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Basic information
Icon: Leaderboard class heavy.png
(Type ): Offense
Health: 175
777 when overdosed on a Peanut Cheese Bar
Speed: 173%
300% while trying to find Spycrabs
Teddy .


Name: Teddy Jr. The Third
Location of origin: Mother's Day, USA
Job: Slash and Swing; with style.
Motto: "Good fight?"
Special ability: Swordfights, baby!
Emblems: 50px  50px
Beta emblems: Heavy emblem RED beta.png  Heavy emblem BLU beta.png
Description: Teddy was named after the car repair factory of his parents, which went under the name "TEDDY MOTOR CO.". Already at the age of three did Teddy display more adult-like properties, where he also used to carry around a package of chocolate cigarettes. He started to enjoy fighting at the age of five, and at the age of ten he surpassed 170 cm in height and switched his chocolate cigarettes to real ones.

He was eleven years old during the first time he arrived home in a patrol car, and when he was twelve years old, lied and said that he was twice his actual age to take up a graveyard shift at the Live House. He used his wages to purchase a Siamese cat to his parents as a present at the age of thirteen, and became the leader of the Bla-Bla Gang when he was fourteen.

Leaderboard class spy.png About (The Real) Me

Seriously though, that userbox is unfinished, as you can tell because I don't have the resources to make my own, and Scout isn't just my favorite class; anyway, though, Ladies and Gentlemenn, I'm Dr. Kyurem, #1 for N Assisted Truthicide! Also, Tf2 Wiki Editor, and Tf2 Player.
Dr. Kyurem on the reason why he made that (unfinished) userbox, and tells us about his arrival.

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