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User Benjamuffin Demopan.png
Basic Information
Icon: User Benjamuffin class demo.png
Type: Community Fad
Health: 175 / 260
Speed: 93%
300% with the Frying Pan equipped
Meet The Demopan
User Benjamuffin DemopanVidSplash.png
Stout Shako for 2 Refined!
The Demopan

A scrumpan-swilling drunken demolitpan expert from the Stouttish highlands, the Demopan (real name Demoman (real-real name Tavish DeGroot)) is one of the more versatile members of the team. Though his weapons lack pinpoint long-range accuracy, the Demopan is a powerful (if unpredictable) asset, and can hold his own in just about any situation. He is a master of hat collection, excelling at indirect, hat stacking. Armed with his Frying Pan and Chargin' Targe, the Demopan uses his only good eye and knowledge of the surrounding environment for well-timed trade offers that send enemies skyward.

The Demopan excels at swift disassembly; he can bounce his Frying Pan in creative angles to wreak havoc on enemy Sentry Gun emplacements while remaining safely out of sight. His Dangeresque Too? is the perfect tool for blind-sight denial, and is effective in keeping opponents away from any Stout Shakos, refined metal, and crafting blueprints he deems off-limits.

The Demopan is voiced by GCFScape File Editing.


Basic Strategy

User Benjamuffinava.jpg
Main articles: Demopan - tips, Demopan - strategy
  • Hit MOUSE1 to attack with your Frying Pan, then MOUSE2 to use your Chargin' Targe.
  • With the Frying Pan, the longer you hold down the fire button, the more hats you equip at once.
  • Throw the Frying Pan beneath your feet to ‘Demopan-jump' up to great heights.
  • Hide your many hats inside walls and ceilings where they're hard to phish.
  • If a Heavy is in a hard to kill spot then send him a good trade request then offer him your Stout Shako to temporarily paralyze him.


Main article: Weapons

Note: Weapon damage is approximate and listed at base value. See individual weapon pages for additional figures.


Weapon Kill Icon Ammo
Damage Range Notes / Special Abilities
Chargin' Targe
Unlock / Craft / Drop / Uncrate
Chargin' Targe
Killicon chargin' targe.png N/A N/A Full charge:

Pictogram info.png Secondary fire charges the player forward at high speed adding Mini-Crits (at half charge) or Critical hits (at full charge) to any melee attack. Any enemy hit just by the full charge takes 50 or more damage.

Pictogram plus.png Adds 50% resistance to fire damage.

Pictogram plus.png Adds 40% resistance to explosive damage.

Pictogram plus.png Grants immunity to the effects of afterburn.

Pictogram info.png Grants its abilities passively, does not need to be selected.


Weapon Kill Icon Ammo
Damage Range Notes / Special Abilities
Frying Pan
Frying Pan
Killicon frying pan.png N/A N/A Base: 65

Crit: 195

Promotional item from Left 4 Dead 2: The Sacrifice.

Item sets

The Demopan
User OluapPlayer Demopan.png Frying Pan Chargin' Targe Dangeresque, Too? Bounty Hat
Frying Pan Chargin' Targe Dangeresque, Too? Bounty Hat
Effect +100% chance of trading your Stout Shako for 2 refined


Main article: Hats

Official class avatars

Official class avatars
Original set RED ÜberCharged set BLU ÜberCharged set
User Benjamuffinava.jpg User Benjamuffin Buffed red.jpg User Benjamuffin Buffed blu.jpg
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Main article: Demopan achievements
  • Demopan pack: 264,843 achievements, 1337 milestones.



  • The beta prototype of the Demopan was supposed to have every model in the game attached to bip_head (the bone which hats are attached to). It was later dropped for the actual Bounty Hat style both because the former consumed many game resources and because the latter was quicker.
  • The HUD icon of the Demopan uses an outdated file. The file in-game depicts the Demopan as an ordinary poor, irish Demoman.
  • The Demopan lost a seven item trade waged between himself and the Soldier, thus losing out on his chance to obtain the Stout Shako for two Refined Metal.
  • He was a part of the KritzKast contest as well, in which contestants submitted what they thought the Demopan says in the censored portion of the Meet the Demopan.
  • The emblem on the Demopan's arm was originally a bomb, then later changed to a stick of dynamite, then a sticky bomb, and now a Frying Pan as of November 19, 2010.
  • In Frying Night at the Panventory, an image of the RED Demopan makes a cameo as the Jack card for the red suits (hearts and diamonds) in the "TF2" card deck.
  • The Demopan's Bounty Hat and Dangeresque Too? make an appearance in Worms: Recoated as one of the hats selectable hat for the player's worms.
  • The Assault class of Monday Night Cookout has a promo item with the Demopan's eyepatch, beanie, Bounty Hat, and Dangeresque Too?, and named "Eye Pan".

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