourite classes: Medic
Favourite weapons: Vita-saw
Contact information
Steam page: DoktorAkcel

Anuhza successful procedure!
DoktorAkcel after a long day of cleaning trivia

Hi, i am Team Fortress 2 Wiki translator. Currently working on some missing Russian pages, and fixing old ones. I am not so good at fluent English, so, i am sorry, if i am making some mistakes.
И, да : я настоящий русский, если кто сомневается :3

User DrAkcel Killicon spinaltap vitasaw.png
 Bad trivia


Currently, my goal is : fix every wrong Russian page. I was already awarded for my work, so i can now really work just for fun. But i still have a lot to do, because Team Fortress 2 world don't have borders, there always be new weapons, hats, tools and such...

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