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Zepheniah Ghost.png
Basic Information
Damage Done: None (Stun)
Affected By:
• Battalion's Backup: No
• Bonk! Atomic Punch: Yes
• Candy Cane: No
• Chargin' Targe: No
• Dead Ringer: No
• Gunboats: No
• Mini-crits: No
• ÜberCharge: No
Found On: Brimstone, Erebus, Eyeaduct, Gravestone, Ghoulpit, Ghost Fort, Harvest Event, Hellstone, Helltower, Moonshine Event, Precipice, Slasher, Terror
This article is about the scary enviromental hazard NPCs. For other uses, see Player Ghosts and Ghost (disambiguation). This article does not cover the non-scaring Ghost props seen around many maps.
Shoot over my bones, and I shall visit upon you a haunting the likes of which you have never seen.

Ghosts are moving environmental hazard NPCs introduced in the Haunted Hallowe'en Special on Harvest Event (as the haunting promised by Zepheniah Mann) and are now found on many later Halloween maps. These Ghosts appear as glowing blue/violet sheeted Ghosts, often wearing a Ghastly Gibus.

Normally, Ghosts appears at certain spots in the maps following any of a number of predetermined routes at the ends of which they disappear. During their brief appearances, they give out moans and may dim nearby lights. If any player gets too close, the Ghosts may utter a boo and scare the player, haunting them for several seconds.

Ghosts may appear after a special event of the map occurs, depending on the map. Note that not all Haunted maps have Ghosts.

  • Ghosts may appear after capturing an objective (e.g., in Eyeaduct after capturing the control point).
  • Ghosts may appear on scheduled times and routes (e.g., in Hellstone ).
  • Ghosts may appear during or after a Witching Hour (e.g., between Helltower's Witching Hours, the Ghosts of Zepheniah Mann appears at the Clocktower to stun players there).
  • Ghosts may appear when a Wheel of Fate spin so determines (e.g., in Ghost Fort and Moonshine Event).

Killing a player while they are scared by the Ghost during a Halloween event grants the player the Scared Stiff Scarechievement. Additionally, a player scared by the Ghost can count towards certain stun/slowdown related achievements.


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Related achievements

Pumpkin.png Scarechievements

Scared Stiff
Scared Stiff
Kill a player scared by a ghost.

Leaderboard class scout.png Scout

Strike Zone
Strike Zone
Kill or assist kill 50 enemies while they are stunned or slowed.

Leaderboard class soldier.png Soldier

The Longest Daze
The Longest Daze
Kill 5 stunned or slowed players.

Update history

June 21, 2022 Patch


  • If a player is stuck on the tower outside of Helltower's Witching Hour, stunned by Zepheniah, they are able to "spam" taunts over and over and move at the same time.


  • Ghosts must remain somewhere on the map between their wanderings among the players. Usually, they are kept in hidden locations, where they appear face down after they have completed any wandering; the first case of this being the room under the point on Harvest Event.


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