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O Hi There!

LingoSalad on your arrival
Hot Dog!

The name's LingoSalad.

If for any reason you want to contact to me, feel free to leave a comment on my talk page. I'm often on the IRC, or at least have it minimized. Feel free to shoot me an invite on steam [1]

Anyways, here's my story. I was once a wee lad, curious about the inner-workings and innards of a wiki (not gonna lie, I was enticed by the Wiki Cap, too.) I started out small, fixing grammar, re-writing sentences, etc. Soon I learned tables, templates, categories, and more. By then, I found out that wiki editing was slightly addicting. Many hours and a lot of edits later, I was granted my very own Community Wiki Cap.
I'm not super-active around this wiki anymore, because frankly, I have a hard time finding stuff that needs to be done. If you're in a bind like me, come around and visit the unofficial Portal wiki, run by some of the same staff here. The Portal Wiki

Backpack Wiki Cap.png
Community Wiki Cap
Level 20
Given to valuable Community Contributors.
Effect: Community Sparkle
Given to valuable contributors to the official TF2 wiki.

To Do:

* Trivia Patrol Pictogram wait.png Ongoing
* RC Patrol Pictogram wait.png Ongoing
* Go through patch notes and add previous changes to articles Pictogram tick.png Done
* Go through classic patch notes and add previous changes to articles Pictogram tick.png Done
* Take pictures: Mann Co. Catalog Pictogram tick.png Done, Health Pictogram tick.png Done
* Re-write/clean up class matchup articles Pictogram tick.png Done
* Attempt to turn weapons' articles' damage section into a template Pictogram cross.png  Discontinued here
* Fix some internal links to disambig. pages Pictogram tick.png Done
* Categorize/request move images whose categories are not sufficient Pictogram wait.png In progress
* New table style on major update pages and other pages where applicable Pictogram tick.png Done


* All patches transcluded, for searching through

Holy Dumphouse! User-boxes!

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Hats & items

Template:Item checklist


Leaderboard class scout.png Item icon Scattergun.png Item icon Lugermorph.png Item icon Holy Mackerel.png Wiki Cap
Leaderboard class soldier.png Item icon Rocket Launcher.png Item icon Shotgun.png Item icon Equalizer.png Wiki Cap
Leaderboard class pyro.png Item icon Degreaser.png Item icon Shotgun.png Item icon Axtinguisher.png Wiki Cap
Leaderboard class demoman.png Item icon Grenade Launcher.png Item icon Stickybomb Launcher.png Item icon Ullapool Caber.png Wiki Cap
Leaderboard class heavy.png Item icon Minigun.png Item icon Shotgun.png Item icon Fists.png Wiki Cap
Leaderboard class engineer.png Item icon Shotgun.png Item icon Lugermorph.png Item icon Gunslinger.png Wiki Cap
Leaderboard class medic.png Item icon Syringe Gun.png Item icon Medi Gun.png Item icon Amputator.png Wiki Cap
Leaderboard class sniper.png Item icon Sniper Rifle.png Item icon Jarate.png Item icon Bushwacka.png Wiki Cap
Leaderboard class spy.png Item icon Revolver.png Item icon Knife.png Item icon Invisibility Watch.png Wiki Cap