Baseball Bill's Sports Pate

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I flyin'!
The Scout Head
Baseball Bill's Pate
Basic Information
Used by: Heavy
Slot: Secondary
Availability: Drop or Purchase
Tradable: Yes
Giftable: Yes
Craftable: No
Paintable: No
Nameable: Yes
Medieval: Yes
Reload type: Picking up the fresh Scout's head
Loadout Stats
Backpack Scrap Metal.png
Baseball Bill's Pate
Level 5-25 Head
Throw to your enemies to make them scared!
After hit: 5 seconds of scare effect
Can pick up the freshly gibbed Scout's head.
Once throwed: it cannot be picked up back
Once throwed: cannot be resupplied by Resupply Locker
The Scout with the Sandman beats you by stunning your big baby head? Throw him with gibbed Scout head to show him who's in charge.

( Not Usable in Crafting )

The Baseball Bill's Pate is a community created secondary weapon for the Heavy. It is a gibbed Scout head.

This item is a thrown weapon; the Scout's head will appear, causing the player to be scared, similar to the Ghosts, and lasts 5 seconds. Thrown head will have a team-colored radius particle, similar to the Medic's effect of overhealing, that causes to scare the player. Baseball Bill's Pate can be restored by picking up the already gibbed Scout; however, when the player throws it, then it cannot be picked up back. Also, it cannot be resupplied by visiting the Resupply Locker.


  • Currently backpack icon shows the Scout without a cap, while in-game he is with.
  • In 1st Person view, Heavy's animation shows that he's throwing, but when seen in World view, it shows in a Civilian pose.
  • It is possible to be scared when the head is behind the wall
  • Sometimes the blood will appear in the wrong position than the head hits.
  • This item does not glow when crit-boosted