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Ammo image
Pickup Type: Building & Ammo
Never mind the bullets; how much all these coffins costin' ya?
The Engineer on posthumous costs

Ammo, or ammunition, is a resource that contributes to a player's weapon ammunition supply. Ammunition can be found in the form of Ammo crate pickups or destroyed building parts. The amount of ammo in a pick-up is applied to all weapons equipped, not just the one currently held. Reloading cannot be performed without having reserve ammunition. Should the player expend all ammunition with a weapon, it will be automatically switched with another and will be unavailable for use until more ammo is obtained.


Ammo pickups come in three different sizes. Each one refills a different percentage of their player's total ammo capacity (The ammunition that can be stored in a weapon's magazine is not factored into this percentage), as well as the Engineer's metal, and the Spy's Invisibility Watches. There are also several other sources of ammo that can be found:

Ammo boxes

All Ammo crates have a 10 second respawn time.

  • Small Ammo Pickup: Refills a fifth (20%) of each weapon's ammo capacity.
  • Medium Ammo Pickup: Refills half (50%) of each weapon's ammo capacity.
  • Large Ammo Pickup: Refills all (100%) of each weapon's ammo capacity.

With the exception of stickybomb debris, provides 50% of each weapon's ammo capacity, but considerably less metal and Cloak.

Dropped items
  • Should a Heavy die holding a lunchbox item, the dropped ammo box will provide health instead of ammo.
Other sources
  • Dispensers
    • Level 1 – 20% / sec
    • Level 2 – 30% / sec
    • Level 3 – 40% / sec
    • Note: Enemy Dispensers will also refill ammo and Cloak if a Spy disguises as the enemy team. This has no effect on the operation of friendly Dispensers.
  • Carts: 20% / sec
  • Resupply lockers: Refills to 100% ammo for all weapons (as well as refilling the current magazine).

Update history

February 19, 2008 Patch

  • Dropped weapons now replenish half of your max ammo when picked up.

August 23, 2011 Patch

  • Added TF birthday replacement models for health kits and ammo packs.

December 23, 2014 Patch

  • Fixed the Regen powerup preventing players from picking up ammo packs.

July 2, 2015 Patch (Gun Mettle Update)

  • Pick-up dropped weapons in-game (if usable by your class)
  • Players can no longer pick up weapons for ammo. Players now drop a medium ammo kit on death.


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