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How to disable a filter

If the bot is malfunctioning, chances are that the problem lies in one of these blocks of code. Thus, instead of shutting down the whole bot, it would be wiser to disable only the chunk of code that is misbehaving. To make the bot ignore a certain line, add a "#" in front of it:

# This line will be ignored

If there are multiple lines, wrap them inside triple-quotes (you still need to put the two spaces at the beginning of the line):

"""This line will be ignored
and this one as well
and this one is cake
and the previous one was a lie but it was still ignored"""

If all else fails, you can simply delete the block from the page. The bot can't come up with code by itself yet, so it won't run anything. Or, if the problem really is elsewhere, block the bot.


Global filters

File categorization (Add {{No category}} or {{User image}})

def fileCategorization(content, **kwargs):
	badLoneCategories = [u'Category:Screenshot images', u'Category:Artwork images', u'Category:Multimedia files', u'Category:Extracted media', u'Category:Images without license tags', u'Category:Images that need improving', u'Category:Images using ((Another license)) incorrectly']
	extraStuff = u'{{No category}}'
	userImage = u'[[Category:User images]]'
	regLang = compileRegex('/[^/]+$')
	if 'article' not in kwargs or content.lower().find(u'#redirect') != -1:
		return content
	title = u(kwargs['article'].title)
	if title[:5].lower() != u'file:':
		return content
	categories = kwargs['article'].getCategories()
	if title[:10].lower() == 'file:user ':
		if u'Category:User images' not in categories and userImage not in content:
			return (content.strip() + u'\n' + userImage).strip()
		return content # Don't go further
	for c in categories:
		if u(regLang.sub(u'', c)) not in badLoneCategories:
			return content
	if not len(content):
		return extraStuff
	if content.find(extraStuff) != -1:
		return content
	return content.strip() + u'\n' + extraStuff

Page filters

addPageFilter(r'^user:', r'(?:talk|help|wiki|template):')

Semantic filters

Item names

categories = [ # These are categories that contain that name of things that should be capitalized
    'Miscellaneous items',
exceptions = [ # Those are page names that are in the above categories but should not count as capitalized weapon names
    'Direct Hit',
    'Hats', 'Weapons', 'Miscellaneous items', 'Buildings',
    'Item levels',
    'Developer weapons',
    'Self-made items',
    'Unused content',
    'Promotional items',
    'Mercenary', 'Taunts', 'Decapitation', 'Fists', 'Cloak', 'One-Man Army', # Too common to be reliably replaced
    'Club', 'Bat', 'Knife', 'Syringe', 'Bottle', 'Original', # Ditto (weapons)
    'Classified', # Not capitalized even when referring to the hat
    'Attendant', # Avoids issue with French
    'Buff Banner', 'Medi Gun', 'Bonk Helm', 'B.A.S.E. Jumper', # Avoids issue with German
    'Voodoo Juju', # Conflicts Juju/JuJu
    'Reskins' # Not capitalized
for c in categories:
    c = wikitools.category.Category(wiki(), u(c))
    for p in pageFilter(c.getAllMembers(titleonly=True)):
        if p not in exceptions:
# Special case: Direct Hit
addSafeFilter(wordFilter('Direct Hit', r'(?<!a )(?<!one )(?<!on )(?<!\()(?<!placed )(?<!single )\bDirect Hit'))
# Special case: Attendant
enforceCapitalization('Attendant', languageBlacklist=['fr'])
# Special cases: "Buff-Banner"/"Medigun" in German
enforceCapitalization('Buff Banner', 'Medi Gun', languageBlacklist=['de'])
enforceCapitalization('Buff-Banner', 'Medigun', language='de')
# Put "an" in front of Electro Sapper
    dumbReplace('an Sapper', 'a Sapper'),
    dumbReplace('An Sapper', 'A Sapper')
# Flare Gun
addSafeFilter(wordFilter('Flare Gun', 'flaregun'))


# Not "Heavy" because the word can be used as an adjective:
classes = ['Scout', 'Soldier', 'Pyro', 'Demoman', 'Heavy Weapons Guy', 'Engineer', 'Medic', 'Sniper'] # Spy added later
classesPlurals = ['Scouts', 'Pyros', 'Demomen', 'Heavy Weapons Guys', 'Heavies', 'Engineers', 'Snipers', 'Spies']
# Special Spy case:
addSafeFilter(wordFilter('Spy', '(?<!I )Spy'))
classes.append('Spy') # Used in later functions with Spy included


DISABLED because of TFC's team names

"""addSafeFilter(wordFilter('BLU', 'BLU(?![- ]+ray)'))
# Can't force simply "red" because it would ruin things like "this red hat" or something. However, the following can probably be assumed to be correct:
for c in classes + classesPlurals + ['Soldiers']:
    enforceCapitalization('RED ' + c) # Capitalize "RED Scout", "RED Demoman", etc
enforceCapitalization('RED team', 'RED Heavy', 'RED Intelligence')
# Similarly, "blue" can be converted to "BLU" in the same cases:
for c in classes + classesPlurals + ['Soldiers']:
    addSafeFilter(wordFilter('BLU ' + c, 'blue? ' + c)) # Convert "blue scout" -> "BLU Scout", "blue demoman" -> "BLU Demoman", etc.
    wordFilter('BLU team', 'blue? team'),
    wordFilter('BLU Heavy', 'blue? Heavy'),
    wordFilter('BLU Intelligence', 'blue? intelligence')

Other capitalized words

enforceCapitalization('Team Fortress 2', 'TF2')
enforceCapitalization('Payload', 'Overtime', 'Dispensers', 'Sappers')
enforceCapitalization('PlayStation', 'Xbox')
enforceCapitalization('iPod', 'iPhone')

Word aliases

    wordFilter(u'Ubersaw', u'[üÜ]bersaw'), # Ubersaw
    wordFilter(u'Force-a-Nature', u'Force of Nature'), # Force-A-Nature
    wordFilter(u'ÜberCharges', u'[Üüu]ber(?!säge)(?!sage)(?! Entertainment)(?: ?charge)?s'), # ÜberCharges
    wordFilter(u'Intelligence', u'Intel(?!\\s*(?:CPU|processor))'), # Intelligence (maybe adding "flag" in there would be too agressive)
    wordFilter(u'Sapper', u'(?:Ele[ck]tro |Ultra )+Sapper', u'Electro-?Sapper'),
    wordFilter(u'Heavy Weapons Guy', u'Heavy Guy'),
    wordFilter(u'Intelligence room', u'Intel(?:ligence)? room'),
    wordFilter(u'Intelligence briefcase', u'Intel(?:ligence)? briefcase'),
    wordFilter(u'K.G.B.', u'KGB'),
    wordFilter(u'Chieftain', u'Chieftian', u'Chieftan'),
    wordFilter(u'Batallion\'s Backup', u'Batallion\'?s? Back-?up'),
    wordFilter(u'Mann-Conomy', u'Mann?-?Conomy'),
    wordFilter(u'First-person view', u'1(?:st)? person view'),
    wordFilter(u'Über Update', u'[UÜü]ber update')
    #wordFilter(u'Stickybomb', u'Stickybomb', u'Sticky bomb'),
    #wordFilter(u'Stickybombs', u'Stickybombs', u'Sticky bombs')
    wordFilter(u'Medi Gun', u'Medi-?Gun'),
    languageBlacklist=['fr', 'de', 'pl']

Sentry Gun

    wordFilter(u'Sentry Gun', r"(?<!Mini.)(?<!Mah.)(?<!My.)Sentry(?![-\s]*(?:Gun|here|ahead|forward|up there|right up|, right up|'{2,}|jump)|-)"),
    wordFilter(u'Sentry Guns', r'Sentry Guns', r'Sentries(?!\s+Gun)'),
    wordFilter(u'Combat Mini-Sentry Gun', r'Combat Mini-Sentry Gun', r'(?:(?:Mini|Combat)\s+)+Sentry(?!\s+Gun|-)'),
    wordFilter(u'Combat Mini-Sentry Guns', r'(?:(?:Mini|Combat)[-\s]+)+Sentr(?:y[-\s]+Guns|ies)')
addFilter(regex(r'\[\[([^][|]+\|)?(?:Sentry Guns|Sentries)\]\]', '$1Sentry Guns')) # Put the "s" out of the link

Common misspellings

    wordFilter('Huntsman', 'Hunstman'),
    wordFilter('Dispenser', 'Dis?pen[sc][eo]r'),
    wordFilter('Heavy', 'Hevy'),
    wordFilter('Engineer', 'Enginer'),
    wordFilter('Soldier', 'Solider'),
    wordFilter('Mini-Crit', 'Minicrit'),
    wordFilter('Mini-Crits', 'Minicrits'),
    wordFilter('Chargin\' Targe', 'charg[ei][-\'n\\s]*targe?'),
    wordFilter('Kritzkrieg', 'Kritzkreig'),
    wordFilter('screenshot', 'screen shot'),
    wordFilter('screenshots', 'screen shots'),
    wordFilter('in-game', 'ingame'),
    # wordFilter('team-colored', 'team colou?red', keepcapitalization=True)
    # wordFilter('color', '(?<!Rustic )colour')
    wordFilter('Natascha', 'Natas?c?ha'),
    wordFilter(u'tradable', u'tradeable', keepcapitalization=True),
    wordFilter('Spies', 'Spys'),
    languageBlacklist=['de', 'es']

Map names

    #wordFilter('Gravel Pit', '(?<!cp_)Gravelpit', 'Gravel pit'), - Conflicts with Gravelpit Emperor and its various translations
    wordFilter('Badwater Basin', '(?<!pl_)Badwater Basin', '(?<!pl_)Badwater(?!\s+Basin)'),
    wordFilter('Gold Rush', '(?<!pl_)Goldrush')
# Capitalisation rules for map names are whitelist-based rather than Category:Maps+blacklist based, because lots of maps are common nouns.
# As such, if a map with a non-common name is added, please add it to this list.
    '2Fort', 'Badlands', 'Coldfront', 'Dustbowl', 'Egypt', 'Fastlane', 'Granary', 'Gullywash',
    'Hightower', 'Hoodoo', 'Landfall', 'Offblast', 'Thunder Mountain',
    'Viaduct', 'Wildfire', 'Yukon'

Section headers

    wordFilter(u'== Update history ==', u'==+ ?(?:Update history|Previous changes) ?==+'),
    wordFilter(u'== See also ==', u'==+ ?See also ?==+'),
    wordFilter(u'== External links ==', u'==+ ?External links ?==+'),
    wordFilter(u'== Painted variants ==', u'==+ ?Painted variants ?==+'),
    wordFilter(u'== Item set ==', u'==+ ?Item set ?==+'),
    wordFilter(u'== Damage and function times ==', u'==+ ?Damage and function times ?==+'),
    wordFilter(u'=== As a crafting ingredient ===', u'==+ ?As a crafting ingredient ?==+'),
    wordFilter(u'== Unused content ==', u'==+ ?Unused content ?==+'),
    wordFilter(u'== See also ==', u'==+ ?See also ?==+'),
    wordFilter(u'== Related achievements ==', u'==+ ?Related achievements ?==+'),
    wordFilter(u'== Strange variant ==', u'==+ ?Strange variant ?==+'),
    wordFilter(u'=== Undocumented changes ===', u'==+ ?Undocumented changes ?==+')

Language-specific filters


# Language-agnostic achievements auto-translate
def translateAchievements(language, pageSuffix):
        tf = readLocaleFile(urllib2.urlopen(page('File:Tf_' + language + '.txt').getDownloadUrl()).read(-1))
        print 'Downloading failed.'
        languages = parseLocaleFile(tf, language=language)
        print 'Error while parsing tf_' + language + '.txt'
    acceptPrefix = ['TF_SCOUT_', 'TF_SOLDIER_', 'TF_PYRO_', 'TF_DEMOMAN_', 'TF_HEAVY_', 'TF_ENGINEER_', 'TF_MEDIC_', 'TF_SNIPER_', 'TF_SPY_', 'TF_GET_', 'TF_KILL_', 'TF_BURN_', 'TF_WIN_', 'TF_PLAY_']
    acceptSuffix = ['_NAME', '_DESC']
    filteredAchievements = languagesFilter(languages, commonto=[language, 'english'], prefix=acceptPrefix, suffix=acceptSuffix, exceptions=['TF_SOLDIER_ASSIST_MEDIC_UBER_NAME'])
    associateLocaleWordFilters(filteredAchievements, 'english', language, pageSuffix)

Romanian filters

# Romanian characters
        u'ş': u'ș',
        u'ţ': u'ț'
    }), language='ro'
# Romanian achievements (disabled for now)
#translateAchievements('romanian', 'ro')
# Fix User:Vulturas's stoopid:
    wordFilter(u'batjocură', u'batjocoră'),
    wordFilter(u'batjocura', u'batjocora'),
    wordFilter(u'batjocureşte', u'batjocoreşte', u'batjocorește'),
    wordFilter(u'batjocuri', u'batjocori'),
    wordFilter(u'batjocurile', u'batjocorile'),
    wordFilter(u'batjocurii', u'batjocorii'),

German filters

addSafeFilter( # Requested by Picard
    wordFilter(u'Krit-a-Cola', u'(?<!Bonk! )[CK]rit-\'?[an]\'?-Cola'),
    wordFilter(u'Bonk! Krit-\'n-Cola', u'Bonk! [CK]rit-\'?[an]\'?-Cola'),
    wordFilter(u'Krit', u'Crit'),
    wordFilter(u'Krits', u'Crits'),
    wordFilter(u'Sonstiger Gegenstand', u'Diverser Gegenstand', u'diverser Gegenstand', u'sonstiger Gegenstand'),
    wordFilter(u'Sonstige Gegenstände', u'Diverse Gegenstände', 'diverse Gegenstände', 'sonstige Gegenstände'),
# German achievements (disabled for now)
#translateAchievements('german', 'de')
    wordFilter(u'== Update-Verlauf ==', u'==+ *(?:Update Verlauf|Letzte [Ääa]nderungen) *==+'), language='de'

Spanish filters

    wordFilter(u'Forajido', u'Gunslinger'),
    wordFilter(u'Pistolón', u'Gran Masacre'),
    wordFilter(u'Medic', u'M[eé]dico(?! Medieval)'),
    wordFilter(u'Medics', u'M[eé]dicos(?! Medieval)'),
    wordFilter(u'Sniper', u'(?<!Rifle de )Francotirador'),
    wordFilter(u'Snipers', u'(?<!Rifle de )Francotiradore?s'),
    wordFilter(u'Spy', u'Esp[ií]a'),
    wordFilter(u'Spies', u'Spys', u'Esp[ií]as'),
    wordFilter(u'Soldier', u'Soldado(?! de Fortuna)'),
    wordFilter(u'Soldiers', u'Soldados'),
    wordFilter(u'Engineer', u'(?<!Gorra de )Ingeniero'),
    wordFilter(u'Engineers', u'Ingenieros'),
    wordFilter(u'Curiosidades', u'Trivia'),
    wordFilter(u'Actualizacion Mann-Conomy', u'Mann-Conomy Update'),
    wordFilter(u'Übersaw', u'Ubersaw'),
class spanishDateFilter: # Requested by BiBi
    def __init__(self):
        self.reg = compileRegex(r'(?:Parche|Patch) del? (\d{1,2}) (?:del?)? (Enero|Febrero|Marzo|Abril|Mayo|Ju[nl]io|Agosto|Septiembre|Oct[ou]bre|Noviembre|Diciembre) de (\d{4})')
        self.filterName = u'Spanish date consistency filter'
    def replace(self, match):
        return u'Parche del ' + u( + u' de ' + u( + u' de ' + u(
    def __call__(self, content, **kwargs):
        return self.reg.sub(self.replace, content)
addSafeFilter(spanishDateFilter(), language='es')
addSafeFilter( # Requested by Dio, and later updated as requested by Ashe
    wordFilter(u'== Variaciones de color ==', u'== Variaciones de Colores ==', u'==+ *Variantes +pintadas *==+'), language='es'
addSafeFilter( # Requested by Dio
    wordFilter(u'La trampa', u'El cheto', keepcapitalization=True),
    wordFilter(u'Las trampas', u'Los chetos', keepcapitalization=True),
    wordFilter(u'Trampas', u'Chetos', keepcapitalization=True),
    wordFilter(u'Trampa', u'Cheto', keepcapitalization=True),
addSafeFilter( # Requested by Jagoba RL, then flipped by request of Dio
    wordFilter(u'SuperActualización', u'Actualizaci[oó]n [Üüu]ber'),
def spanishNivelCapitalizationFilter(t, **kwargs): # Capitalize "nivel" inside {{item infobox}} and {{backpack item}} templates, requested by rZ
    if t.getName().lower() == 'item infobox' and t.getParam('level'):
        t.setParam('level', t.getParam('level').replace('nivel', 'Nivel'))
    if t.getName().lower() == 'backpack item' and t.getParam('item-level'):
        t.setParam('item-level', t.getParam('item-level').replace('nivel', 'Nivel'))
    return t
addTemplateFilter(spanishNivelCapitalizationFilter, language='es')

French filters

    u'janvier', u'février', u'mars', u'avril', u'mai', u'juin', u'juillet', u'août', u'septembre', u'octobre', u'novembre', u'décembre', language='fr'
) # Do not capitalize months
addSafeFilter(wordFilter('janvier', 'janviers'), language='fr')
    wordFilter(u'== Historique des mises à jour ==', u'==+ *(?:Historique des? mises? [aà] jour|Changements? pr.c.dents?) *==+'), language='fr'

Brazilian Portuguese filters

def portugueseInfoboxAvailabilityFilter(t, **kwargs): # Requested by Cructo
    if t.getName().lower() == u'item infobox':
        return t # Skip
    if t.getParam('availability'):
        t.setParam('availability', t.getParam('availability').replace(u'craft', u'fabricação').replace(u'Craft', u'Fabricação'))
    return t
addTemplateFilter(portugueseInfoboxAvailabilityFilter, language='pt-br')
addSafeFilter( # General
    wordFilter(u'Fabricação', u'Crafting', keepcapitalization=True),
    wordFilter(u'Conquista', u'Achievement', keepcapitalization=True),
    wordFilter(u'Conquistas', u'Achievements', keepcapitalization=True),
    wordFilter(u'Demomen', u'Demomans'),
    wordFilter(u'Heavies', u'Heavys'),
    wordFilter(u'N/D', u'N/A'),
    wordFilter(u'Atualização', u'Patch', keepcapitalization=True),
    wordFilter(u'Atualizações', u'Patches', keepcapitalization=True),
    wordFilter(u'Desempenho', u'Performance', keepcapitalization=True),
    wordFilter(u'Spies', u'Spys'),
    wordFilter(u'ÜberCarga', u'Sobrecarga', u'Übercharge', u'ÜberCharge'),
    wordFilter(u'Mochila', u'Backpack', u'Inventário', keepcapitalization=True),
    wordFilter(u'Comunidade Steam', u'Steam Community'),
    wordFilter(u'== Bugs ==', u'==+ *Defeitos *==+'),
    wordFilter(u'Sala de renascimento', u'Respawn room', u'Sala de respawn', keepcapitalization=True),
    wordFilter(u'Área de renascimento', u'Respawn area', u'Área de respawn',  keepcapitalization=True),
    wordFilter(u'Über Atualização', u'Atualização Über', u'Atualização do Über', u'Über Update'),
    wordFilter(u'Sistema de obtenção de itens', u'Sistema de drop de itens', u'Item drop system', u'Sistema de queda de itens', keepcapitalization=True),
    wordFilter(u'Rajada de ar', u'Compression blast', u'Airblast', keepcapitalization=True),
    wordFilter(u'minicrits', u'Mini-Crits', u'Mini-Críticos', u'Minicríticos', keepcapitalization=True),
    wordFilter(u'minicrit', u'Mini-Crit', u'Mini-Crítico', u'Minicrítico', keepcapitalization=True),
    wordFilter(u'Blog Oficial do TF2', u'TF2 Official Blog', u'Blog Oficial de TF2'),
    wordFilter(u'Personalizada', u'Customizada', keepcapitalization=True),
    wordFilter(u'Personalizado', u'Customizado', keepcapitalization=True),
    wordFilter(u'Compartimento', u'Slot', keepcapitalization=True),
    wordFilter(u'Jogabilidade', u'Gameplay', keepcapitalization=True),
    wordFilter(u'Rei do Pedaço', u'King of the Hill'),
    wordFilter(u'Disparo-alt', u'Disparo-Alt', u'Alt-Fire', keepcapitalization=True),
    wordFilter(u'Disparo alternativo', u'Fogo Alternativo', u'Disparo Alternativo', keepcapitalization=True),
    wordFilter(u'Botão de disparo-alt', u'Botão Direito do Mouse', keepcapitalization=True),
    wordFilter(u'Habilidades', u'Abilidades', keepcapitalization=True),
    wordFilter(u'Austrálio', u'Australium', keepcapitalization=True),
    wordFilter(u'Cavaleiro Carente de Cavalo e Cabeça', u'Horseless Headless Horsemann'),
    wordFilter(u'Festiva', u'Festive', keepcapitalization=True),
    wordFilter(u'Natal Australiano', u'Australian Christmas', keepcapitalization=True),
    wordFilter(u'Natal Australiano de 2011', u'Natal Australiano 2011', u'Australian Christmas 2011', keepcapitalization=True),
    wordFilter(u'== Variantes pintadas ==', u'==+ *Variantes pintados *==+', u'==+ *Variações pintadas *==+', u'==+ *Variantes pintáveis *==+'),
    wordFilter(u'== Curiosidades ==', u'==+ *Trivias? *==+'),
    wordFilter(u'Projeto', u'Planta', keepcapitalization=True),
    wordFilter(u'Projetos', u'Plantas', keepcapitalization=True),
    wordFilter(u'== Histórico de atualizações ==', u'==+ *Histórico de atualização? *==+', u'==+ *Update history? *==+'),
    wordFilter(u'pré-venda', u'pré-compra'),
    wordFilter(u'Dia das Bruxas', u'Halloween', keepcapitalization=True),
    wordFilter(u'Engine Source', u'Source Engine', u'Motor Source'),
    wordFilter(u'itens', u'items', keepcapitalization=True),
    wordFilter(u'pré-visualização', u'preview', u'previsão', keepcapitalization=True),
    wordFilter(u'pré-visualizações', u'previews', u'previsões', keepcapitalization=True),
    wordFilter(u'no Steam', u'na Steam+'),
    wordFilter(u'do Steam', u'da Steam+'),
    wordFilter(u'à Oficina Steam', u'para a Oficina Steam+'),
    wordFilter(u'cor da equipe', u'cor do time', u'cor de time', u'cor de equipe'),
    wordFilter(u'Minissentinelas', u'Minisentinelas', u'Mini-Sentinelas, keepcapitalization=True'),
    wordFilter(u'Minissentinela', u'Minisentinela', u'Mini-Sentinela, keepcapitalization=True'),
    wordFilter(u'Natal', u'Smissmas'),
    wordFilter(u'MvM', u'MVM'),
    wordFilter(u'Mann vs. Máquina', u'Mann vs Máquina', u'Mann vs. Machine', u'Mann vs Machine'),
    wordFilter(u'interface', u'HUD', keepcapitalization=True),
    wordFilter(u'captura de tela', u'screenshot', keepcapitalization=True),
    wordFilter(u'capturas de tela', u'screenshots', keepcapitalization=True),
    wordFilter(u'→', u'->', u'-->'),
    wordFilter(u'←', u'<-', u'<--'),
    wordFilter(u'conversa', u'bate-papo', u'bate papo', u'chat', keepcapitalization=True),
    wordFilter(u'on-line', u'online', keepcapitalization=True),
    wordFilter(u'off-line', u'offline', keepcapitalization=True),
    wordFilter(u'tiros fatais na cabeça', u'tiros na cabeça fatais', keepcapitalization=True),
    wordFilter(u'Loja Mann Co\.', u'Loja Mann Co\.\.', u'Loja da Mann Co\.'),
    wordFilter(u'Peça Estranha', u'parte estranha'),
addSafeFilter( # Quality names
    wordFilter(u'Genuíno', u'Genuine', keepcapitalization=True),
    wordFilter(u'Feito por Mim', u'Self-Made', keepcapitalization=True),
    wordFilter(u'Normal', u'Stock', keepcapitalization=True),
    wordFilter(u'Estranho', u'Strange', keepcapitalization=True),
    wordFilter(u'Único', u'Unique', keepcapitalization=True),
    wordFilter(u'Incomum', u'Unusual', keepcapitalization=True),
addSafeFilter( # Weapon names
   wordFilter(u'Espingarda', u'Scattergun'),
   wordFilter(u'Pistola', u'Pistol'),
   wordFilter(u'Taco', u'Bat'),
   wordFilter(u'Lança-Foguetes', u'Rocket Launcher'),
   wordFilter(u'Escopeta', u'Shotgun'),
   wordFilter(u'Pá', u'Shovel'),
   wordFilter(u'Lança-Chamas', u'Flame Thrower' u'Flamethrower'),
   wordFilter(u'Machado de Incêndio', u'Fire Axe'),
   wordFilter(u'Lança-Granadas', u'Grenade Launcher'),
   wordFilter(u'Lança-Stickybombs', u'Stickybomb Launcher'),
   wordFilter(u'Garrafa', u'Bottle'),
   wordFilter(u'Metralhadora Giratória', u'Minigun'),
   wordFilter(u'Punhos', u'Fists'),
   wordFilter(u'Ferramenta de Construção', u'Build PDA'),
   wordFilter(u'Ferramenta de Demolição', u'Destroy PDA'),
   wordFilter(u'Arma de Seringas', u'Syringe Gun'),
   wordFilter(u'Arma Médica', u'Medi Gun'),
   wordFilter(u'Serra de Ossos', u'Bone Saw'),
   wordFilter(u'Rifle de Precisão', u'Rifle de Sniper', u'Sniper Rifle', keepcapitalization=True),
   wordFilter(u'Submetralhadora', u'SMG'),
   wordFilter(u'Revólver', u'Revolver'),
   wordFilter(u'Faca', u'Knife'),
   wordFilter(u'Relógio de Invisibilidade', u'Invis Watch', u'Invisibility Watch'),
   wordFilter(u'Kit de Disfarce', u'Disguise Kit'),
enforceCapitalization( # Do not capitalize languages, nationalities, months or days of the week (will not include abbrevs. of weekdays, as they are also ordinal numbers)
  u'inglês', u'russo', u'russa', u'francês', u'francesa', u'alemão', u'alemã', u'polonês', u'polonesa', u'brasileiro', u'brasileira', u'finlandês', u'finlandesa', u'castelhano', u'espanhol', u'espanhola', u'holandês', u'holandesa', u'chinês', u'chinesa', u'chinês simplificado', u'chinês tradicional', u'tailandês', u'tailandesa', u'ucraniano', u'ucraniana', u'árabe', u'tcheco', u'tcheca', u'dinamarquês', u'dinamarquesa', u'húngaro', u'húngara', u'italiano', u'italiana', u'japonês', u'japonesa', u'coreano', u'coreana', u'norueguês', u'norueguesa', u'português', u'portuguesa', u'romeno', u'romena', u'sueco', u'sueca', u'turco', u'egípcio', u'egípcia', u'janeiro', u'fevereiro', u'março', u'abril', u'maio', u'junho', u'julho', u'agosto', u'setembro', u'outubro', u'novembro', u'dezembro', u'segunda-feira', u'terça-feira', u'quarta-feira', u'quinta-feira', u'sexta-feira', u'sábado', u'domingo', language='pt-br'

Russian filters

        (u'^([^<>]*)(?<!=)([""])((?:(?!\\2|[=<>]).)+)\\2([^<>]*)$', re.MULTILINE): u'$1«$3»$4',
        u'«([^»]*)(?<!\')\'([^»\']+)\'(?!\')': u'«$1„$2“'
addSafeFilter( # Requested by FreeXMan
    wordFilter(u'Зефенайя', u'Зефанайя', u'Зефинайя'),
    wordFilter(u'Зефенайи', u'Зефанайи', u'Зефинайи'),
    wordFilter(u'Зефенайей', u'Зефанайей', u'Зефинайей'),
    wordFilter(u'Зефенай', u'Зефанай', u'Зефинай'),
    wordFilter(u'Нет', u'N/A'),
    wordFilter(u'Хеллоуин', u'Хэллоуин', keepcapitalization=True),
    wordFilter(u'Хеллоуинский', u'Хэллоуинский', keepcapitalization=True),
    wordFilter(u'Хеллоуинского', u'Хэллоуинского', keepcapitalization=True),
    wordFilter(u'Хеллоуинскому', u'Хэллоуинскому', keepcapitalization=True),
    wordFilter(u'Хеллоуинским', u'Хэллоуинским', keepcapitalization=True),
    wordFilter(u'Хеллоуинском', u'Хэллоуинском', keepcapitalization=True),

Korean filters

addSafeFilter(dumbReplace(u'솔져', u'솔저'), language='ko') # Requested by Cyrus H.

Dutch filters

#addSafeFilter(wordFilter(u'Niveau', u'Level', keepcapitalization=True), language='nl') # Requested by Apparition; too broad
addSafeFilter( # Requested by Warlike and Heifastus
    wordFilter(u'Updateverleden', u'Updategeschiedenis', u'Update verleden', u'Update geschiedenis', keepcapitalization=True),
    wordFilter(u'Galerij', u'Gallerij', keepcapitalization=True),
    wordFilter(u'community', u'communitie', keepcapitalization=True),
addSafeFilter( # Requested by Robin0van0der0vliet
    wordFilter(u'officieel', u'offici[eë][eë]l', keepcapitalization=True),
    wordFilter(u'officiële', u'offic[iï]ele', keepcapitalization=True),
addSafeFilter( # Requested by Eels
    wordFilter(u'voorwerpvindsysteem', u'voorwerp vind systeem', keepcapitalization=True),
    wordFilter(u'Voorwerpschema', u'Voorwerp schema', keepcapitalization=True),
    wordFilter(u'Voorwerpschemaupdate', u'Voorwerp schema-update', u'Voorwerpschema update', keepcapitalization=True),
addSafeFilter( # Requested by GrampaSwood
    regex(r'\b, en\b', ' en'),

Polish filters

addSafeFilter( # Requested by real_alien
    wordFilter(u'Exploit', u'Nadużycie', keepcapitalization=True),
    wordFilter(u'Exploity', u'Nadużycia', keepcapitalization=True),
    wordFilter(u'Exploitem', u'Nadużyciem', keepcapitalization=True),
    wordFilter(u'Exploitu', u'Nadużycia', keepcapitalization=True),

Hungarian filters

addSafeFilter( # Requested by Monte
    wordFilter(u'== Frissítési előzmények ==', u'==+ ?*Frissítések ?==+', u'==+ ?*Update ?==+', u'==+ ?*Javítások ?==+'),
    wordFilter(u'== Lásd még ==', u'==+ ?See also ?==+'),
    wordFilter(u'== Források ==', u'==+ ?References ?==+'),
    wordFilter(u'== Kulisszák mögött ==', u'==+ ?Érdekességek ?==+', u'==+ ? Trivia ?==+'),
    wordFilter(u'== Festett variációk ==', u'==+ ?Painted variants ?==+'),
    wordFilter(u'== Sebzési és működési idők ==', u'==+ ?Damage and function times ?==+', u'==+ ?Sebzési? és [Ff]unkció idők ?==+'),
    wordFilter(u'=== Mint barkácsolási kellék ===', u'==+ ?As a crafting ingredient ?==+'),
    wordFilter(u'== Nem használt tartalom ==', u'==+ ?Unused content ?==+'),
    wordFilter(u'== Öszefüggő teljesítmények ==', u'==+ ?Related achievements ?==+', u'==+ ?[Aa]chievements ?==+', u'==+ ?Teljesítmények ?==+'),
    wordFilter(u'== Fura ritkaságú ==', u'==+ ?Strange variant ?==+'),
    wordFilter(u'== Tárgy-szett ==', u'==+ ?Item set ?==+', u'==+ ?Tárgyszett ?==+', u'==+ ?Tárgy szett ?==+'),

Link filters

Moved links

def movedLinks(link, **kwargs):
    movedLinks = {
        u'Quality#Normal': u'Normal',
        u'Quality#Unique': u'Unique',
        u'Quality#Vintage': u'Vintage',
        u'Quality#Genuine': u'Genuine',
        u'Quality#Strange': u'Strange',
        u'Quality#Unusual': u'Unusual',
        u'Quality#Community': u'Community (quality)',
        u'Quality#Self-Made': u'Self-Made',
        u'Quality#Valve': u'Valve (quality)'
    if link.getType() == u'internal' and link.getLink() in movedLinks:
    return link

Wikipedia links filter

def wikipediaLinks(link, **kwargs):
    wikipediaRegex = compileRegex(r'^https?://(?:(\w+)\.)?wikipedia\.org/wiki/(\S+)')
    if link.getType() == u'external':
        linkInfo =
        if linkInfo:
                wikiPage = urllib2.unquote(str('utf8', 'ignore').replace(u'_', ' ')
                wikiPage = u('_', ' ')
            if not or == u'en':
                link.setLink(u'Wikipedia:' + wikiPage) # English Wikipedia
                link.setLink(u'Wikipedia:' + + u':' + wikiPage) # Non-english Wikipedia
            if link.getLabel() is None:
    return link

TF2Wiki links filter

def tf2wikiLinks(link, **kwargs):
    tf2wikiRegex1 = compileRegex(r'^https?://[-.\w]*tf2wiki\.net/wiki/(\S+)$')
    tf2wikiRegex2 = compileRegex(r'^https?://[-.\w]*tf2wiki\.net/w[-_/\w]+?/([^/\s]+)$')
    if link.getType() == 'external':
        linkInfo =
        isMedia = False
        if not linkInfo:
            linkInfo =
            isMedia = True
        if linkInfo:
                wikiPage = u(urllib2.unquote(str('utf8', 'ignore').replace(u'_', ' '))
                wikiPage = u('_', ' ')
            label = wikiPage
            if isMedia:
                if wikiPage[-4:].lower() == '.wav':
                    wikiPage = 'Media:' + wikiPage
                    wikiPage = ':File:' + wikiPage
            if link.getLabel() is None:
    return link

Fix external wiki links that should be internal links

def fixExternalToInternalLinks(link, **kwargs):
    wikiExternalRe = compileRegex(r'^https?://wiki\.(teamfortress|tf2)\.com/wiki/(\S+)$')
    if link.getType() == 'external':
        linkMatch =
        if linkMatch:
                wikiPage = u(urllib2.unquote(str('utf8', 'ignore').replace(u'_', ' '))
                wikiPage = u('_', ' ')
            if link.getLabel() is None:
    return link

Category removal on pages using {{Item infobox}}

def removeCategory(l, **kwargs):
    catsToRemove = [u'Category:Weapons', u'Category:Hats', u'Category:Primary weapons', u'Category:Secondary weapons', u'Category:Melee weapons', u'Category:PDA1 weapons', u'Category:PDA2 weapons', u'Category:Miscellaneous items', u'Category:Tools', u'Category:Action items', u'Category:Taunts', u'Community-contributed items']
    regLang = compileRegex('/[^/]+$')
    if 'article' not in kwargs or regLang.sub(u, l.getLink()) not in catsToRemove:
        return l
    if u'Category:Item infobox usage' not in kwargs['article'].getCategories():
        return l
    return None

FPSBanana to GameBanana

addLinkFilter(linkDomainFilter('', ''))

Remove trailing slashes from internal links

def removeTrailingSlash(l, **kwargs):
    if l.getType() != u'internal' or not len(l.getLink()):
        return l
    if l.getLink()[-1] == '/':
    return l

Convert patch links to {{Patch name}}

def patchNameLinkFilter(l, **kwargs):
    if l.getType() != u'internal':
        return l
    regPatchName = compileRegex(u'(January|February|March|April|May|June|July|August|September|October|November|December)\\s+(\\d+),\\s+(\\d{4,})\\s+Patch(?:/\\w+)?')
    result = regPatchName.match(l.getLink())
    if result is None or l.getLabel().find( == -1 or l.getLabel().find( == -1:
        return l
    monthNames = ('january', 'february', 'march', 'april', 'may', 'june', 'july', 'august', 'september', 'october', 'november', 'december')
    patchType = u
    if l.getLink().lower().find(u'beta') != -1:
        patchType = u'|beta'
    elif l.getLink().lower().find(u'xbox') != -1:
        patchType = u'|xbox'
    elif l.getLink().lower().find(u'classic') != -1:
        patchType = u'|classic'
    return template(u'{{Patch name|' + u(monthNames.index( + 1) + u'|' + u( +  u'|' + u( + patchType + u'}}')

Template filters

Template renaming

def templateRenameMapping(t, **kwargs):
    templateMap = {
        # Format goes like this (without the "#" in front obviously):
        #'Good template name': ['Bad template lowercase name 1', 'Bad template lowercase name 2', 'Bad template lowercase name 3'],
        # Last line has no comma at the end
        'Scout Nav': ['scout nav/ro'],
        'Soldier Nav': ['soldier nav/ro'],
        'Pyro Nav': ['pyro nav/ro'],
        'Heavy Nav': ['heavy nav/ro'],
        'Demoman Nav': ['demoman nav/ro'],
        'Engineer Nav': ['engineer nav/ro'],
        'Medic Nav': ['medic nav/ro'],
        'Sniper Nav': ['sniper nav/ro'],
        'Spy Nav': ['spy nav/ro'],
        'Promo Nav': ['mncnav', 'pokernightnav', 'l4dnav', 'kfnav'],
        'Crush': ['pngcrush']
    for n in templateMap:
        if t.getName().lower() in templateMap[n]:
    return t

Lang template renaming

def langsTemplateRenameMapping(t, **kwargs):
    templateMap = {'Scout Nav': 'scout nav',
                   'Soldier Nav': 'soldier nav',
                   'Pyro Nav': 'pyro nav',
                   'Demoman Nav': 'demoman nav',
                   'Heavy Nav': 'heavy nav',
                   'Engineer Nav': 'engineer nav',
                   'Medic Nav': 'medic nav',
                   'Sniper Nav': 'sniper nav',
                   'Spy Nav': 'spy nav',
                   'Audio Nav': 'audionav',
                   'Video Nav': 'videonav',
                   'Class Strategy Nav': 'class strategy'
    for template in templateMap:
        langTemplateRe = compileRegex(templateMap[template] + '/(ar|cs|da|de|es|fi|fr|hu|it|ja|ko|nl|no|pl|pt|pt-br|ro|ru|sv|tr|zh-hans|zh-hant)')
        if langTemplateRe.match(t.getName().lower()):
    return t

Reindent all infoboxes

def infoboxIndentFilter(t, **kwargs):
    itemInfoboxes = ('item infobox', 'map infobox', 'mission infobox', 'class infobox', 'infobox class')
    tName = t.getName().lower()
    if 'infobox' in tName and tName not in itemInfoboxes:
    return t
addTemplateFilter(infoboxIndentFilter, lowPriority=True)

Manage all {{Item infobox}}es

def infoboxFilter(t, **kwargs):
    filteredTemplates = ('weapon infobox', 'hat infobox', 'tool infobox', 'item infobox') # Only do stuff to these templates
    if t.getName().lower() not in filteredTemplates:
        return t # Skip
    t.setName('Item infobox')
    t.indentationMatters(True) # Reindents every time, not only when modifying values
    paramAliases = { # Parameter alias 'goodParam': 'badParam', or 'goodParam': [list of bad params].
        'name': ['weapon-name-override', 'hat-name-override', 'tool-name-override', 'NAME', 'name-override'],
        'image': ['weapon-image', 'hat-image', 'tool-image'],
        'kill-text-1': 'kill-text',
        'team-colors': 'has-team-colors',
        'two-models': 'has-two-models',
        'slot': ['weapon-slot', 'hat-slot', 'tool-slot'],
        'trade': 'tradable',
        'gift': 'giftable',
        'craft': 'craftable',
        'paint': ['paintable', 'Paint'],
        'rename': ['name-tag', 'nametag'],
        'loadout': 'display-loadout-stats',
        'level': 'level-and-type',
        'loadout-prefix': 'hide-loadout-prefix'
    catstoCheck = { # Mapping 'templateAttribute': [List of 'Category|templateAttributeValue']
        'type': ['Taunts|taunt', 'Action items|action', 'Taunts|action taunt', 'Hats|hat', 'Miscellaneous items|misc item', 'Tools|tools', 'Weapons|weapon'],
        'slot': ['Primary weapons|primary', 'Secondary weapons|secondary', 'Melee weapons|melee', 'PDA1 weapons|pda 1', 'PDA2 weapons|pda 2']
    catsDontCheck = [u'Category:Beta and unused content', 'Category:Taunts'] # Type and slot won't be modified on these pages
    preferedOrder = [ # Prefered order of keys inside template
        'name', 'game', 'type', 'beta', 'unused', 'image', 'imagewidth', '3d-team', '3d-alt', '3d-team-alt', '3d-image-#', '3d-button-#', '3d-viewname-#', 'number-of-3d-images', 'number-of-3d-team-images', 'number-of-3d-alt-images', 'view#', 'view#name', 'team-colors', 'team-colors-class#', 'team-colors-class#-name', 'team-colors-width', 'two-models', 'skin-image-red', 'skin-image-blu', 'TFC-model', 'QTF-model', 'hide-kill-icon', 'kill-icon-#', 'kill-text-#', 'kill-tooltip-#', 'used-by', 'slot', 'crafting-slot', 'custom-slot', 'equip-region', 'equip-region-#', 'weapon-script', 'contributed-by', 'released', 'released-major', 'availability', 'trade', 'gift', 'marketable', 'craft', 'paint', 'rename', 'numbered', 'medieval', 'ammo-loaded', 'ammo-carried', 'ammo-type', 'show-ammo', 'reload', 'loadout', 'loadout-prefix', 'prefix', 'suffix', 'quality', '%ATTRIBUTES%', 'item-kind', 'item-level', 'level', 'paint-color', 'decal-icon', 'unusual-icon', 'stat-icon', 'strange-icon', 'pyroland-icon', 'halloween-icon', 'limited', 'unusual-effect', 'grade', 'wear', 'item-description', 'item-uses', 'item-flags', 'item-expiration'
    checkEnglish = ['trade', 'gift', 'marketable', 'craft', 'paint', 'rename', 'numbered', 'medieval', 'contributed-by', 'equip-region', 'equip-region-#'] # If these attributes aren't yes or no, check the values on the english page
    attributeTypes = ['neutral', 'positive', 'negative'] # Possible loadout attribute types
    regLang = compileRegex('/[^/]+$')
    # Step 0 - Check categories:
    tCats = None
    isTFC = False # Assume false by default
    if 'article' in kwargs:
        if kwargs['article'] is not None:
            cats2 = kwargs['article'].getCategories()
            tCats = []
            for c in cats2:
                tCats.append(u(regLang.sub(u'', u(c))))
            isTFC = u'Category:Weapons (Classic)' in tCats
    # Step 1 - Rename obsolete attributes
    for p in paramAliases:
        if type(paramAliases[p]) is type([]):
            for a in paramAliases[p]:
                t.renameParam(a, p)
            t.renameParam(paramAliases[p], p)
    # Step 2 - Fix ammo stuff, delete pricing attributes
    t.delParam('ammo', 'price', 'show-price', 'purchasable', 'backpack-image')
    # Step 3 - Fix reload stuff
    if t.getParam('reload') is None:
        t.renameParam('reload-type', 'reload')
    # Step 4 - Count, split, order and fix loadout attributes
    attrNumber = 1
    regexAttrSplit = compileRegex(r'\s*<br[^<>]*>\s*')
    for a in attributeTypes:
        if t.getParam(a + '-attributes') is not None:
            attrs = regexAttrSplit.split(t.getParam(a + '-attributes'))
            for attr in attrs:
                t.setParam('att-' + str(attrNumber) + '-' + a, attr)
                attrNumber += 1
            t.delParam(a + '-attributes')
    if tCats is not None:
        # Step 5 - Lookup english fallback on certain attributes
        fetchEnglish = False
        values = {}
        for attr in checkEnglish:
            if t.getParam(attr) is not None and t.getParam(attr).lower() not in (u'yes', u'no'):
                fetchEnglish = True
            elif t.getParam(attr) is not None:
                values[attr] = t.getParam(attr).lower()
            englishArticle = page(regLang.sub(u'', kwargs['article'].title))
                englishContent = englishArticle.getWikiText()
                englishContent = u
            englishContent, englishTemplates, englishKeys = templateExtract(englishContent)
            for englishT in englishTemplates.values():
                if englishT.getName().lower() in filteredTemplates:
                    for p in paramAliases:
                        if type(paramAliases[p]) is type([]):
                            for a in paramAliases[p]:
                                englishT.renameParam(a, p)
                            englishT.renameParam(paramAliases[p], p)
                    for attr in checkEnglish:
                        if englishT.getParam(attr) is not None:
                            values[attr] = templateRestore(englishT.getParam(attr), englishTemplates, englishKeys)
        for attr in values:
            t.setParam(attr, values[attr])
        checkCats = True
        for c in catsDontCheck:
            if c in tCats:
                checkCats = False
        if not isTFC and not t.getParam('custom-slot') and checkCats:
            # Step 6 - Set certains attributes based on page categories
            for cname in catstoCheck:
                cname = u(cname)
                found = None
                foundmultiple = False
                for c in catstoCheck[cname]:
                    cat, val = u(c).split(u'|')
                    cat = u'Category:' + u(regLang.sub(u'', cat))
                    if cat in tCats:
                        if found is not None:
                            foundmultiple = True
                        found = val
                if not foundmultiple:
                    pass#t.setParam(cname, found) # Temporarily disabled for Made Man
            if u'Category:Weapons' not in tCats:
            # Step 7 - Convert neutral attributes - Disabled
            """desc = []
            if t.getParam('item-description') is not None:
                desc = regexAttrSplit.split(t.getParam('item-description'))
            for i in range(1, 10):
                if t.getParam('att-' + str(i) + '-neutral') is not None:
                    desc.append(t.getParam('att-' + str(i) + '-neutral'))
                    t.delParam('att-' + str(i) + '-neutral')
            desc2 = []
            for d in desc:
                if d.strip():
            if len(desc2):
                t.setParam('item-description', u'
'.join(desc2))""" # Step 7.5 TEMPORARY: Add numbered = no if not isTFC and not t.getParam('numbered'): t.setParam('numbered', 'no') # Step 8 - Do TFC stuff if isTFC: t.setParam('type', 'weapon') t.setParam('game', 'tfc') # Step 9 - Set correct preferred indentation for k in ['quality', 'item-level', 'level', 'item-description', 'item-uses', 'item-flags', 'level-and-type', 'loadout-name', 'loadout-prefix', 'hide-loadout-prefix', 'limited', 'grade', 'wear', 'unusual-effect', 'item-kind', 'prefix', 'suffix', 'decal-icon', 'unusual-icon', 'stat-icon', 'strange-icon', 'pyroland-icon', 'halloween-icon', 'custom-icon', 'killcount', 'rankson', 'rankson2', 'rankson3', 'rankson4', 'rankson5', 'rankson6', 'rankson7', 'rankson8', 'rankson9', 'item-expiration']: t.setPreferedIndentation(k, 2) for i in range(1, 10): for a in attributeTypes: t.setPreferedIndentation('att-' + str(i) + '-' + a, 2) # Step 10 - Build correct attribute order newOrder = [] for o in preferedOrder: if o.find('#') == -1: newOrder.append(o) continue if o == '%ATTRIBUTES%': for i in range(1, 10): for a in attributeTypes: newOrder.append('att-' + str(i) + '-' + a) for i in range(1, 30): newOrder.append(o.replace('#', str(i))) t.setPreferedOrder(newOrder) # Step 11 - replace deprecated hat/misc types if t.getParam('type') is not None and t.getParam('type').lower() in (u'hat', u'hats', u'head', u'headwear', u'misc item', u'misc.', u'misc', u'miscellaneous', u'miscellaneous item'): t.setParam('type', 'cosmetic') # Step 12 - There is no step 12 return t addTemplateFilter(infoboxFilter)

Remove useless templates

def removeUselessTemplate(t, **kwargs):
    if t.getName().lower() in (u'targeted', u'languages', u'auto lang cat'):
        return None # Delete template
    return t

Replace Wikipedia link template with interwiki link

def replaceWikipediaTemplate(t, **kwargs):
    if 'article' not in kwargs:
        return t
    if t.getName().lower() != 'w':
        return t
    link = u'[[w:'
    if t.getParam('lang'):
        link += t.getParam('lang') + u':'
    link += t.getParam('1') + u'|'
    if t.getParam('2'):
        link += t.getParam('2')
        link += t.getParam('1')
    link += u']]'
    return link
addTemplateFilter(replaceWikipediaTemplate, lowPriority=True)

Remove manual video IDs from {{Weapon Demonstration}}

def weaponDemonstrationFilter(t, **kwargs):
    if t.getName().lower() != 'weapon demonstration':
        return t # Skip
    return t

Change {{Steam profile link}} to {{Steamid}}

def steamProfileLinkTemplateFilter(t, **kwargs):
    if t.getName().lower() != 'steam profile link':
        return t # Skip
    newTemplate = template('{{{2}}}')
    return newTemplate

Filter parameters of certain templates

def templateParamFilter(t, **kwargs):
    params = { # Map: 'lowercase template name': ['list', 'of', 'params', 'to', 'filter']
        'patch layout': ['before', 'after', 'current'],
        'item infobox': ['released'],
        'update history': [1],
        'otherwikis': [1, 2]
    if t.getName().lower() not in params:
        return t
    for p in params[t.getName().lower()]:
        if t.getParam(p):
            t.setParam(p, fixContent(t.getParam(p), **kwargs))
    return t

Remove obsolete parameters

def obsoleteParameterFilter(t, **kwargs):
    params = { # Map: 'lowercase template name': ['list', 'of', 'params', 'to', 'delete']
        'blueprint': ['ingredient-#n-local', 'result-local', 'result-#n-local'],
        'taunt': ['weapon-#n-local'],
        'patch layout': ['diff-#n'],
        'item infobox': ['crafting-slot']
    if t.getName().lower() not in params:
        return t
    for p in params[t.getName().lower()]:
        p = u(p)
        if p.find(u'#n') != -1:
            for i in range(10):
                t.delParam(p.replace(u'#n', str(i)))
    return t
addTemplateFilter(obsoleteParameterFilter, lowPriority=True)

Fix map infobox attribute

def mapTypeFix(t, **kwargs):
    mapTypeDict = {
         'Arena': ['Badlands (Arena)', 'Granary (Arena)', 'Hardhat', 'Lumberyard', 'Nucleus', 'Offblast', 'Ravine', 'Sawmill', 'Watchtower', 'Well (Arena)'],
         'Capture the Flag': ['2Fort', 'Atrophy (Capture the Flag)', 'Bedrock', 'Cloudburst', 'Converge', 'Convoy', 'Deliverance', 'Double Cross', 'Fusion', 'HAARP', 'Landfall', 'Mercy', 'Overlook', 'Premuda', 'Sawmill (Capture the Flag)', 'Slate (Capture the Flag)', 'Stockpile', 'Turbine', 'Vector', 'Well (Capture the Flag)', 'Wildfire', 'Wiretap'],
         'Control Point': ['5Gorge', 'Badlands', 'Coldfront', 'DeGroot Keep', 'Dustbowl', 'Egypt', 'Fastlane', 'Freight', 'Furnace Creek', 'Glacier', 'Gorge', 'Granary', 'Gravel Pit', 'Gullywash', 'Junction', 'Mann Manor', 'Mountain Lab', 'Obscure', 'Steel', 'Well', 'Yukon'],
         'King of the Hill': ['Harvest', 'Harvest Event', 'Lakeside', 'Moonshine', 'Nucleus (King of the Hill)', 'Sawmill (King of the Hill)', 'Viaduct'],
         'Payload': ['Badwater Basin', 'Cashworks', 'Cranetop', 'Frontier', 'Gold Rush', 'Hoodoo', 'Swiftwater', 'Thunder Mountain', 'Upward', 'Waste'],
         'Payload Race': ['Animus', 'Cornfield', 'Hightower', 'Highwind', 'Nightfall', 'Panic', 'Pipeline', 'Scoville', 'Solitude'],
         'Territorial Control': ['Hydro', 'Meridian'],
         'Training mode': ['Dustbowl (Training)', 'Target', 'Walkway']
    if 'article' not in kwargs:
        return t
    basetitle = u(kwargs['article'].title.split('/')[0])
    if t.getName().lower() != 'map infobox':
        return t
    for n in mapTypeDict:
         if basetitle in mapTypeDict[n]:
             t.setParam('game-type', n)
    return t
# addTemplateFilter(mapTypeFix)

Implement Backpack Item Link template

def backpackLink(t, **kwargs):
    if t.getName().lower() != 'item infobox':
        return t
    if t.getParam('contributed-by') is None:
        return t
    contributor = t.getParam('contributed-by')
    optf2LinkReg = compileRegex(r'^\[\S+)\s(.[^\[\]]+)]$')
    result =
    if result:
        t.setParam('contributed-by', '{{Backpack Item Link|' + + '|' + + '}}')
    return t

Add day/month/year to {{Patch layout}}

def patchLayoutFilter(t, **kwargs):
    if t.getName().lower() != 'patch layout' or 'article' not in kwargs:
        return t
    t.setPreferedOrder(['game', 'before', 'day', 'month', 'year', 'after', 'source-title', 'source', 'source-lang'] + [['source-' + str(n) + '-title', 'source-' + str(n), 'source-' + str(n) + '-lang'] for n in xrange(10)] + ['updatelink', 'update', 'update-link', 'update-lang', 'hide-diff'] + [['diff-' + str(n)] for n in xrange(10)] + ['notes'])
    regPatchName = compileRegex(u'^(January|February|March|April|May|June|July|August|September|October|November|December)\\s+(\\d+),\\s+(\\d{4,})\\s+Patch(?:/\\w+)?')
    result = regPatchName.match(u(kwargs['article'].title))
    if result is not None:
    return t

Implement {{Dictionary}}

class DictionaryUpdater:
    def __init__(self):
        self.subpageTemplateLang = """{{#switch:{{{lang|{{SUBPAGENAME}}}}}|%options%}}"""
        self.subpageTemplateParam = """{{#switch:{{{1|}}}|%options%}}"""
        self.invalidParamError = """<span class="error">Error: invalid param.</span>[[Category:ERROR]]"""
        self.invalidKeyNameCharacters = """#<>[]{}"""
        self.subpageTemplateID = """%string%"""
        self.partialUpdateThreshold = 750 # Update SyncData every n edits
        self.dictionaries = {
            u'Template:Dictionary/items': { # Dictionary page
                'name': 'items', # Dictionary name (used for categorizing)
                'sync': 'Template:Dictionary/items/Special:SyncData' # Page holding last sync data
            u'Template:Dictionary/common strings': { # Warning: no underscore
                'name': 'common strings',
                'sync': 'Template:Dictionary/common strings/Special:SyncData'
            u'Template:Dictionary/classes': {
                'name': 'classes',
                'sync': 'Template:Dictionary/classes/Special:SyncData'
            u'Template:Dictionary/demonstrations': {
                'name': 'demonstrations',
                'sync': 'Template:Dictionary/demonstrations/Special:SyncData'
            u'Template:Dictionary/price': {
                'name': 'price',
                'sync': 'Template:Dictionary/price/Special:SyncData',
                'allTemplate': '{{{{{template|item price/fmt}}}|%options%|tt={{{tt|yes}}}}}'
            u'Template:Dictionary/merchandise': {
                'name': 'merchandise',
                'sync': 'Template:Dictionary/merchandise/Special:SyncData'
            u'Template:Dictionary/decorated': {
                'name': 'decorated',
                'sync': 'Template:Dictionary/decorated/Special:SyncData'
            u'Template:Dictionary/descriptions': {
                'name': 'descriptions',
                'sync': 'Template:Dictionary/descriptions/Special:SyncData'
            u'Template:Dictionary/tournament medals': {
                'name': 'tournament medals',
                'sync': 'Template:Dictionary/tournament medals/Special:SyncData'
            u'Template:Dictionary/attributes': {
                'name': 'attributes',
                'sync': 'Template:Dictionary/attributes/Special:SyncData'
            u'Template:Dictionary/steam ids': {
                'name': 'steam ids',
                'sync': 'Template:Dictionary/steam ids/Special:SyncData'
            u'Template:Dictionary/achievements/scout': {
                'name': 'achievements/scout',
                'sync': 'Template:Dictionary/achievements/scout/Special:SyncData'
            u'Template:Dictionary/achievements/soldier': {
                'name': 'achievements/soldier',
                'sync': 'Template:Dictionary/achievements/soldier/Special:SyncData'
            u'Template:Dictionary/achievements/pyro': {
                'name': 'achievements/pyro',
                'sync': 'Template:Dictionary/achievements/pyro/Special:SyncData'
            u'Template:Dictionary/achievements/demoman': {
                'name': 'achievements/demoman',
                'sync': 'Template:Dictionary/achievements/demoman/Special:SyncData'
            u'Template:Dictionary/achievements/heavy': {
                'name': 'achievements/heavy',
                'sync': 'Template:Dictionary/achievements/heavy/Special:SyncData'
            u'Template:Dictionary/achievements/engineer': {
                'name': 'achievements/engineer',
                'sync': 'Template:Dictionary/achievements/engineer/Special:SyncData'
            u'Template:Dictionary/achievements/medic': {
                'name': 'achievements/medic',
                'sync': 'Template:Dictionary/achievements/medic/Special:SyncData'
            u'Template:Dictionary/achievements/sniper': {
                'name': 'achievements/sniper',
                'sync': 'Template:Dictionary/achievements/sniper/Special:SyncData'
            u'Template:Dictionary/achievements/spy': {
                'name': 'achievements/spy',
                'sync': 'Template:Dictionary/achievements/spy/Special:SyncData'
            u'Template:Dictionary/achievements/general': {
                'name': 'achievements/general',
                'sync': 'Template:Dictionary/achievements/general/Special:SyncData'
            u'Template:Dictionary/achievements/halloween': {
                'name': 'achievements/halloween',
                'sync': 'Template:Dictionary/achievements/halloween/Special:SyncData'
            u'Template:Dictionary/achievements/treasure hunt': {
                'name': 'achievements/treasure hunt',
                'sync': 'Template:Dictionary/achievements/treasure hunt/Special:SyncData'
            u'Template:Dictionary/achievements/replay': {
                'name': 'achievements/replay',
                'sync': 'Template:Dictionary/achievements/replay/Special:SyncData'
            u'Template:Dictionary/achievements/summer camp': {
                'name': 'achievements/summer camp',
                'sync': 'Template:Dictionary/achievements/summer camp/Special:SyncData'
            u'Template:Dictionary/achievements/foundry': {
                'name': 'achievements/foundry',
                'sync': 'Template:Dictionary/achievements/foundry/Special:SyncData'
            u'Template:Dictionary/achievements/christmas': {
                'name': 'achievements/christmas',
                'sync': 'Template:Dictionary/achievements/christmas/Special:SyncData'
            u'Template:Dictionary/achievements/astro-chievements': {
                'name': 'achievements/astro-chievements',
                'sync': 'Template:Dictionary/achievements/astro-chievements/Special:SyncData'
            u'Template:Dictionary/achievements/mann vs. machievements': {
                'name': 'achievements/mann vs. machievements',
                'sync': 'Template:Dictionary/achievements/mann vs. machievements/Special:SyncData'
            u'Template:Dictionary/achievements/standin': {
                'name': 'achievements/standin',
                'sync': 'Template:Dictionary/achievements/standin/Special:SyncData'
            u'Template:Dictionary/achievements/process': {
                'name': 'achievements/process',
                'sync': 'Template:Dictionary/achievements/process/Special:SyncData'
            u'Template:Dictionary/achievements/snakewater': {
                'name': 'achievements/snakewater',
                'sync': 'Template:Dictionary/achievements/snakewater/Special:SyncData'
            u'Template:Dictionary/achievements/powerhouse': {
                'name': 'achievements/powerhouse',
                'sync': 'Template:Dictionary/achievements/powerhouse/Special:SyncData'
            u'Template:Dictionary/achievements/other games': {
                'name': 'achievements/other games',
                'sync': 'Template:Dictionary/achievements/other games/Special:SyncData'
            u'Template:Dictionary/achievements/pass time': {
                'name': 'achievements/pass time',
                'sync': 'Template:Dictionary/achievements/pass time/Special:SyncData'
            u'Template:Dictionary/audio': {
                'name': 'audio',
                'sync': 'Template:Dictionary/audio/Special:SyncData'
            u'Template:Dictionary/blueprints': {
                'name': 'blueprints',
                'sync': 'Template:Dictionary/blueprints/Special:SyncData'
            u'Template:Dictionary/defindex': {
                'name': 'defindex',
                'sync': 'Template:Dictionary/defindex/Special:SyncData'
            u'Template:Dictionary/quad': {
                'name': 'quad',
                'sync': 'Template:Dictionary/quad/Special:SyncData',
                'blankString': '-'
            u'Template:Dictionary/gameinfo': {
                'name': 'gameinfo',
                'sync': 'Template:Dictionary/gameinfo/Special:SyncData'
        self.subpageSeparator = u'/'
        # List of supported languages, in prefered order
        self.languages = [u'en', u'ar', u'bg', u'cs', u'da', u'de', u'es', u'fi', u'fr', u'hu', u'it', u'ja', u'ko', u'nl', u'no', u'pl', u'pt', u'pt-br', u'ro', u'ru', u'sv', u'th', u'tr', u'uk', u'vi', u'zh-hans', u'zh-hant']
        self.defaultLang = u'en'
        self.allKeyName = u'_all_'
        self.filterName = u'Your friendly neighborhood dictionary updater'
        self.commentsExtract = compileRegex(r)
        self.subkeyName = compileRegex(r'^([-\w]+)$', re.IGNORECASE)
        self.editCounts = {}
    def updateSyncData(self, currentDict, syncData, note=):
        # Build syncdata string representation
        syncKeys = syncData.keys()
        syncLines = []
        for k in syncKeys:
            syncLines.append(k + u':' + syncData[k])
        if note:
            note = u' (' + u(note) + u')'
        editPage(self.dictionaries[currentDict]['sync'], u'\n'.join(syncLines), summary=u'Updated synchronization information for [[:' + currentDict + u']]' + note + u'.', minor=True, nocreate=False)
    def generateSubpage(self, keyName, data, currentDict, syncData):
        h = hashlib.md5()
        if type(data) is type({}): # Subkeys (translations or not)
            isTranslation = True
            subpage = u(self.subpageTemplateLang)
            for k in data:
                if 'blankString' in self.dictionaries[currentDict] and data[k] == self.dictionaries[currentDict]['blankString']:
                    data[k] = u
                if isTranslation and k not in self.languages:
                    isTranslation = False
                    subpage = u(self.subpageTemplateParam)
            ordered = []
            unordered = {}
            if isTranslation:
                missing = []
                for lang in self.languages:
                    if lang in data:
                        ordered.append(lang + u'=' + data[lang])
                        unordered[lang] = data[lang]
                        h.update((lang + u'=' + data[lang]).encode('utf8'))
                        h.update((u'null-' + lang).encode('utf8'))
                if self.defaultLang in data:
                    ordered.insert(0, u'#default=' + data[self.defaultLang])
                if len(missing):
                    subpage = subpage.replace(u'%missing%', u"Languages missing: " + u', '.join(missing))
                    subpage = subpage.replace(u'%missing%', u"Supported languages: all")
            else: # Not a translation
                subkeys = data.keys()
                for k in subkeys:
                    ordered.append(k + u'=' + data[k])
                    unordered[k] = data[k]
                    h.update((k + u'=' + data[k]).encode('utf8'))
            if 'allTemplate' in self.dictionaries[currentDict] and (len(unordered) or len(self.dictionaries[currentDict]['allTemplate']['params'])):
                allKey = []
                keys = unordered.keys()
                for k in keys:
                    allKey.append(k + u'=' + unordered[k])
                insertIndex = 0
                if isTranslation and self.defaultLang in data:
                    insertIndex = 1
                ordered.insert(insertIndex, u(self.allKeyName) + u'=' + u(self.dictionaries[currentDict]['allTemplate'].replace(u'%options%', u'|'.join(allKey))))
            subpage = subpage.replace(u'%options%', u'|'.join(ordered))
        else: # No subkeys
            data = u(data)
            subpage = self.subpageTemplateID
            h.update(u(u'ID-' + data).encode('utf8'))
            subpage = subpage.replace(u'%string%', data)
        h = u(h.hexdigest())
        if keyName in syncData and syncData[keyName] == h:
            return # Same hash
        subpage = subpage.replace(u'%dictionary%', currentDict)
        subpage = subpage.replace(u'%dictionaryname%', self.dictionaries[currentDict]['name'])
        subpage = subpage.replace(u'%keyname%', keyName)
        if editPage(currentDict + self.subpageSeparator + keyName, subpage, summary=u'Pushed changes from [[:' + currentDict + u']] for string "' + keyName + u'".', minor=True, nocreate=False):
            syncData[keyName] = h # Update sync data
            if currentDict not in self.editCounts:
                self.editCounts[currentDict] = 0
            self.editCounts[currentDict] += 1
            if self.editCounts[currentDict] > self.partialUpdateThreshold:
                self.editCounts[currentDict] = 0
                self.updateSyncData(currentDict, syncData, 'Partial update')
    def dedup(self, l):
        s = set()
        for i in l:
            if i not in s:
                yield i
    def processComment(self, commentString, currentDict, definedStrings, syncData):
        commentContents = []
        commentString = u(commentString).replace(u'\r', u)
        parseState = {
            'currentKeys': [],
            'currentSubkeys': {},
            'currentKeyIsValid': False,
            'abortCurrentSubkeys': False,
            'subKeyLines': {},
        subPageData = {}
        def finalize():
            if parseState['currentKeyIsValid']:
                # End processing of current set of subkeys.
                if not parseState['abortCurrentSubkeys']:
                    isTranslation = True
                    for k in parseState['currentKeys']:
                        assert k not in subPageData, 'Internal logic consistency error: duplicate key %r' % (k,)
                        subPageData[k] = {}
                        for subKey, data in parseState['currentSubkeys'].items():
                            isTranslation = isTranslation and subKey in self.languages
                            subPageData[k][subKey] = data
                    if isTranslation:
                        for lang in self.languages:
                            if lang in parseState['subKeyLines']:
                        for subKey in sorted(parseState['subKeyLines'].keys()):
                    parseState['abortCurrentSubkeys'] = False
                parseState['currentKeyIsValid'] = False
        for line in commentString.split(u'\n'):
            if u'WINDBOT_INVALID' in line:
            def badLine(reason):
                if parseState['abortCurrentSubkeys']:
                    for k in sorted(parseState['subKeyLines'].keys()):
                        commentContents.append(parseState['subKeyLines'][k] + u'  // WINDBOT_INVALID Other subkeys for this key are invalid')
                    parseState['subKeyLines'] = {}
                if parseState['currentKeyIsValid'] and not parseState['abortCurrentSubkeys']:
                    parseState['abortCurrentSubkeys'] = True
                    parseState['currentKeyIsValid'] = False
                commentContents.append(line + u'  // WINDBOT_INVALID ' + u(reason.replace(u':', ' ')))
            if line.strip() == u:
            if line.strip()[0] == u'#':  # Human comment
            if line[0] not in (u' ', '\t'):  # Key, or key + no-subkey data
                if line.find(u':') == -1:  # Colon was probably forgotten
                    badLine('Maybe a forgotten colon?')
                if parseState['currentKeyIsValid']:
                    badLine('Missing linebreak before new key?')
                beforeColon, afterColon = line.split(u':', 1)
                afterColon = afterColon.strip()
                # Check keys.
                keyNames = [k.replace(u'_', u' ').replace(u'#', u).strip().lower() for k in beforeColon.strip().split(u'|')]
                keyNames = [k for k in self.dedup(keyNames) if k]
                if len(keyNames) == 0:
                    badLine('No valid key names')
                duplicateKey = None
                badKey = None
                for k in keyNames:
                    for c in self.invalidKeyNameCharacters:
                        if c in k:
                            badKey = k
                    if k in definedStrings:
                        duplicateKey = k
                    if k in subPageData:
                        duplicateKey = k
                if duplicateKey:
                    badLine('Duplicate key: %r' % duplicateKey)
                if badKey:
                    badLine('Key has invalid characters: %r' % badKey)
                # Key looks good.
                for k in keyNames:
                # Check for no-subkey data.
                if afterColon:
                    for k in keyNames:
                        subPageData[k] = afterColon
                    commentContents.append(u' | '.join(keyNames) + u': ' + afterColon)
                    parseState['currentKeyIsValid'] = True
                    parseState['abortCurrentSubkeys'] = False
                    parseState['currentKeys'] = keyNames
                    parseState['currentSubkeys'] = {}
                    parseState['subKeyLines'] = {}
                    commentContents.append(u' | '.join(keyNames) + u':')
            # Sub-key definition follows (has a space as first character).
            if parseState['abortCurrentSubkeys']:
            if not parseState['currentKeyIsValid']:
                badLine('Sub-key being defined despite no valid key')
            if line.find(u':') == -1:  # Colon was probably forgotten
                badLine('Missing colon in subkey definition')
            beforeColon, afterColon = line.strip().split(u':', 1)
            subKeyNames = [k.strip().lower() for k in beforeColon.strip().split(u'|')]
            subKeyNames = [k for k in self.dedup(subKeyNames) if k]
            badSubkeyName = None
            duplicateSubkey = None
            for k in subKeyNames:
                if not self.subkeyName.match(k):
                    badSubkeyName = k
                if k in parseState['currentSubkeys'].keys():
                    duplicateSubkey = k
            if badSubkeyName:
                badLine('Invalid subkey name: %r' % badSubkeyName)
            if duplicateSubkey:
                badLine('Duplicate subkey name: %r' % duplicateSubkey)
            subKeyData = afterColon.strip()
            if not subKeyData:
                badLine('Empty data')
            for k in subKeyNames:
                parseState['currentSubkeys'][k] = subKeyData
                parseState['subKeyLines'][k] = u'  ' + k + u': ' + subKeyData
        for k, data in subPageData.items():
            self.generateSubpage(k, data, currentDict, syncData)
        return u'\n'.join(commentContents)
    def __call__(self, content, **kwargs):
        if 'article' not in kwargs:
            return content
        if u(kwargs['article'].title) not in self.dictionaries:
            return content
        currentDict = u(kwargs['article'].title)
        if random.randint(0, 50) == 0: # With probability 2%, ignore syncdata completely. Helps with stale syncdata and people overwriting things.
            syncDataText = u
                syncDataText = u(page(self.dictionaries[currentDict]['sync']).getWikiText()).split(u'\n')
            except: # Page probably doesn't exist
                syncDataText = u
        syncData = {}
        for sync in syncDataText:
            sync = u(sync.strip())
            if not sync:
            sync = sync.split(u':', 1)
            if len(sync) == 2:
                syncData[sync[0]] = sync[1]
        oldSyncData = syncData.copy()
        newContent = u
        previousIndex = 0
        definedStrings = set()
        for comment in self.commentsExtract.finditer(content):
            newContent += content[previousIndex:comment.start()]
            previousIndex = comment.end()
            # Process current comment
            newContent += u'<!--\n\n' + self.processComment(u(, currentDict, definedStrings, syncData) + u'\n\n-->'
        newContent += content[previousIndex:]
        # Check for deleted strings
        for k in oldSyncData:
            if k not in definedStrings:
                    deletePage(currentDict + self.subpageSeparator + k, 'Removed deleted string "' + k + u'" from ' + currentDict + u'.')
                if k in syncData:
                    del syncData[k]
        self.updateSyncData(currentDict, syncData, 'Full update')
        self.editCounts[currentDict] = 0
        return newContent
    def scheduledRun(self):
        for d in self.dictionaries:
dictUpdater = DictionaryUpdater()
scheduleTask(dictUpdater.scheduledRun, 3)

Remove some templates on translated pages if they are absent on english page

def autoRemoveRecentAdditionTag(t, **kwargs):
    toRemoveTemplates = ('recent addition', 'ra', 'new item', 'unreleased', 'beta')
    equivalences = {
        'ra': 'recent addition',
        'new item': 'recent addition'
    if t.getName().lower() not in toRemoveTemplates or 'article' not in kwargs or '/' not in kwargs['article'].title:
        return t
    targetTemplate = t.getName().lower()
    if targetTemplate in equivalences:
        targetTemplate = equivalences[targetTemplate]
    englishArticle = page(kwargs['article'].title[:kwargs['article'].title.find('/')])
        englishContent = englishArticle.getWikiText()
        englishContent, englishTemplates, englishKeys = templateExtract(englishContent)
        for t2 in englishTemplates.values():
            if t2.getName().lower() in toRemoveTemplates:
                foundTemplate = t2.getName().lower()
                if foundTemplate in equivalences:
                    foundTemplate = equivalences[foundTemplate]
                if foundTemplate == targetTemplate:
                    return t
        return None
        return t

File filters

Crush all PNG/JPG images

Delegated to CrushBOT.

Additional tasks

Update {{Blog link}}

def updateTemplateBlogLink():
    fConfig = {
        'page': 'Template:Blog link',
        'begin': u,
        'end': u,
        'firstElement': u'[{{#switch:{{{1|ERROR}}}',
        'lastElement': u'#default = ERROR}} {{{2|{{{1|blog post}}}}}}]',
        'rss': '',
        'linkRegex': compileRegex(r'id=(\d+)'),
        'timeoffset': -7
    bl = page(fConfig['page'])
    content = u(bl.getWikiText())
    originalContent = content
    begin, end = content.find(fConfig['begin']), content.find(fConfig['end'])
    if begin == -1 or end == -1:
        return # Couldn't find begin/end
        feed = feedparser.parse(fConfig['rss'])
    results = [fConfig['firstElement']]
    entries = 0
    for i in feed.entries:
        res = fConfig['linkRegex'].search(
        date = datetime.datetime.fromtimestamp(time.mktime(i.updated_parsed)) + datetime.timedelta(hours=fConfig['timeoffset'])
        if res:
            entries += 1
            day = date.strftime('%d')
            if day[0] == '0':
                day = day[1:]
            results.append(u(date.strftime('%B ') + day + date.strftime(', %Y') + ' = ' +
    results = u'\n  | '.join(results)
    content = content[:begin+len(fConfig['begin'])] + results + content[end:]
    if content != originalContent and entries:
        editPage(bl, content, summary=u'Updated blog post list.')
# scheduleTask(updateTemplateBlogLink, 10)

Update {{List of item attributes}}

def updateItemAttributes():
        attributes = urllib2.urlopen('').read(-1)
    if not attributes or attributes.find('<!DOCTYPE') != -1:
    editPage('Template:List of item attributes', '\n' + attributes, summary=u'Updated item attributes', minor=True)
#scheduleTask(updateItemAttributes, 20)

Update checklists on list of subscribers

def itemChecklists():
    game = 440
    cleanItemName = compileRegex(r'^the +')
    def updateItemChecklist(checklist, schema, support):
        if not checklist.getParam('steamid'):
            checklist.setParam('error', 'Unspecified Steam ID.')
        supportedItems = {}
        for i in support:
            supportedItems[i] = 0
            steamUser = steam.user.profile(checklist.getParam('steamid')).id64
        except steam.user.ProfileNotFoundError as e:
                steamUser = steam.user.vanity_url(checklist.getParam('steamid')).id64
            except Exception as e2:
                checklist.setParam('error', u'Cannot find profile: ' + u(e) + u' / ' + u(e2))
            backpack = steam.items.inventory(game, steamUser, schema)
        except Exception as e:
            checklist.setParam('error', u'Cannot load inventory: ' + u(e))
        for item in backpack:
            itemName = cleanItemName.sub(u, u(
            if itemName in supportedItems:
                supportedItems[itemName] += 1
        for item in supportedItems:
            if supportedItems[item] > 1:
                checklist.setParam(item, supportedItems[item])
            elif supportedItems[item] == 1:
                checklist.setParam(item, 'yes')
                p = checklist.getParam(item)
                if p is not None:
                    p = p.lower()
                if p in (None, 'no', '0'):
                    checklist.setParam(item, 'no')
                elif p not in ('wanted', 'want', 'do not', 'anti', 'do not want'):
                    checklist.setParam(item, 'had')
        schema = steamGetGameSchema(game)
        allItems = []
        for item in schema:
            allItems.append(cleanItemName.sub(u, u(
        return # No schema means no fancy
    support = []
    templateParams = compileRegex(r'\{\{\{\s*(?:the +)?([^{}|]+?)\s*\|')
    templateCode = page('Template:User weapon checklist').getWikiText() + page('Template:User hat checklist').getWikiText() + page('Template:User weapon checklist compact').getWikiText() + page('Template:User hat checklist compact').getWikiText()
    res =
    while res:
        item = u(
        if item not in support and item in allItems:
        templateCode = templateCode[res.end():]
        res =
    checkPage, checkLinks, checkKeys = linkExtract(page('User:WindBOT/Item_checklists').getWikiText())
    linksLeft = checkLinks.values()[:]
    for i in range(12):
        randLink = random.choice(linksLeft)
        checklist = page(randLink.getLink())
        print 'Updating', checklist
        oldContent = u(checklist.getWikiText())
        content, templatelist, templatekeys = templateExtract(oldContent)
        for t in templatelist.values():
            if t.getName().lower().find(u'checklist') != -1:
                updateItemChecklist(t, schema, support)
        content = templateRestore(content, templatelist, templatekeys)
        if oldContent != content:
            editPage(checklist, content, summary=u'Updated Item checklist [[:' + u(checklist.title) + u']]', minor=True)
scheduleTask(itemChecklists, 2)

Update {{Dictionary/defindex}} and {{Dictionary/price}}

def updateGameDictionaries():
	if steam is None:
	# Begin configurable section
	game = 440
	priceDictionaryPage = u'Template:Dictionary/price'
	indexDictionaryPage = u'Template:Dictionary/defindex'
	itemEquivalences = {
		u'taunt: the (.*)': u'\\1',
		u'taunt: (.*)': u'\\1',
		u'taunt: the (.*)': u'\\1 (taunt)', # Useful for Meet the Medic
		u'taunt: (.*)': u'\\1 (taunt)', # Useful for Meet the Medic
		u'strange filter: (.*)': u'strange filter - \\1'
	forceDefindex = {
		u'red-tape recorder': 810,
		u'huo-long heater': 811,
		u'flying guillotine': 812,
		u'neon annihilator': 813,
		u'triad trinket': 814,
		u'champ stamp': 815,
		u'marxman': 816,
		u'human cannonball': 817,
		u'mann co. supply crate key': 5021
	decimalSeparator = '{{dec}}'
	illegalItemCharacters = compileRegex(r'[:%#\r\n\t]+')
	priceDictionaryHeader = u'{{dictionary/header}}\n== /price ==\n\'\'\'This dictionary is automatically updated by WindBOT\'\'\'. Edits made to this page will be overwritten.\n<!--\n'
	indexDictionaryHeader = u'{{dictionary/header}}\n== /defindex ==\n\'\'\'This dictionary is automatically updated by WindBOT\'\'\'. Edits made to this page will be overwritten.\n<!--\n'
	dictionaryFooter = u'\n-->'
	# End configurable section
	schema = steamGetGameSchema(game)
	assets = steamGetGameAssets(game)
	dictionary = {}
	defindex = {}
	for item in schema:
		itemName = u('_', u' ')
		keys = [itemName]
		for r in itemEquivalences:
			itemName = re.sub(u'^' + r + u'$', itemEquivalences[r], itemName)
			if itemName not in keys:
		itemKeys = u' | '.join([illegalItemCharacters.sub(u'', x) for x in keys])
		defindex[itemName] = itemKeys + u': ' + u(item.schema_id)
		if item not in assets:
		prices = assets[item.schema_id].price
		if not len(prices):
		prices = dict((u(k).strip().lower(), v) for k, v in prices.iteritems()) # Sanitize data
		dictionary[itemName] = itemKeys + u':'
		for currency in sorted(prices):
			price = prices[currency]
			if price.is_integer():
				price = u(int(price))
				price = u(round(price, 2))
				dot = price.find(u'.')
				if dot == len(price) - 2:
					price += u'0'
			dictionary[itemName] += u'\n  ' + u(currency).lower() + u': ' + price.replace('.', decimalSeparator)
	for item in forceDefindex:
		defindex[u(item)] = illegalItemCharacters.sub(u'', u(item)) + u': ' + u(forceDefindex[item])
	if len(dictionary):
		# Is updating time doktor
		finalPage = priceDictionaryHeader
		for item in sorted(dictionary):
			finalPage += u'\n' + dictionary[item] + u'\n'
		finalPage += dictionaryFooter
		priceDictionaryPage = page(priceDictionaryPage)
		editPage(priceDictionaryPage, finalPage, summary=u'Updated item prices from WebAPI.', minor=True, bot=True, nocreate=True)
		# Run other filters on the new page
	if len(defindex):
		# Is also updating time doktor
		finalPage = indexDictionaryHeader
		for item in sorted(defindex):
			finalPage += u'\n' + defindex[item] + u'\n'
		finalPage += dictionaryFooter
		indexDictionaryPage = page(indexDictionaryPage)
		editPage(indexDictionaryPage, finalPage, summary=u'Updated item indexes from WebAPI.', minor=True, bot=True, nocreate=True)
		# Run other filters on the new page
#scheduleTask(updateGameDictionaries, 2)

Update Lastpatch and Lastpatchbeta

# Redirect Updater Class - modified from
# To update the lastpatch redirects on Team Fortress Wiki, but could probably be deployed on The Portal Wiki/Dota 2 Wiki
# i-ghost
class redirectUpdater(object):
	def __init__(self, updateTemplateName="Template:Updates", pageName="Lastpatch", betaPageName="Lastpatchbeta"):
		self.pageName = pageName
		self.betaPageName = betaPageName
		self.updateTemplateName = updateTemplateName
		self.pageText = page(self.pageName).getWikiText()
		self.betaPageText = page(self.betaPageName).getWikiText()
		self.updateTemplateText = page(self.updateTemplateName).getWikiText().split("\n")
		self.langs = ["ru", "fr", "de", "pl", "pt-br", "fi", "es", "nl", "zh-hans", "zh-hant", "ar", "cs", "da", "hu", "it", "ja", "ko", "no", "pt", "ro", "sv", "tr"]
		self.patch = "%s %s, %s" % (self._get_month(int(self.updates["patch-month"])), self.updates["patch-day"], self.updates["patch-year"])
		self.betaPatch = "%s %s, %s" % (self._get_month(int(self.updates["patch-beta-month"])), self.updates["patch-beta-day"], self.updates["patch-beta-year"])
		self.footer = "<!-- This page is automatically generated when %s is modifed. Do not modify this page. -->" % (self.updateTemplateName)
	def _get_month(self, month):
		"""WindBOT doesn't import calendar, so we use this instead"""
		return, month, 1).strftime("%B")
	def _get_dates(self):
		"""Internal: Gets dates from update template and stores in dictionary"""
		self.updates = {}
		for i in self.updateTemplateText:
			if i.find("|") == 0:
				# Liable to break
				self.updates[i.lstrip("|").replace(" ", "").partition("=")[0]] = i.replace(" ", "").partition("=")[2].replace("<!--Don'tforgettoupdateme!-->", "")
	def make_edit_strings(self, beta=False, lang=False):
		"""Creates the final page content."""
		if beta and lang:
 			self.redirect_string = "#REDIRECT [[%s Patch (Beta)/%s]] {{R lang|%s}}" % (self.betaPatch, lang, lang)
 			self.summary_string = "Updated [[%s/%s]] redirect to [[%s Patch (Beta)/%s]]" % (self.betaPageName, lang, self.betaPatch, lang)
 		elif beta and not lang:
 			self.redirect_string = "#REDIRECT [[%s Patch (Beta)]]" % (self.betaPatch)
 			self.summary_string = "Updated [[%s]] redirect to [[%s Patch (Beta)]]" % (self.betaPageName, self.betaPatch)
 		if lang and not beta:
 			self.redirect_string = "#REDIRECT [[%s Patch/%s]] {{R lang|%s}}" % (self.patch, lang, lang)
 			self.summary_string = "Updated [[%s/%s]] redirect to [[%s Patch/%s]]" % (self.pageName, lang, self.patch, lang)
 		elif not lang and not beta:
 			self.redirect_string = "#REDIRECT [[%s Patch]]" % (self.patch)
 			self.summary_string = "Updated [[%s]] redirect to [[%s Patch]]" % (self.pageName, self.patch)
	def _update_redirect(self, beta=False, lang=False):
		"""Internal: Provides editing functionality"""
		self.make_edit_strings(beta, lang)
		# Use the correct page
		if beta:
			if lang:
				_pagetoedit = "%s/%s" % (self.betaPageName, lang)
				_pagetoedit = self.betaPageName
			if lang:
				_pagetoedit = "%s/%s" % (self.pageName, lang)
				_pagetoedit = self.pageName
		# Send the edit
		editPage(_pagetoedit, "%s\n%s" % (self.redirect_string, self.footer), summary=self.summary_string, minor=True, nocreate=False)
	def check_if_update_needed(self, beta=False):
		"""Checks if redirects needs updating"""
			if beta:
				if self.betaPageText.split("[[")[1].partition("]]")[0].rstrip("Patch (Beta)") != self.betaPatch:    return True
				if self.pageText.split("[[")[1].partition("]]")[0].rstrip(" Patch") != self.patch:    return True
		except IndexError:
			return True # Just update anyway
	def update(self, beta=False):
		"""Updates the redirects and their lang pages"""
		if beta:
			for lang in self.langs:
				self._update_redirect(beta=True, lang=lang)
			for lang in self.langs:

	def run(self):
		"""Runs everything"""
		# Beta
		if self.check_if_update_needed(beta=True):
		# Normal
		if self.check_if_update_needed():

scheduleTask(redirectUpdater().run, 2)

Update game prices

def updateGameInfoDictionary():
	# Begin configurable section
	infoDictionaryPage = u'Template:Dictionary/gameinfo'
	apps = [
	"10",  # Counter-Strike
	"70",  # Half-Life
	"400",  # Portal
	"500",  # Left 4 Dead
	"570",  # DOTA 2
	"630",  # Alien Swarm
	"730",  # Counter-Strike: Global Offensive
	"1250",  # Killing Floor
	"1840",  # Source Filmmaker
	"2210",  # Quake IV
	"3590",  # Plants vs. Zombies GOTY Edition
	"4000",  # Garry's Mod
	"8870",  # BioShock Infinite
	"9200",  # RAGE
	"18406",  # Total War Grand Master Collection
	"20920",  # The Witcher 2: Assassins of Kings
	"22350",  # BRINK
	"22380",  # Fallout: New Vegas
	"22600",  # Worms Reloaded
	"31280",  # Poker Night at the Inventory
	"33460",  # From Dust
	"34330",  # Total War: SHOGUN 2
	"35450",  # Red Orchestra 2: Heroes Of Stalingrad
	"35720",  # Trine 2
	"38600",  # Faerie Solitaire
	"38830",  # CrimeCraft GangWars
	"39120",  # RIFT
	"48720",  # Mount & Blade: With Fire & Sword
	"49470",  # Magic: The Gathering - Duels of the Planeswalkers 2012
	"55100",  # Homefront
	"55110",  # Red Faction: Armageddon
	"55230",  # Saints Row: The Third
	"55300",  # Company of Heroes 2
	"57690",  # Tropico 4: Steam Special Edition
	"57740",  # Jagged Alliance - Back in Action
	"63200",  # Monday Night Combat
	"71270",  # Football Manager 2012
	"72850",  # The Elder Scrolls V: Skyrim
	"73031",  # Magicka: Nippon
	"92500",  # PC Gamer
	"92800",  # SpaceChem
	"96400",  # Shoot Many Robots
	"99900",  # Spiral Knights
	"102500",  # Kingdoms of Amalur: Reckoning™
	"102700",  # Alliance of Valiant Arms
	"104700",  # Super Monday Night Combat
	"200010",  # Quantum Conundrum
	"200510",  # XCOM: Enemy Unknown
	"201810",  # Wolfenstein: The New Order
	"201870",  # Assassin's Creed Revelations
	"203140",  # Hitman: Absolution
	"203160",  # Tomb Raider
	"204300",  # Awesomenauts
	"205100",  # Dishonored
	"206190",  # Gunpoint
	"208650",  # Batman™: Arkham Knight
	"209270",  # Hero Academy
	"212630",  # Tom Clancy's Ghost Recon: Future Soldier
	"214490",  # Alien: Isolation
	"214933",  # Bioshock Infinite Season Pass
	"214950",  # Total War: ROME II
	"218060",  # BIT.TRIP Presents... Runner2: Future Legend of Rhythm Alien
	"218680",  # Scribblenauts Unlimited
	"219740",  # Don't Starve
	"221810",  # The Cave
	"224480",  # Octodad: Dadliest Catch
	"225260",  # Brütal Legend
	"233720",  # Surgeon Simulator
	"234710",  # Poker Night 2
	"238010",  # Deus Ex: Human Revolution - Director's Cut
	"250820",  # SteamVR
	"239160",  # Thief
	"253530",  # Fortress Forever
	"289690",  # Lara Croft and the Temple of Osiris
	"307690",  # Sleeping Dogs: Definitive Edition
	"327890",  # I am Bread
	"405900",  # Disgaea PC
	"901399",  # Sam & Max: The Devil's Playhouse
	"1531604"  # Evil Genius 2: Team Fortress 2 - Pyro Pack
	forcedFreeToPlay = ["570"]  # Apps which have a price listed, but are actually F2P.
	freeToPlayToken = "-"
	storefrontApi = "{0}&cc={1}&filters=price_overview,basic"
	batchSize = 1  # Seems to not allow multiple IDs anymore?
	infoDictionaryHeader = u'{{dictionary/header}}\n== /gameinfo ==\n\'\'\'Prices in dictionary are automatically updated by WindBOT\'\'\'.\n'
	langs = ["br", "de", "gb", "pl", "ru", "us"]
	# End configurable section
	app_data = {}
	# Is updating time doktor
	finalPage = infoDictionaryHeader
	for lang in langs:
		for i in xrange(0, len(apps), batchSize):
			batch = apps[i:min(i+batchSize, len(apps))]
			apiUrl = storefrontApi.format(",".join(batch), lang)
			tprint('Fetching storefront API', apiUrl)
			data = json.loads(urllib2.urlopen(apiUrl).read())
			for app in data:
				if data[app]["success"] is True:
					if app not in app_data:
						app_data[app] = {}
					app_data[app]["name"] = data[app]["data"]["name"]
					if "price_overview" in data[app]["data"] and app not in forcedFreeToPlay:
						app_data[app][lang] = data[app]["data"]["price_overview"]["final"]
						app_data[app][lang] = freeToPlayToken
	for app in sorted(app_data, key=lambda x: int(x)):
		finalPage += u"\n{0}:".format(app)
		finalPage += u"\n  name: {0}".format(app_data[app]["name"])
		if app_data[app]["us"] != freeToPlayToken:
			for currency, country, format, divide in (
				('bri', 'br', u'R$ {0}', 100.0),
				('eur', 'de', u'€{0}', 100.0),
				('gbp', 'gb', u'£{0}', 100.0),
				('pln', 'pl', u'{0}zł', 100.0),
				('rub', 'ru', u'{0}руб', 100.0),  # API returns 100x rub amount, so no scaling required.
				('usd', 'us', u'${0}', 100.0)
				if country in app_data[app]:
					price = float(app_data[app][country]) / divide
					price = int(price) if (currency == "rub") else price
					finalPage += u"\n  price-{0}: {1}".format(currency, format.format(u(price)))
					finalPage += u"\n  price-{0}: -".format(currency)
			finalPage += u"\n  price-brl: -"
			finalPage += u"\n  price-eur: -"
			finalPage += u"\n  price-gbp: -"
			finalPage += u"\n  price-pln: -"
			finalPage += u"\n  price-rub: -"
			finalPage += u"\n  price-usd: -"
		finalPage += u"\n"
	finalPage += dictionaryFooter
	infoDictionaryPage = page(infoDictionaryPage)
	editPage(infoDictionaryPage, finalPage, summary=u'Updated game info from storefront api.', minor=True, bot=True, nocreate=True)
	# Run other filters on the new page

# scheduleTask(updateGameInfoDictionary, 2)

Update merchandise list and prices

def updateMerchandiseInfo():

  # Begin configurable section
  infoDictionaryPage = u'Template:Dictionary/merchandise'
  infoDictionaryHeader = u"{{dictionary/header}}\n== /merchandise ==\n'''Merchandise info mapped to merchandise id; automatically updated by WindBOT'''.\n<" + u'!--'
  store_url = ""
  re_usd = re.compile(r'\$([0-9]+?\.[0-9]+)')

  # End configurable section
  # Is updating time doktor
  finalPage = infoDictionaryHeader

  data = urllib2.urlopen(store_url).read()
  soup = bs4.BeautifulSoup(data, 'lxml')
  merchandise = {} # Product ID to data map

  for item in soup.find("ul", {"class": "product_grid"}).children:
      id = item.find("a").attrs.get("href").replace("product.php?i=", "")
      name = item.find("img", {"class": "thumbnail_image"}).attrs.get("alt")
      price_obj = item.find("div", {"class": "price"}) or item.find("div", {"class": "sale_price"})
      price_usd = re.match(re_usd, price_obj.text).group(1)
      merchandise[id] = {"name": name, "price-usd": price_usd}

  for item in merchandise:
      finalPage += u"\n\n{0}:".format(item.strip().lower())
      finalPage += u"\n  name: {0}".format(merchandise[item]["name"])
      finalPage += u"\n  price-usd: {0}".format(merchandise[item]["price-usd"])

  finalPage += u'\n\n--' + u'>'
  editPage(infoDictionaryPage, finalPage, summary=u'Updated merchandise from Valve merchandise store.', minor=True, bot=True, nocreate=True)
  # Run other filters on the new page

#scheduleTask(updateMerchandiseInfo, 2)

Update {{Dictionary/steam ids}}

def updatePlayerInfoDictionary(): # By Smashman
    """A WindBOT filter created to fetch Steam user's name and vanity information and store it in Template:Dictionary/steam_ids"""
    # Begin configurable section
    playerInfoDictionaryHeader = u'{{dictionary/header}}\n== /steam_ids ==\n\'\'\'The information in this dictionary is automatically updated by WindBOT. Add new Steam IDs in [[Template:Dictionary/steam ids/id list]]\'\'\'.\n<!--\n'
     playerListDictionaryHeader = u'{{dictionary/header}}\n== /steam_ids/id_list ==\n\'\'\'The information in this dictionary is tracked by WindBOT. Add new Steam IDs to the bottom of this list\'\'\'.\n\n'
     playerInfoDictionaryFooter = u'\n-->'
    # End configurable section
    # Is updating time doktor
    playerInfoDictionaryPage = u'Template:Dictionary/steam ids'
    playerListDictionaryPage = u'Template:Dictionary/steam ids/id list'
    id_list = page('Template:Dictionary/steam ids/id list').getWikiText()
    id64s=sorted(frozenset(filter(lambda x: x.isdigit(), id_list.splitlines())))
    listPage = playerListDictionaryHeader + '\n'.join(map(str, id64s)) + '\n'
    editPage(playerListDictionaryPage, listPage, summary=u'Sort tracked Steam IDs.', minor=True, bot=True, nocreate=True)
    start_limit = 0
    end_limit = 100
    div_100 = (len(id64s)/100)+1 #Times to repeat sections
    finalPage = playerInfoDictionaryHeader
    while i != div_100:
        id64_sort = sorted(id64s[start_limit:end_limit]) #Numerically sort the ids, for use in call
        id64s_csv = ','.join(id64_sort) #Put them into a csv string
        data = steam.api.interface("ISteamUser").GetPlayerSummaries(version = 2, steamids = id64s_csv) #Do the call
        data = sorted(data["response"]["players"], key=lambda x: x['steamid']) #Numerically sort by id
        for player in data:
            purl = player["profileurl"].strip('/')
            finalPage += u"\n{0}:".format(player["steamid"])
            finalPage += u("\n  nickname: <no" + u"wiki>{0}</no" + u"wiki>").format(player["personaname"].replace(u'<!--', u'<!--').replace(u'-->', u'-->'))
            if purl.find("/id/") != -1:
                vanity = os.path.basename(purl)
                finalPage += u"\n  vanity: {0}".format(vanity)
            finalPage += u"\n"
        start_limit += 100
        end_limit += 100
    finalPage += playerInfoDictionaryFooter
    editPage(playerInfoDictionaryPage, finalPage, summary=u'Updated steam player information from WebAPI.', minor=True, bot=True, nocreate=True)
scheduleTask(updatePlayerInfoDictionary, 16)
def updateDictionaryOnSteamIdListUpdate(content, **kwargs):
    if 'article' in kwargs and kwargs['article'] == 'Template:Dictionary/steam ids/id list':
    return content